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Friday, October 19, 2012


          Earlier this week Governor Romney and President Obama faced off in the second of three Presidential debates held before November's election. The first debate was won hands down by Romney. Romney was sharp, dignified, intelligent, and informative about the Obama years. Obama on the other hand looked half dead, not coherent, and in a fog. Good thing for the President that he woke up for the second debate. Instead of being out of it and ignorant Obama came out aggressive, almost too aggressive and angry. Romney was also more aggressive but still respectful of Obama's time and space. Obama continuously invaded Romney's space and was quite disrespectful to Romney. As par for the course, the moderator Candy Crowley was a liberal. I have yet to comprehend the hows and whys of every debate moderator being a liberal. Not only do I have a lack of understanding in how this happens, but why do the Republicans allow this to happen? 
         Candy Crowley was most definitely the worst moderator I and others have ever witnessed. Ms. Candy interrupted Mitt Romney twenty eight times. The President was only interrupted nine times. Not only were interruptions unfair, but the questions chosen were unfair as well. Audience members wrote questions of which Candy Crowley was able to choose and approve. It would seem to me that questions should be approved by both liberals and conservatives. As if the interruptions and questions weren't biased enough, moderator Candy Crowley crossed the line as she herself aided the President with an incorrect fact during the debate. When a question concerning whether or not the President had deemed the attack in Benghazi a terrorist attack, Candy interrupted Romney by saying the President had indeed called the attack an act of terrorism. Candy Crowley was incorrect. Around midnight after many viewers had gone to bed, Ms. Candy released a statement that she was wrong with her facts. The President did not come out the day after the Benghazi attack with a statement in regards to it being due to terrorism. No it took Obama 14 days to admit Benghazi was indeed an act of terrorism. 
           The last four years have been that of  "The Obama Show" and frankly I'm growing tired of it. The media has protected this President long enough. It's time Americans see this man for what he is. Heck this is a man that cant even fight his own battles. Romney didn't have the help of a moderator during these two debates. Romney hasn't had the help of the press to paint a pretty picture. Romney is what he says he is, plain and simple.  I personally have had it with the liberal media kissing the President's derriere. Haven't you?
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