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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Trump crowd awaits Trump's arrival at Boca Raton Trump Rally 3/13/16
      Sunday, March 13, 2016 was a day I will never forget, nor will anyone else. That is anyone who was fortunate enough to be in attendance at Donald Trump's rally in Boca Raton, Florida. I say fortunate, as such is the truth as I have been to a good many political rallies and none other compared with that of the rally held by the Republican front runner, Donald J. Trump. The truth is Trump's rally was pure energy, pure excitement, pure emotion, and pure fun! In one word, the rally was just purely awesome!
        To a fault I am not shall we say the most prompt person, but as I knew the popularity of Trump's rallies I made it a point to arrive early. Arrive early? Did I ever. The rally was set for 7 pm, and yours truly arrived around 3 pm. to be exact. Never have I ever arrived so early to anything in all my life. While I must admit the thought of standing in line for some four hours did not thrill me, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the time flew by. I was entertained by all who arrived decked in "Trump" this and that from head to toe. One man showed his support by sporting a white full body leotard with ant-Hillary, Cruz, and Rubio rhetoric. While it was a bit much it was a sight I'm sure I'll never be privy to see again. Another supporter with piercings and tattoos here, there, and everywhere carried a sign stating that "Satan Loves Trump". Not surprisingly a Univision reporter approached the man for an interview, and picture. I" Miss GOPGIRL", went ballistic and I complained to a reporter on the unfairness of the media. I informed him that the media chooses the negative supporters for Trump. I expressed my disgust in the media questioning a "Satan worshiping freak show", over a normal American. I stated that in the line of thousands of peope that were Christian, Jewish, and clean cut looking, the media instead chose to interview a complete freak. With that I was then interviewed myself, and yes I was in an article in the Sun Sentinel, with my name, part of my quote and my age. A day later I am still wondering why my age was necessary to place in the article. Nonetheless the time waiting outside the amphitheater was about to come to an end and the real fun was about to begin.

"The negotiators", I caught the t-shirt and he caught the hat! 

      Real fun indeed. Never have I been to a rally where campaign t-shirts, and hats were thrown as they do at concerts and sporting events. Trump Security men livened up the venue as they threw both t-shirts and hats to those in the crowd. Amazingly enough, I caught a t-shirt. The tee was large but let me say this it was one heck of a catch. As the shirt was large I figured I had myself a night shirt, but then my luck was about to change. A man in front of me caught a hat, and the man just happened to be a large man. As Trump supporters have learned from the master of negotiating, Mr. Donald J.Trump, I negotiated. I asked the man with the hat if he'd consider a trade. We sealed the deal. He walked away with my large tee, and I scored a hat, it was a win win! 
           Fun was indeed had as the former Broward Republican Party chairman Richard DeNapoli, came out on to the stage to begin the Trump rally festivities. DeNapoli engaged with the crowd as he instructed one side of the crowd to yell, "Donald", and the other side to yell out, "Trump"! While juvenile, it was great fun, but the fun was soon to come to an end. The mood turned solemn as a woman by the name of Laura Wilkerson stepped up to the podium. You could have heard a pin drop as Ms. Wilkerson shared her story of her son's murder committed by an illegal immigrant in a town just outside of Houston, Texas. Laura Wilkerson's youngest son was brutally murdered, and set on fire on November 10, 2011. The killer was brought to the United States illegally at the age of ten from Belize. The killer never should have been in the United States, and yet due to Sanctuary Cities all across the nation, illegals are able to remain in the country at large, and are committing crimes. Last year alone 820,000 illegal aliens had criminal convictions. The Wilkerson family suffered as no family should have to suffer. The WIlkerson family lost a son, and their son's killer will more than likely not be deported, and therefore will serve life. A life parole is only a mere 30 years. Hermilio Moralez, an illegal alien, guilty of killing Josh Wilkerson will be 49 years old when he will be eligible for parole. Let us pray that he doesn't end up in one of our cities. Not surprisingly, Laura Wilkerson supports Trump, and while she can not bring her back so , perhaps her campaigning for Trump for President will prevent more unnecessary deaths by illegal aliens.

        As the evening's fun factor was all but diminished the crowd proceeded to dance to the music, and enjoy the cool breeze at sundown. It was way past 7p.m. when daylight had turned to darkness and the rally's music seemed to change. The moment we had all waited for was about to begin.The crowd was told by the announcer to look up to the sky as a helicopter flew by. The announcer spoke to the crowd and informed all that "Mr. Donald J. Trump" had arrived. Arrive he did, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the loud music and helicopter were a profound moment in time. As America has been broken, it felt as if our savior was coming down from the sky. While he may not have come from the sky, he came from the helicopter and soon on to the stage as the announcer introduced the crowd to "The Next President of The United States of America"!

Donald J. Trump Speaks to Rally Attendees
Mr. Trump took to the stage and one might as well have been a at a sporting event ,as the crowd cheered as if it were in fact a competitive venue. A crowd of young, old, Christian, Jewish, white, black, and  Hispanic cheered Trump on. There were cheers of "build that wall", and "Trump, Trump, Trump". The cheers were loud, and some cheers were faint. The faint cheers were those of the very few protesters, as the crowd was instructed to do nothing but cheer Trump's name as to tell security of trouble that was rarely seen.As the crowd calmed down Trump educated all on Marco Rubio's failures as a Senator. While Trump spent little time on Rubio it was evident that the crowd and Florida was not much of a Rubio fan, and why would they be as Rubio has failed to do much of anything as a Senator. After spending a brief time on Rubio, Trump went on to attack Cruz and his not being "TrusTED", but "lying" Ted. 

     All in all Mr. Trump spent little time on attacking his opponents and much more time on what he set out to accomplish. He spoke of building the wall, the military, and abolishing the infamous "Obama care". He spoke of bringing corporations back to America, creating jobs, healthcare for Veterans, dis allowing Muslims into the country until having knowledge of who they are, defeating ISIS, and "making America great again". As he spoke, I and the crowd were in awe. We were in awe, as we were spectators to greatness in our presence. Not only greatness, but we also were spectators to a leader, a real leader, a leader America has been without for quite sometime. The rally was invigorating, and life changing as all in Donald Trump's presence were inspired and in the presence of a man who is most likely to be the next President of the United States of America!
(c)Sean Bianca 


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