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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lyin Ted, Doth He Protest Too Much!

National Enquirer, April 4, 2016
      "He doth protest too much", a Shakespearean saying that is just oh so apropos for Senator Ted Cruz. It appears "lyin Ted" has been lyin, yet again. This time Ted hasn't been lyin in matters of campaigning, he's been lying in his marriage. Turns out the Senator isn't just a sleazy guy with his political opponents, but to his wife, family, and supporters as well. As reported in this week's released National Enquirer, the ever so evangelical preaching Cruz has had five secret mistresses. It seems that our morally perfect Senator is quite the opposite.
     "Donald you sniveling coward, leave Heidi the hell alone", said the ever so protective husband to a group of reporters on a factory tour in Dane, Wisconsin. Donald leave Heidi the hell alone? How about Ted leave Donald's wife, Melania alone, and perhaps keep your little man in your pants. I think Ted's being unfaithful is of more importance than the Republican front runner Donald Trump, when it comes to the well being of Ted Cruz's wife Heidi. It appears Heidi Cruz has had more emotional pain in her life due to possibly her own husband than Mr. Donald J. Trump. 
      As reported many months ago Ted's wife was found by a police officer sitting down in no more than a pink shirt on an expressway in 2005. According to the police report Heidi Cruz had walked from her home on to an expressway where she had sat down, and was found with her head in her hands. The police officer was concerned that Heidi might do harm to herself as she admitted that she had been depressed. Perhaps Heidi was depressed due to her husband's infidelities and with five having been reported, it's most probable that lyin Ted has had many more. It would seem Heidi Cruz has more problems than to worry about a possible attack by Donald Trump, problems like a husband with a wandering eye, and a possible drinking problem. 
    Drinking problem? Oh yes lyin Ted confessed to a drinking bust on his application for his appointment as Texas Solicitor General in February 2003. Drinking, womanizing, lying, dirty campaign tricks, and flip flopping, that's Senator Ted Cruz. America can't afford the shenanigans of lying Ted. While Ted has spent this whole past week and a half defending Heidi, and protesting the National Enquirer article, I have only one thought and that thought is "Ted doth protest too much"! While many might like to ponder the accuracy of the National Enquirer, it is said where there's smoke there's fire, and might I add that the National Enquirer is usually correct in their reporting. If the National Enquirer is making false accusations then why doesn't the senator sue? The last I heard Ted was an attorney.
     The truth is Ted has no one to be angered with, but himself. Lying Ted started this dirty campaign trickery with his leaking a rather risque magazine cover shot of Donald Trump's wife, Melania. The cover shot was a nude Melania draped in jewels for GQ Magazine. It was from Melania's modeling days and was done quite some time ago. While the cover photo was not cheap in any way, and not at all offensive it was offensive to the evangelica,l and Mormon voters, causing Trump to place third in last week's Super Tuesday in Utah. While Trump said he would do something as payback, it would seem he never did. The fact is, the story of Ted Cruz's affairs have been out for quite some time. Word is Senator Marco Rubio's camp was guilty of leaking the story, but then in the end is it of any importance? 
       Who is the best man for the job of President is of real importance. If a man can lie and cheat on his wife, family, and supporters, he will do the same unto his country. Senator Ted Cruz has for over a week protested the alleged affairs for far too long. This country is in need of a man that has the time to devote to this country and it's citizens. America doesn't need a man that lies, cheats, and has an admitted past drinking problem. Prior to virtually every Super Tuesday, Ted Cruz has pulled something sleazy to persuade voters his way. It's dishonest, it's cheap, and much more he's not a man I wish to have as my President. Lying Ted,doth he protest too much! 
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

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