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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Obama, Friend Or Foe Of ISIS?

       Fifty-one seconds were spent by America's President addressing today's terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium. That's right, a mere Fifty-one seconds was all Obama could spare of his time to the world regarding his thoughts on the latest terrorist attack in Brussels. Apparently time was of the essence as Obama was meant to be at an exhibition baseball game. Far be it for Obama to fail to keep his itinerary while on his 3 day excursion to Cuba. Why a President has priorities, and Obama's priority was attending a baseball game with Cuban dictator Raul Castro whether the pundits approved or not.

       Excuse me for saying that it takes a special kind of vile human being to behave in the way Barrack Obama did today. With 34 people reported dead, and another 200 plus people injured in the attack in Brussels, it seriously takes balls to attend a baseball game moments later. As if attending the game wasn't bad enough, Obama further added insult to injury by participating in doing the wave with the crowd.Not only did Obama take part in the wave, but he appeared to be thoroughly enjoying himself while at the game. Apparently Obama feels life must go on, but must a President's life go on without taking the proper actions a President should take following a major terrorist attack?
        Why should we Americans be surprised that Obama continued with his plans while in Cuba? One would think as Americans we would be used to it. Obama did go golfing moments after an American was beheaded. Again far be it for the President to change his plans for something so trivial, but then is our President being insensitive or is he being true, true to his religion of Islam? 
         While Americans feel Obama is being rude, uncaring, and callous regarding the recent terrorist  attack, perhaps Obama is celebrating. It has been again and again published that Obama is Muslim, Obama's gleeful expression is quite telling. Perhaps Obama is celebrating the latest terrorist attack as there can be no other explanation. When people celebrate people do fun things, when people mourn, people do not do fun things. It's that simple, and it leads one to ask the question is Obama a friend or foe of ISIS?
        Friend or foe of ISIS? That is the million dollar question which only Obama knows for sure. Perhaps Obama felt that life must go on, and that's well and good,however the writing is on the wall loud and clear that Obama does not give one iota about ISIS, radical Islam, the people of Brussels, terrorism, or our reputation on the world's stage. The fact is today Obama showed the world who he is, and he need not even attempt to defend it. 
        President Barrack Obama failed to do many things that a U.S. President should following a terrorist attack. Obama failed to call out this terrorist attack for what it was. The attack was an attack in the name of radical Islam, no and ifs, ands, or buts about it. Obama also failed to be on Air Force One with in moments of hearing of the terrorist attack, and back to the White House. Lastly once back at the White House, Obama should have been in talks with the President of Belgium and every one of our allies regarding what actions need be taken to fight and stop ISIS.
         The world would like to have a leader in America and they have not a leader nor an ally in America. America's allies in Europe have in past years had America to depend upon and lead them in their ways. America also has allies in the mid-east who are also looking to America to lead them in the fight against ISIS and have had little to no guidance. Both the mid-east and Europe have been let down by our President, which is frighteningly telling. Why would a President fail to work with other leaders as to fight a force of evil such as ISIS? For what reason would Obama not want to immediately sit down in the situation room and be briefed on the latest terrorist attack? The questions on Obama's behavior are many and yet I am drawn to a one. America, is Obama a friend or foe to the rapidly strengthening ISIS?
(C)Sean Bianca 2016
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