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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Romney's Unwanted Presence!

         Loser, disappointment, doormat, unambitious, and passive are the words I think of when I think of Mr. Mitt Romney when he was running for the Presidency in 2012. Obnoxious, angry, aggressive, and jealous are how I would describe the Mitt Romney of today. I despise the Mitt Romney of today. Not only do I despise the man, but I downright loathe the man, and as it happens I am not alone in my sentiments. With all due respect Mitt Romney would have been best being out of sight, and out of mind. The loss of the 2012 election is a bit of a sore spot with Americans as 2012 is an election that should have been won, and won by a landslide. It was an election that was Romney's election for the taking. The majority of Americans were disenchanted with Obama, and his "change" and they were ready for new blood in the White House. Unfortunately Romney ran the worst campaign in history, made an idiotic remark regarding the 47% of the people that he didn't care about, cowered down to both Obama and Candy Crowley in the last debate, and made a poor choice in a running mate. All in all, Mitt Romney worked very hard to lose the 2012 election and he did a dam good job. The fact is Mitt Romney was a smashing success at losing the Presidential election, and if he were again a Republican Presidential nominee, he would most certainly lose again. Calling it like it is, if Romney failed to win an election that was literally his for the taking, and on a silver platter, there is no way in hell he would have a chance to beat Hillary Clinton if he were so lucky to have the opportunity. However Mitt seems disillusioned into thinking that Americans would elect him if he were on the ballot, and he would be successful in a second go around at running for President.
           Mitt Romney is sadly mistaken. Perhaps the old cronies of the establishment want Mitt, but America does not want him. In fact America wishes Mitt would take his embalmed self and go away, and never come back. Mitt Romney was a failure and frankly we Americans who supported Mitt look at the new Mitt and gag. We gag as had Mitt been half as aggressive as he is displaying in the present, and gone after Obama in 2012 as he has gone after the Republican front runner Donald Trump, he probably would have won the 2012 election. America would not have been forced to endure another four years of Obama, and we probably would today be re-electing Mitt in the current election. 
            The current election is unfortunately for Mitt Romney not the year of his re-election, nor the year for his election. Mitt Romney however begs to differ as he has suddenly felt it was his place to come out and speak out against Donald Trump, much in the same as his father George Romney did against Barry Goldwater in 1964. In 1964 George Romney and many other liberal Republicans were strongly opposed to Barry Goldwater's nomination as the party's Presidential nominee. George Romney's remarks against Goldwater were so scathing that President LB Johnson even used one of Romney's remarks in a campaign commercial. At the republican convention in 1964 Governor Romney said, "Goldwater's nomination would lead to the suicidal destruction of the Republican party". To George Romney's satisfaction, Barry Goldwater lost the Presidential election.
          In early March Mitt Romney decided to grace America with his presence and spew his thoughts on Mr. Donald J. Trump, who had formerly endorsed Romney in the last election at Romney's request. Mitt's anti-Trump speech was downright despicable, and unwanted by the general population. While the establishment of the Republican party may have thought the speech was to be applauded, including Trump opponent Ohio Governor John Kasich, the general American population was not nearly as impressed. Most Americans thought Romney's speech to be nothing more than jealously, and sour grapes, while others wondered where Romney's aggressiveness was in the last election where he was wanted.
               Word is, if anyone cares that Romney is out campaigning for funds in hopes of a Republican brokered, or contested convention. Let it be known that if Trump acquires the required 1237 delegates for the nomination of the Republican Presidential nominee, and a contested convention is held, this country will go berserk. Likewise if Trump acquires the majority of the delegates and a brokered convention is held, Americans will indeed go wild. While former Governor Romney may be waiting in the wings to save the Republican party with his presence, his presence is unwanted. Romney lost the election in 2012 and he will most definitely lose the 2016 election as well. Romney much like his father is nothing more than a spoiler. These are men that have not the capability to win a Presidential election themselves, but attempt to spoil and destroy another candidate's chances at the Presidency. Donald J. Trump is succeeding in this election as no Republican has since former President Reagan. Trump is bringing democrats, and independents into the Republican party as well as persons who have never ever voted in their lifetime. With all due respect Mr. Romney should go back to being nothing more than a private citizen, as both his presence and opinions are of no one's interest. Donald J. Trump appears to be the choice of the Republican party. Donald J. Trump is not only the GOP choice, but in many people's opinion the best man, and the only man for the job. Mitt Romney and the Republican party best embrace Trump's success, as he is the only man that has the capability to defeat the likes of the Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. Former Governor Mitt Romney's political career is over and perhaps he best accept that. Republicans have and want a winner, not a loser, and with Trump they have a real winner!
(c)Sean Bianca 2016
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