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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Super Trump Day!

      Super Tuesday was as expected a victorious day for the Republican Presidential front runner Donald J. Trump. Winning a total of seven states Super Tuesday was clearly "Super Trump Day"! Despite twenty four hours of lies, insults, and ridiculousness of the opposing candidates criticisms, Trump prevailed, and not only did he prevail, but he dominated. Trump dominated, as America is broken and in Americans knowing this, America knows Trump is the man who will fix, and make America great again.
      Seven States were won by Donald Trump, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, Arkansas, and Vermont. It was a great day for Trump followers, a great day indeed. Much more importantly it was a great day for America, as for the first time in a long time, voters are enthused about their candidate and the current Presidential election. This election is an election of the citizens of this country fighting back. The citizens are fighting to take their country back. The middle class has become forgotten, jobs have been lost, freedom is slowly being taken away, security is worrisome, and our faith in our government is none. This election is about Americans being frightened and angry, and about taking charge and standing behind a candidate who they feel will make America great again. 
      Super Tuesday was a surprisingly record breaking day.Virginia's GOP tallied over one million votes surpassing the record set in 2000 by more than 50%. Tennessee's turnout was more than 800,000 beating out the previous record by 50 percent. Records were said to be expected in other states as well, but Massachusetts was  perhaps the most surprising state so easily won by Trump. As reported in the Boston Herald, nearly 20,000 Democrats quit the Democratic party to register as "unenrolled" as to have the ability to be either an independent or a republican, giving them the privilege to vote in the Republican Primary. Not since former President Reagan has a Republican managed to draw such support from the democrats, which is why Donald Trump is the candidate to beat out Hillary Clinton in November, and make America great again.
    Super Tuesday was no doubt "Super Trump Day", yet Trump's opponents seem to be in denial. Senator Marco Rubio won Minnesota, his one state of the night.Rubio spoke of his Presidency as if it were inevitable. While one must be optimistic in times of despair, his optimism even to the reporters was one of utter ridiculousness. Senator Ted Cruz appeared to have won three states, his own state of Texas, Oklahoma, and Alaska, and his three wins might as well have been the whole kittenkaboodle, as the Senator spoke ad nauseum on his greatness and obvious place in the White House. As I listened to the Senator from Texas I thought his fate not to be as President sitting in the White House, but perhaps a wanna be preacher on Jerry Springer.
   Unfortunately for Trump's opponents, the  pundits, the Republican Party, and the media, Super Tuesday was "Super Trump Day". Donald Trump earned this day as he shares the thoughts, hopes, and fears of the people of this nation. Donald Trump has given his supporters a voice and a voice that is being heard. That voice is being heard by our government, by the unraveling Republican Party, and by the media, and that voice cannot be ignored if it is the voice of Donald Trump. As Donald Trump gave his victory speech I was surprisingly impressed. Trump was reserved, still somewhat humorous, very transparent, enlightening, and Presidential. As this campaign has progressed, I couldn't help but notice how my chosen candidate had grown and for the better. This day was Super Trump Day as I do believe we have a great leader on the horizon in Donald J. Trump!
Sean Bianca 2016
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