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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Marco Rubio, The Real Con Artist!

        Senator Marco Rubio for President? Think again, while Senator Marco Rubio is talking about the Republican front runner Donald Trump being a con man, the real con man is Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio is a man that will not get the job done. It's difficult to get a job done when one fails to show up for work. When Jeb Bush attacked his former protege, and good friend for not showing up for work as Senator, Jeb was correct. Former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush was not the only one unimpressed with Rubio's performance as a Senator. A Florida newspaper was unimpressed as well. In fact "The South Florida Sun-Sentinel"called for Senator Rubio's resignation. In a fiery editorial, the paper stated the following, "Marco Rubio should resign, not rip us off."
"Sorry, senator, but Floridians sent you to Washington to do a job. We've got serious problems with clogged highways, eroding beaches, flat Social Security checks and people who want to shut down the government."-Sun Sentinel. Since the beginning of 2015 Rubio has missed a total of 99 of 291 votes. The young Senator has said his choice in running for the Presidency has caused the missed votes however the "Sun Sentinel" noted that Senators Rand Paul, and Bernie Sanders also on the Presidential campaign trail had not been guilty of the same absenteeism. The paper notes Rubio's  $174,000. salary, as well as Rubio's taking a $10,000 subsidy for his participation in Obamacare, yet Rubio is an Obamacare critic. The editorial also criticized Rubio for his criticism of the federal workers not doing their jobs when Rubio is seemingly guilty of the same. “You said, ‘there is really no other job in the country where if you don't do your job, you don't get fired,'" the editorial board wrote. "With the exception of your job, right?"
"By choosing to stay in the Senate and get the publicity, perks, and pay that go with the position –without doing the work – you are taking advantage of us," they wrote, concluding, "Either do your job, Sen. Rubio, or resign it."- South Florida Sun Sentinel. Failing to show up for work would result in most people getting fired, but Marco Rubio seems to have conned the people into thinking that he deserves to be President. Better yet, Senator Rubio has conned the Republican party. He has the Republican party believing he deserves to represent the Republican party over the likes of the current front runner, Donald Trump. Think again as the little grinning Rubio has done a lot more than fail to show up for work, and it's high time the people of America, the media, and the Republican Party meet the REAL Marco Rubio.
        Senator Marco Rubio is anything but the squeaky clean Cuban boy from Miami. Rubio has recently called, Donald Trump a "con man" and yet he himself is indeed the biggest con of all. It is said that you are the company you keep, and Marco Rubio's company that has been kept has been of con artists, lobbyists, and drug dealers, but let me start with the lies of little Marco's past. First and foremost the poor Cuban boy's parents did NOT flee a Castro regime in Cuba. Little Marco's parents arrived in the U.S. in 1956, before the revolution. While Rubio claims in his autobiography, "An American Son", that his parents fled a Castro regime, Rubio's parents made several trips back and forth, between the U.S. and Cuba. Marco  also spoke of his hard working child hood, mowing lawns and walking dogs, but Marco failed to speak about the fact that the dogs that he walked were the guard dogs of drug dealer relatives, one relative in particular just happened to be a convicted drug trafficker.That one relative just happened to be Rubio's brother in-law, Orlando Cicilia. The arrest took place when Rubio was a High School student in 1987. While Rubio's sister was not indicted, his brother in-law was sentenced to 25 years in prison, but was let out in 2000 for good behavior. While Rubio may currently not have any relatives in prison does the United States really want a President with a relative that's been in Federal prison?
       For that matter do the people of the United States really want a President that's been guilty of using tax dollars for shall we say questionable affairs? Senator Rubio has report-ably used the GOP credit card for trips with two women whom the Senator is said to have engaged in extra marital affairs, back waxes (hair removal), a driveway, and numerous other questionable expenses. It is only when the Senator got caught using the GOP credit card that he reimbursed the party. Rubio claimed he used the wrong credit card. Nice try Senator, but does America want a Senator that can be so careless? Then again using the GOP credit card for purchases non GOP related is a mere hiccup when one delves in to the Senator's financial affairs.
        Apparently Rubio has done quite well financially, but not just from his being a Senator. When Rubio became the House Majority leader in 2003, he also went to work for the lobbying firm, Broad and Cassell. Senators are not allowed to technically "lobby", but  Rubio worked the system and went to work for the firm as a "consultant" thus causing a hike in his income. Rubio stepped down from the House in 2008, and then went on to work again as a consultant for yet another lobbying firm, "Florida Strategic Consultants", where he scored big contracts from both Miami Children's Hospital and Jackson Memorial Hospital.
       While Rubio's involvement with lobbying firms were quite profitable, so too were Rubio's real estate dealings. As the "Observer" reported, Rubio did quite well in questionable real estate deals, but financially it would appear that all the money in the world is never enough for Senator Rubio, as Rubio seems to be forever in financial dire straits which is a concern for many when considering Senator Rubio for the Presidency, While Rubio likes to talk of his debt due to his college tuition the young Senator appears to be in debt for the same reason that much of the country is in debt, simple over spending on over indulging. One need not be a financial genius to know that is one is having financial difficulties, they probably should not be getting $150. haircuts, taking family vacations, and they probably are not in need of multiple homes, and a boat. At the same time if one is in financial distress they also should probably think twice before courting a mistress or two. With America's 19 trillion dollar deficit America doesn't need a financial disaster, they need a financial giant!
        While it is well known that Rubio is less than stellar in the area of finance Rubio's record is even worse. Rubio had 100 bright ideas for fixing Florida which did more for his own friends than for the state of Florida. Rubio has claimed that 57 of his ideas were made into law in the state of Florida, yet only 24 were made into the legislature. Rubio has talked a lot of his hard stance on illegal immigrants, but was a part of the gang of eight, a group of Senators in favor of leaner immigration reform. All in all the in-discrepancies of Rubio's past and present are not the makings of the next leader of the free world. 
        I at one time was quite impressed with Senator Rubio. With his book smart mind, and impressive talk of foreign affairs, I honestly thought the young Senator would one day be President, however I was along with many Americans mis-inofrmed and mis-guided. The past couple weeks, have been extremely telling of Senator Rubio's true character. Rubio has shown his true character as being immature and classless. Had Rubio been as smart as he had appeared he would not have engaged in attacking the Republican front runner with tasteless remarks on Donald Trump. In a campaign speech Rubio claimed Trump looked as if he had wet himself, and attacked the size of Trump's hands. While some Americans may have laughed at Rubio's grammar school remarks far more Americans were disappointed, but not as disappointed as they may have been of Rubio's true record. Rubio's true record is a record of shady ties with lobbyists, misuse of the GOP credit card, financial irresponsibility, questionable real estate dealings, a seemingly unnecessary salary for his wife, a poor attendance record in the Senate, missed votes, leniency on illegal immigrants, and numerous extra marital affairs. Senator Rubio's record is not what America wants nor needs for the office of the Presidency. A President Rubio would just be another President Barrack Hussein Obama, another much ado about nothing Senator with nothing more than an agenda to feed his own ego. America needs a President that will show up for work, and work for the people, all the people. Senator Rubio doesn't know the first thing about showing up for work,  as he has not, and his record shows it, or his lack there of of a record shows it. America needs greatness, and Rubio is far from the greatness. A former Mitt Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul said it best calling Rubio, " a wheeling and dealing Miami lobbyist and politician, always trying to scam the system for his personal benefit". America has had a scam artist in President Barrack Obama and America doesn't need another. Marco Rubio is the real con artist, and Donald Trump is the leader America needs. Donald Trump is the real deal.
(c)Sean Bianca 2016 GOPGIRLBLOG  
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