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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

We're Safe...For Now !

    We will no doubt be attacked by ISIS or ISIS sympathizers here in the United States. Mark my words, it will happen. It's not a matter of will it happen, its a matter of when? While an attack on American soil I feel is eminent, the good news is we're safe...for now! We're safe until after the general Presidential election takes place in 2016. We're safe while Obama is our President. We're safe at this time of transition, but we are not safe forever, we're safe...for now!
    Why are we safe for now? We're safe for now as ISIS and all of our enemies know of the affects their attacking us in the present, could have. An attack any time prior to the election in November would mean the election of a Republican. The last thing the terrorists want is a Republican in the White House. Republicans have long been known to be the party of the strong, and not the weak. Our enemies know this. Democrats have almost always decreased spending for the military and have been the party to do little to nothing as to put the fear of God in America's enemies. With a Republican in the White House, America is strong and feared making for a safer America. With a Democrat in the White House, America is weak, dis-respected and mocked, making for a dangerous America. All in all America is safe...for now!
   While ISIS and other terrorist groups would rather not have a Republican as President, the last thing our enemies really want is Donald J. Trump as President. Trump is the only candidate that has called for a ban on all Muslims entering the U.S., something that has not been done since former President Jimmy Carter. A full ban on Muslims would make it impossible for any new radical Muslim blood to enter our country. I think anyone and everyone can agree that Obama has let more than enough Muslims across our borders to cause more than enough damage. Let us not forget San Bernardino, where it only took two radical Muslims. Two young Muslims seemingly enjoying American life, and receiving of American hospitality, were guilty of killing 14 people and injuring another 22. America can't afford to take in any more Muslims, and with Trump, our enemies know they will not be able to further their goal of the destruction to America and it's citizens.
  Trump is also not who our enemies want in Washington as Trump has made it known that the first thing he'd do is hurt ISIS is the pocketbooks. Trump has voiced his first plan of attack on ISIS and other terrorist groups in that hitting their oil fields and shutting down their ability to sell their oil would take away their means to enable the financing for their Jihad against all the infidels. Trump knows these barbarians want to destroy us and Trump knows that the first step to destroying them is to destroy their bank accounts. No other candidate has made any mention of this, not a one.That being said the last man our enemies want as President is Donald J. Trump!
     We're safe...for now, however we are not safe with a Democrat in the White House. While the Republicans are scheming on how to stop Trump and destroying the Republican party, our enemies are laughing at us. Our enemies in ISIS, AL-Qaeda, Hezbollah and others know the demise of the Republican party will mean the election of Hillary Clinton or worse. If America is not smart with this years choice of a President it could well mean the demise of not just the Republican party, but the America of our forefathers. We're safe...for now. We're safe until after the country has elected a new President, and in the meantime our enemies our watching and waiting, waiting and watching. They are waiting and watching to see if the election of a new leader will be America's time to rise or America's time to fall. We're safe...for now!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

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