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Thursday, March 17, 2016

"Make America Great Again", Not Just A Slogan!

With most of the results in and decided from this week's Super Tuesday, Republicans have shown America that they believe Donald J. Trump will "Make America Great Again". Trump won the states of Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina, while the state of Missouri is still too close to call. Trump now up to 673 delegates looks to be on a path to victory as the nominee for the Republican party. Then again the Republican so called "establishment" is in talks to stop Trump with a contested convention thus stopping Trump from making America great again.
            "Make America Great Again", is NOT just a slogan. Ted Cruz can mock the slogan to his heart's desire. He can even say things like "you can even put it on a hat", but he and others can not take the meaning and the passion of the slogan away from Donald J. Trump. You see Trump means what he says, something a good majority of politicians know little about. As a participant at a Trump rally I experienced the passion of Donald J. Trump. I was fortunate in that I was in the second row and I was able to see the sincerity in Trump's eyes that no one can see on a television screen. Cruz is right, "make America great again", is a slogan, but much to Cruz's chagrin if Trump is elected as President, Trump will indeed "make America again". You can't fake real energy, you can't fake passion, and you can't fake emotion. What Trump has in his rallies that no other candidate shares is real live passion for what he is doing. While at a Trump rally one can feel Trump's excitement and energy. Donald Trump does not conduct a rally with a speech consisting of just plain words. Trump "talks" to the crowd and has fun. Trump displays his anger in the America of today. Americans like that, as it shows he is real and he is one of them. I believe Donald J. Trump wants to be President as he does truly want to "make America great again". 
   As an observer looking in no other candidate looks as though they are truly passionate about their platform. Cruz preaches as if he is the coming of Christ, Kasich comes out in his Mr. Rogers mode and talks a talk that exemplifies paint drying, and the now defeated Rubio was nothing more than a rehearsed puppet. Donald J. Trump is pumped, and passionate when addressing a crowd. Trump truly enjoys the moment he is in while at a rally and lets voters know that he does truly care about them. It's a feeling I've never ever had when in attendance at a campaign rally. Rest assured America, when it comes to Donald J. Trump, "Make America Great Again", is not just a slogan. Donald J. Trump will "Make America Great Again!"
(C)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016
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