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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Reverse Discrimination In America

    A white woman had what her attorneys thought to be an open and shut case against the defendant. An open and shut case which was worth well over a million dollars. The woman's attorneys were experienced in the case they were trying and thought the case to be an easy win. The case was lost. The jury consisted of all African-Americans, and a couple of Hispanics. One alternate that was never called was white. The case never should have been lost. The woman's attorneys said had the case been criminal they would have been jumping for joy with an all black jury. Unfortunately the case was not criminal, and the white woman was a victim of reverse discrimination in America.
     Today the presumptive republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, is in a similar situation. Donald Trump is in the middle of a class action lawsuit in regards to his now defunct Trump University. The presiding judge on the case is Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel, a man born in Indiana, but of Mexican descent. While the judge's being of Mexican heritage is somewhat discerning, his being tied to the group La Raza is most definitely discerning. La Raza which translates to "the race" is a controversial organization which some say is against whites. The organization is made up of lawyers who offer college scholarships to illegal immigrants, as well as an organization that promotes illegal immigration. 
    As illegal immigration and deportation has been at the top of Trump's issues in "making America great again", it's no wonder that Trump has concerns in having a Mexican judge. While some say Judge Curiel is not Mexican, as he is American born, and an American first, such is not the case. Judge Curiel is Mexican. The Judge's being born here in America is of no relevance. By the Judge's affiliation with a group aiding illegal immigrants, the Judge has made his ethnic background known, thus making his Mexican heritage an issue of concern. While legal immigrants, Mexican and otherwise are not bothered by Trump's anti illegal immigrant rhetoric, others who are in favor of illegal immigration oppose his rhetoric. That being said, Trump would have to be a complete idiot to be okay with Judge Curiel presiding over his case. 
      As the week has been all chatter on how disgruntled republicans are at Trump's speaking out against Judge Curiel, he is clearly within his right. In all actuality the Judge should excuse himself from the case as it is no doubt a conflict of interest. If the Judge were of Mexican descent and not a member of a pro illegal immigration group, the Judge would not appear so biased. However Judge Curiel is a member of La Raza, an anti white group, and therefore should step down from the case.
        Reverse discrimination in America is real, and it happens every day. While Obama and Hillary seem to continuously play the race card and violins for African Americans and Hispanics, I am at a loss as to why. America is no longer a country where whites are of a heightened status. If anything, whites are treated "less than", because they are white. Blacks and Hispanics are able to obtain jobs over a more qualified white man or woman just because of their ethnicity . Whites do not. Blacks and Hispanics are able to get into schools over whites with higher grades. Why? Because they are Black and Hispanic. America today is predominately white, but not for long. As according to a U.S. census report, the white majority will be gone by the year 2043. Reverse discrimination is in existence today and it's high time whites not be afraid to speak out and admit it. The fact is America was once a country where all people were equal and all people were rewarded for their hard work. Today such is not the case. Today we give people jobs, allow people in schools, give them benefits and so on. We do this not due to their valor, tenacity, and hard work, but the color of their skin penalizing one particular color of skin. That color of skin is white. Donald Trump is not wrong in his statements. While he could have stated his feelings in a more "politically correct" way, he did not. Donald Trump is angry and feels threatened, and rightfully so. If a white woman can lose a winnable case with an all black jury, why is it so far fetched that Donald Trump could lose a case with a Mexican judge? It is not. 
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