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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bye Bye God, Christ, And America; Hello Allah, Mohammad, And Sharia Law !

     Never have I ever in my lifetime felt the emotions that I am feeling during an election as I am feeling now. Fear, frustration, and anger are how I am feeling at present. I am fearful as I no longer feel safe in the country in which I live. I am fearful as never have I had a president of whom I was afraid. Never have I had a president whom I felt was a traitor and an infiltrator for an enemy of our country. Never have I felt that I could walk out my door and never come back. I am frustrated as the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump may not receive the nomination as by law he should. Instead of the Republican establishment embracing a candidate who received the most votes in the history of the Republican party, 13,406,108 to be exact ,they are turning their backs. They are turning their backs and conniving on how to change the rules of the game as to nominate whom they would like as their nominee, not whom the people want as their nominee. As frustrated as I am, I am also angered. I am angered at my political party. A party of which I've been so proud I am now ashamed. I am ashamed as a man whom the people have nominated is being treated more unfairly than a man with only the best of intentions should be. I am ashamed as I am now embarrassed to be part of a party that could be so hateful and so cruel. Had the so called establishment Republicans been this zealous and forthright, perhaps this country would not be where it is. Where America is at present is a very scary place. Sadly some in the establishment have started a "anyone but Trump movement". Republicans now seem far too engaged in fighting and stopping Donald Trump, than fighting and stopping Obama in his wrongdoings and Hillary Clinton from heading to the White House.
   Bye bye, God and Christ, hello, Allah and Mohammad! Think I'm kidding? Think again. If Republicans fail to nominate the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, the Republicans will be handing over the election to Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton, a woman who is the first presidential nominee to be under a criminal investigation, will win the election. Just last week, Hillary said that if one is on the "no fly list" they shouldn't be able to purchase a gun. Well, touche'. If a person is under a criminal investigation they shouldn't be allowed to run for the presidency. I'm quite certain if Hillary were a Republican she would not be able to run while under a criminal investigation. The media and liberals would have a field day and find some loophole as to how to have her removed from the ticket. That being said, had our Republicans been worth a grain of salt, they would have gotten rid of her long ago for the number of questionable dealings and crimes of which she's been involved. Instead the Republicans would rather fight their own presumptive nominee, losing sight of what's at stake. What's at stake is our country. 
    Last week 49 people were shot and killed and 53 others were injured by a man pledging his allegiance to ISIS, which now has been confirmed by the FBI. Just three days later the State Department admitted 80 Syrian refugees into our country, two days later another 285 were said to have been admitted. Only one day after the Orlando attack, a record number of Syrian refugees were admitted into the U.S. setting an all time record for Syrian refugees being allowed into the country. One report has said 441 Syrian refugees in total were admitted  last week. Despite top national security advisers warnings, Obama seems dead set on reaching his goal of 10,000 Syrian refugee approvals for this year. If Hillary Clinton is elected she intends to increase the number by 550%. Even with the knowledge that the group ISIS intends to infiltrate the U.S. by way of the Syrian immigrant crisis, our government consisting of both Republicans and Democrats is allowing this to take place. As Donald Trump has termed the Syrian refugee immigration into America, "the biggest Trojan Horse", he is correct. Our government knows ISIS is already here. Our government knows that ISIS wants to kill us, straight, gay, Christian, and Jewish, they want to kill us all and they may succeed. They may succeed if the Republican party doesn't wake up, and support the candidate who "we the people" have nominated. 
     After much struggle and speculation House Speaker, Paul Ryan, endorsed Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination. However, Speaker Ryan urged his fellow constituents to "vote with their conscience" at the Republican National Convention. Due to Donald Trump reiterating a former statement of banning Muslims from coming into the country until we could figure what exactly what was going on, many Republicans have shied away from the presumptive nominee. Forty nine people are shot and killed by a radical Muslim, Donald Trump says what should be said, and Republicans shy away? Republicans should be coming together and standing by their presumptive nominee, not shying away and attempting to stop him! Donald Trump is absolutely correct in his intent to ban all Muslims from this country as it is written in the constitution. On June 27,1952, the Immigration and Nationality Act was passed, Public Law 414. The law established both law and intent of Congress in regards to the immigration of aliens. This law still remains in effect today and was used by former President Jimmy Cater in 1979. The law covers a vast amount of issues. Most importantly the law prohibits any alien from entering into the United States that belongs to any organization that seeks to overthrow the government by force, violence, or any other unconstitutional means. By the law's own definition that would prohibit Islamic immigration. Islamic immigration is prohibited as all Muslims subscribe to the Koran and it's form of government. Sharia Law is the law of the land for Muslims, and therefore all Muslims should be banned from coming into the U.S. Donald Trump is 100% correct in his call for a ban on all Muslims as it is written in the laws of our land. It is President Barrack Obama who is choosing to ignore the Constitution, and therefore violating his oath of the presidency. For this alone we have a president that is in my opinion guilty of treasonous activity, and should be removed from his position as president, as he is putting American lives at risk.
       We have a president that is in violation of upholding the law of our land and Speaker Ryan is doing nothing! Ryan instead has said that he would sue Donald Trump if he is elected President and he follows through with his plan to ban all Muslims. Donald Trump is correct in his desire to ban all Muslims from immigrating to the U.S. Donald Trump if elected president will be upholding our laws. Donald Trump will be attempting to keep Americans safe, something President Barrack Hussein Obama has not done. Just recently it was reported that a five year old girl in Idaho was held by knifepoint, and raped by three Muslim boys. Idaho! Not Europe, Idaho, in the United States of America! Of course it has not been reported on the news as it just wouldn't be politically correct.  In my opinion, President Barrack Obama  is indirectly responsible for that little girl being raped, and for every American that has been killed by a radical Muslim since he took office. He is NOT keeping Americans safe and I ask why our lawmakers are allowing him to get away with it? Why is Speaker Ryan going along with the immigration of thousands of Syrian refugees despite warnings from top national security advisers? Why is former Presidential nominee Mitt Romney so against Donald Trump? For that matter, why are so many Republicans against Donald Trump? Without him we will lose, and America can not afford to lose this fight. If Hillary Clinton wins, it will be more of the same and worse. It will be worse as we will have even more Syrian immigrants flooding our shores, stricter gun laws, and little to no defense if attacked with an ever shrinking military. Without Donald Trump, Orlando I fear will be nothing. Orlando will be but a whisper of what's to come. What's to come under Hillary, is gay men and women going back in the closet for fear of being killed,  Christians and Jews hiding their faith, and learning the Koran. President Obama not too long ago encouraged all Americans to learn at least one verse from the Koran, remember? I am fearful, frightened, frustrated, and angered. I know without Trump we'll all be saying "bye bye God, Christ, and America, Hello Allah, Mohammad and Sharia Law!"
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016
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