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Thursday, June 30, 2016

"Stand Down"? What Happened to "Stand Tall, Stand Proud"?

     Stand Tall Stand Proud Video

        "Stand down". That was the order given to the men in Benghazi by the State Department September 11, 2012. Not once, not twice, but three times. While Americans were under attack our State Department said, "stand down". What happened to "stand tall, stand proud"? What happened to "fight" for your country and your freedom? What happened was President Barack Obama and the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. What happened is America elected a president that cared not about the lives of Americans, but his own political agenda and desires. What happened was America also had a Secretary of State that sold her soul to the devil in aiding Obama in his political agenda. The night of the Benghazi attack was a night in which it was more important to "cover up" the truth with a lie than to face the truth with sending aid and assistance to Americans in distress. Four Americans need not have died on the night of September 11th, but they did. Four Americans did die, thanks to The President, the Secretary of State, and our State Department choosing to do nothing, but tell our men to "stand down". 
        Let it be said that Benghazi never should have happened. Benghazi never should have happened, because America should not have been in the hell hole of Benghazi, Libya in the first place. For what reason were we there? What benefit could be had by having an American presence? None! America was there as it was Secretary Clinton and President Obama's pet project, as to say to Americans that Obama had made the world a safer place with the absence of terrorism. While Benghazi, Libya was known as the "most dangerous place on earth", Secretary Clinton and President Obama, intended to prove otherwise. They did this in their sending Ambassador Christopher Stevens and others to Benghazi as to show a "peaceful" Libya. It was so peaceful that Ambassador Stevens and others at the embassy had sent a cable expressing their fear of radical Islamic terrorism in and around the area. They mentioned the black flag of Al-Qaeda being flown at various government buildings and training facilities. Soon after, on August 2nd, Stevens requested for 11 more body guards as he did not feel the host nation's security could be depended upon. Those requests were denied.
      Those requests were denied, and what transpired was an attack on September 11, 2012. While much speculation has been made, the 800 page Benghazi Report is downright revolting. In reading, but just a portion of the 800 page Benghazi report, I was sickened at what took place or didn't take place within our government. From the report we learned many disturbing facts from the fateful night. Number one we learned President Obama was MIA, as in missing in action, and nowhere to be found. The President should have been working with both the State and Defense Departments . He was not.  He should have been working with them in giving orders for American assets to be deployed to Benghazi, Libya and yet he was not. Perhaps the president was working on his wardrobe for his fundraiser with Beyonce and Jay Z. His whereabouts are somewhat of a conundrum. However, findings in the report do say that both the president and the Secretary of Defense, Sec. Leon Panetta  did in fact order the deployment of American assets. While there is record of an order, the that order was never carried out. Those assets said to be ordered were never sent. What was sent was an unmanned drone that enabled the State Department, Pentagon, and CIA the ability to watch the attack in Benghazi in real time. The Americans in Benghazi needed not to be viewed in real time. They needed real help, as in the deployment of American assets. Why help was never sent, it remains still today a mystery. Marines an hour away were said to be changing their clothes four times. Let me repeat that, marines an hour away were changing their uniforms four times. All hell is breaking loose, one American is dead, an American Ambassador at this point is missing or dead, and our marines are undergoing a wardrobe change? Yes, that's correct. A wardrobe change due to Obama, Hillary, and every other yahoo in the State Department not wanting to offend the Lybian people. Should they wear their uniforms or would uniforms be too offensive to the Libyan people? Should they wear plain clothes? Not offending our enemy seems to be an ongoing theme with President Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It is a theme that cost the lives of two more Americans that night and a theme that will continue to be to the detriment of the American people if we don't change it. That night not only was there a wardrobe change, but there was also a question as to if America should ask Libya for permission to save it's own men. Permission? Ask permission when two Americans are missing and or dead and others are under attack?  The U.S. Embassy has been burned down, the CIA Annex is under an all out attack, and the State Department is wondering if they should ask the Libyan government for permission to enter the country which we aided in liberating? Yes, that's correct. "Stand tall, stand proud", no more. America did not stand in Benghazi, America did not stand in that America did not stand by it's men. Those who disobeyed orders to "stand down" and those who stood and fought in Benghazi were the true Americans that night. They were the heroes. They were the heroes that had the Obama administration had their way, never would have made it out alive. They were the heroes that due to their "standing tall and standing proud', were able to evacuate some 30 persons from the CIA Annex. 
      In my opinion, Secretary Clinton and President Obama made sure help was never sent to Benghazi. I strongly believe that they hoped all those in Benghazi would perish. Had every person at both the embassy and the CIA Annex perished, Americans never would have learned the truths of Benghazi. The truths of Benghazi were number one, America should not have been there in the first place, number two, the President and State Department failed to aid and protect Americans, and number three, the attack on the embassy was not due to an anti Islamic U-tube video. It was due to Islamic terrorism. As Americans were told on September 12th that the Benghazi attacks were due to a video that never happened, we as Americans now know that our government lied. We know our government lied as the report shows that Secretary Clinton corresponded with her daughter, Chelsea, the Prime Minister of Egypt, and the president of Libya. In all three communications Hillary Clinton admits the Benghazi attack was due to terrorism and never once mentions a u-tube video. In knowing this, Secretary Clinton not only lied to the American people, but lied to the families of the four Americans who perished on that fateful night of September 11th. It is of my opinion, the reason for not one American asset being sent to Benghazi was the night of the attack, the State Department was not devising a plan to aid those Americans being attacked in Benghazi. They were instead devising a plan of how can we cover up the attack in Benghazi?
          Do the lives of four Americans not matter to Americans? Do the lives of four Americans left behind by Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and this administration not matter to both Democrats and Republicans in the house and the Senate? The rhetoric of Democrats on the hill is that the Benghazi report is nothing more than the Republican's exploitation of a tragedy for political reasons. They called the report a  "political charade" and an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory against Hillary Clinton. I say shame on the Democrats and every American that supports Hillary Clinton for President. The tragedy in Benghazi and the failure of our government to stand by its men and women who were sent there should sicken everyone. Perhaps if it were the son or daughter of a Democrat on the Benghazi committee, they would feel differently. After reading the report it is maddening that any member of congress, or the senate could possibly support Hillary Clinton. Furthermore it is mind boggling how any American with a conscience and with a heart can support Hillary Clinton. Again, does the fact that Americans were left to die with not one American asset sent to help not a concern for the supporters of Hillary Clinton? Is the loss of four American lives that insignificant?
     Had it not been for the bravery of six men, America might never have known the truths of Benghazi. Six men" stood tall and stood proud" and America failed them. America should never fail any American again; soldier, Diplomat, private contractor, or civilian. A while back, Michael Bolton wrote a song for our American soldiers titled, "Stand Tall Stand Proud". It was a song that was indicative of our men and women who have fought and fight for our country. Likewise, country singer Lee Greenwood wrote "Proud To be An American", also in support of our troops. I once sang both songs proudly as I was truly "proud to be an American". I no longer feel proud to be an American. I am instead saddened to be an American. I am saddened as we are no longer a country who stands by its allies, its soldiers, nor its citizens. We are instead a country that leaves its soldiers and its citizens behind. We do this as to not offend others. If we continue to be a country that fails to stand by its soldiers, civilians, and allies as to not offend others, we will fall. It is my hope that America will not fall, but will "stand tall and stand proud". With that being said, I long for the day when I can again be proud to be an American. I will  again be proud to be an American when I have a President whom I can respect, whom I can trust, and whom I have faith to protect both the American soldiers and civilians. That president is NOT Hillary Clinton. It is not Hillary, as I and America already know she can not be trusted, nor relied upon for protection. I can be proud when we elect Mr. Donald J. Trump to make America great, safe, and proud again.
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

In remembrance;  Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods. May America never forget.

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