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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

America Is "Losing" The War Against ISIS!

        Yesterday our president delivered a speech which made a good many Americans want to vomit. Following the attack in Orlando, in which 50 people were killed by a radical Muslim who pledged his allegiance to ISIS, the president seemed more concerned with bragging of his so called successes against ISIS, gun control, promoting a nominee for the Department of Terrorism, and attacking the Republican presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, than he did about the failure to prevent the Orlando killer from killing 49 people. For all intent purposes the president lectured Americans on how he and his administration were defeating ISIS by leaps and bounds with the various efforts by the U.S. Military and various financial institutions worldwide. In his quest to convince Americans of his "winning" the war against ISIS, he spoke of high ranking ISIS officers being killed, spoke of successful oil strikes, and the cutting off of funds to the terrorist network. While the president's speech was full of fun filled tainted facts, the president failed to mention much of the whole truth, like that of his and this administration's failures of which there have been many. The president failed to mention how he, Hillary, and his administration helped support ISIS with their attempt to overthrow Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad. The president also failed to tell the people how the FBI under his watch failed to do their job. They failed to do their jobs as this president has not allowed them to do their jobs, and survey suspicious activity by Muslims and at various Mosques. The FBI has somewhat had its hands tied for fear of being accused of racial profiling. The president failed to say that both Mosques attended by the San Bernardino Muslim couple, and the Orlando killer were at one time under surveillance, and under a suspicious watch and were in some way connected. The president failed to tell the people how the FBI was warned of the Orlando killer by Walt Disney World, back in April, regarding a couple that appeared to be casing the park. "See something, hear something, say something!" We've been told this by the FBI again and again, and yet Walt Disney World warned the FBI of the Orlando Killer back in April, and the FBI did NOTHING! Why? If I had to guess, it was probably due to the couple being referred to as "Arab" or "Muslim". While yes, the park may well have been racial profiling, the park was correct in reporting the suspicious activity, and like it or not, they happened to be a "Muslim" couple. Racial profiling? You betcha! Whether this president likes it or not, all of the terrorist attacks have been conducted by Muslims! Had blond, blue eyed Germans, or Swedes been guilty of terrorism, anyone with half a brain would be correct in suspecting all blue eyed blonds taking part in suspicious activities that could lead to terrorism. However, such is not the case. Blue eyed blonds have not gone on shooting rampages attacking airports, military bases, night clubs, and soccer stadiums. Blue eyed blonds have not flown planes into buildings, blown up planes, restaurants, and cities. Radical Muslims are the persons that have been guilty of all such attacks, but this president would rather have Americans killed than be guilty of "racial profiling" Muslims.
     Far be it for president Barrack Obama to speak the truth, but then to be frank, Muslims aren't known for being the most virtuous. Arab rug dealers have earned their reputation as dishonest for a reason and our president isn't much better. As many Americans listened in disgust, waiting for the president to say something reassuring   them of our government being proactive against homegrown terrorism, he said nothing of the sort. He instead spoke out against Donald Trump's proposal if elected president, to bar all Muslims from coming into the country. He also spoke of how we as Americans should not treat Muslim immigrants any differently, and how we should not discriminate. While I was sickened at the president's rhetoric, I was not at all surprised.
     What did I think President Barrack Obama would say in his speech? Did I think the President was going to say that he would instruct his administration to ban the 250,000 Syrian refugees he has said he wants to allow into the United States? Did I think the president would say that the FBI and Homeland Security would begin to deport any and all Muslims with any terrorist ties from the U.S.? Did I think the president would say that he would put a temporary ban on all Muslims coming into the U.S. until a more fool proof way of vetting could be found? Did I think the president would declare war on ISIS, the very terrorist group that he helped create? No I did not. I and millions of other Americans heard nothing that would make me as an American feel secure in my president and this administration's ability to do everything and anything to keep me, my family, and the millions of other Americans safe. What I heard was that we as Americans should not offend Muslims, Donald Trump is wrong, more gun control is needed, and that there is nothing that can be done about homegrown terrorism, and emotionally disturbed persons. In essence what I heard was that ISIS has won.
     ISIS has won in that Americans are no longer living their lives as their own. Due to the increase in terrorism under Obama's presidency, Americans are now too fearful to travel to Europe. Just recently the State Department released a statement to all Americans, "expect terrorism".  Likewise, many Americans are also too afraid to even step on a plane to travel domestically, let alone go to Europe. On a smaller scale many Americans are no longer attending movies, sporting events, frequenting malls, or going to concerts and the theater. After the Orlando attack, night clubs are sure to see a decline as well. Some people are even going so far as to not go out for dinner on busy nights for fear of a bomb or mass shooting. ISIS has won. They have won as we as Americans are no longer free. We are no longer free as we are now having to rethink if where we are going is a place that could be attacked. "See something, hear something, say something." "Say something", and authorities will do nothing as has just been proven by the Orlando killing. ISIS has won and will continue to win until America has a president that will care more about "we the people", than the offending of Muslims and their religion. The religion of Islam is not a peaceful religion. Islam is a religion that allows rape, incest, honor killing, the beating of women, the mutilation of female genitalia, and the killing of non Muslims. While ALL Muslims are not of the radicalized version of the religion of Islam, far too many are. There was a time when I had confidence in our presidents to keep us safe. I have no confidence in president Obama to keep America and its citizens safe. What America needs is President Donald Trump. America needs someone that is angry at our lives being taken away all too soon, and angry at our freedoms being taken away. America needs someone who feels the same anger and frustration we are feeling and have felt. America needs a president who will prevent any and all attacks on American soil from taking place. That president is Donald Trump as he like many American is angry and he will, "make America Great, and SAFE Again"!
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