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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Media's Trump Sideshow

     It was only two days ago that Americans were celebrating Memorial Day, a day in which we remember those soldiers that perished fighting for the freedoms of the  America we so enjoy, or do we?  With a liberal based media, America has become very much like that of a communist country. Americans no longer hear the full story or the real story. They hear only what our government and liberals choose for us to hear. It is clear that the media will look away at everything and anything a democrat does that is illegal, politically incorrect, and amoral, while they fine tooth comb every move of a republican. 
     In an MSNBC article written by Steve Benen, he stated several points concerning Donald Trump's contributions that were well taken. However, as many veterans groups are not in fact whom they claim to be, Trump's taking his time on distributing the funds is purely plausible. After telling readers of Trump's doings regarding the contributions for veterans, Benen closed with, "If this happened to Hillary Clinton, is there any doubt it would be the #1 issue in the presidential race between now and Election Day? That every pundit in America would use this as Exhibit A in their takes on why Americans just can’t trust the Democrat?" Seriously did this writer actually say that? Yes he did, and may I just say, what a farce! Anyone with half a brain knows full well that if any republican were being investigated for not disclosing emails and using and unsecured server, they'd have been prosecuted and or have had their career destroyed by now. Furthermore, any republican involved in the killing of four Americans due to negligence would not be running for the presidency. Not to mention the questionable campaign funds Hillary and the Clinton Foundation have received from possible friends of terrorist groups, and money used for profit and not for charity. Let us also not forget the speeches for which the Clintons have received over $153 million. Imagine if you will, if Donald Trump or any other republican received $153 million for speaking? Why the democrats, pundits, and media would be relentless! Not to mention the numerous scandals that have surrounded the Clintons, from lesbian affairs, to Bill's constant wandering eye, Monica Lewinsky, rape, and murder. If a republican were accused or suspected of a quarter of that which Hillary Clinton has been accused, that Republican would be yesterday's news, and another corrupt politician gone-by.  Yet somehow by the good graces of the liberal media, Hillary remains virtually untouched. Despite the lies and deceit of Hillary Clinton, Hillary is today the leading candidate for the Democrats in this election for the presidency, and that many Americans myself included, find ludicrous!

    While Hillary's not complying with the FBI and numerous scandals are pushed under the rug by the liberal based media, Donald Trump is continuously critiqued and ridiculed. Yesterday marked yet another attack on the presumptive Republican nominee. This attack was on Donald Trump's donations to various veterans groups. Groups which number one do in fact exist,and number two, have in fact received contributions from Donald Trump's charity, Donald Trump for vets. ( For some forty minutes Donald Trump rightfully criticized reporters as they continuously attacked him for doing a good deed. Then again as the saying goes "no good deed goes unpunished", and such is certainly the case, as Trump's attempting to do a good thing for the Veterans has somehow been turned into nothing more than a sideshow. It is a sideshow, as suddenly, the suspected illegal wrong doings of Hillary Clinton have been conveniently forgotten. 
  Today marks yet another convenient distraction or sideshow as the media delves into the upcoming suits against Trump University. It's really quite amusing how Hillary's failure to comply with the FBI, Hillary's possible indictment for federal racketeering, and political corruption has suddenly become yesterday's news to pave the way to attack the republican presidential nominee, who if not a republican would be immune from any and all attacks. 
  So while the media reports on this week's Memorial Day, it's fallen heroes and sacrifices, the media at the same time is guilty of being anything but the free America of which these men were so proud to defend. America is in need of a president that will defend America and its freedoms. Donald Trump is that man. As republican presidential nominee he is the man that may well be America's only chance. America's only chance at preserving the America for which our soldiers gave their lives and  the America of which we are all so proud and love! 
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

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