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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Obama's Open Invitation To Gang Rape And Gay Killings In America!

        Imagine if you will that your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, sister, cousin, or friend is raped by 11 men for a total of 7 hours. If it horrifies you, it should, and it could well happen here in America with the allowance of thousands of Syrian refugees being placed throughout our cities.
      She was 29, she was a mother of two and she was raped. She was raped by 11 men for a total of seven hours at an Afghan refugee camp. The prosecutor said it was the most gruesome marathon rape the country of Sweden had ever seen. The men did drugs and took turns raping the young woman as they cheered and called the poor woman a "whore" and "slut". For primitive Afghan men a "whore" is a non-Muslim woman, and rape is purely acceptable. At times the young woman had three men inside her at the same time; orally, vaginally, and anally. The young woman is currently in a wheelchair and is suffering from mental distress. Only seven of the eleven men were convicted, and the punishment was no where severe enough to fit the crime. Those convicted were sentenced to 4-6 years in prison. This is what Sweden's allowance of some 500,000 Muslims has done to it's citizens. Sweden today has the second highest number of rapes in the world and it is estimated that one in every four women will be raped in the country of Sweden. Sweden currently has the highest number of rapes in the world, second to South Africa. In 2013 the city of Stockholm had on average 5 rapes a day.  The problem of rape by Muslim immigrants in Sweden is hidden as the country would rather be "politically correct" than "correct" in reporting the truth. The Swedish National Council For Crime Prevention" simply refuses to mention the word "Muslim" and continuously hides the fact that it is the influx of Muslims into Sweden that has caused the significant rise in rapes in Sweden. The Swedish newspapers consistently hide the ethnicity of crimes committed by immigrants, yet always expose the crimes committed by whites. The truth is the  allowance of Muslim immigrants into the country of Sweden, along with its being controlled by socialism, has nearly destroyed the country. One young member of the Socialist party said that it was racist to expel illegal immigrants. Apparently Sweden cares more about being politically correct than being right. Far be it from Sweden to be right in doing everything and anything to protect its citizens.
        Unfortunately for women across Europe, rape has become an epidemic throughout Europe. In Germany where Chancellor Angela Merkel has allowed more than one million Muslim immigrants from Africa, the Mid-East, and Asia, sexual violence has increased ten fold. On New Years eve 2015 Police in Cologne received more than 1000 complaints from women, 451 were related to sexual assault. In Hamburg, Police received 351 complaints from women with 218 complaints being related to sexual assault. Fear of being sexually assaulted has become the new way of life for women in Germany. 
     Just recently it was reported that 100% of the rapes in Oslo Norway were committed by non-European immigrants. In January it was also reported that a 3 year old migrant boy was gang raped at an asylum centre in the Norwegian city of Stavenger.  In Denmark there are at least 8 rapes a day, however it is a known fact that many women never report their having been raped. With the influx of Muslims throughout Scandinavia many of the women are dyeing their hair black and going out in groups for fear of being attacked. In the U.K. it's more of the same, and worse. Six men, five of which were Muslim were charged with sexual exploitation, trafficking and rape of girls between the ages of 14 to 16 in Northern England. More than half the country of England has said that the country has been affected negatively by the increase of Muslims into England and 79% feel they will be hit by various terrorist attacks.
    While the rape epidemic in Europe may shock you, it shouldn't, as this is the way of Muslims. As according to an ex-Muslim professor, the rape epidemic is not at all a surprising, as according to the Muslim culture gang rapes and sexual assault is "inevitable". Dr. Rumy Hasan who is a senior lecturer at the University of Sussex, Centre for Migration Research, was quoted as saying that the "laissez faire" attitude as adopted by the government in respect to the Muslim immigrants has hurt the non-Muslim population in Great Britain. In the Muslim population being allowed to live as though they were still in their native homeland, they have not acclimated with modern times. Many of the Muslims residing in the U.K. are living not under their country's law, but "Sharia Law". 
    Sharia Law condones the raping of infidels as stated in the almighty Qur'an. It has been reported that Obama and this administration has allowed more Syrian refugees into the U.S. in the past 7 weeks than have been allowed in the past 7 months. Five hundred Syrian refugees have been placed throughout the U.S. since last Saturday, the day before the Orlando attack. The Orlando attack that which could have been prevented. Had our government allowed the FBI, and instructed the FBI to keep a watch on Omar Matten, a man that clearly had ties to radical Islam and suspicious dealings, 49 Americans might still be alive. Our government is doing nothing to protect us. Our government is allowing "Sharia Law" to dictate our country. When American Muslims were asked of "Sharia Law" versus the Laws of America, 51% said they want "Sharia Law", and a whopping sixty percent said their loyalty lay with Islam and not with America.
   Unfortunately America is like Europe, conforming to the ways of the Muslims and going away from the ways of the modern world. Just as the governments of several European nations have done nothing and reaped the consequences, we too are reaping the consequences. Just days ago an Islamic speaker came out and stated that even "moderate Muslims" believed in the killing of gay people. Apparently our government isn't bothered by 49 gay men and women being killed by a radical Muslim last weekend. Our government exhibited that in allowing the killer's wife to conveniently fall off the radar. Omar Mateen's wife knew of her husband's plans for the massacre. Therefore she was an accomplice and she should have been arrested, but far be it for our government to operate under "American Law". When an American woman is gang raped by a radical Muslim will our government do the same? Look the other way as she's an infidel and and he's a Muslim, it's allowed under "Sharia Law"? 
        With Obama speeding up the process for thousands more Syrian refugees, America is in trouble, real trouble. It is known by every top national security adviser, that ISIS will without a shred of a doubt, infiltrate the U.S. by way of the Syrian refugee crisis. The four wealthiest nations in the Mid-East refused to take a ONE, for fear of ISIS infiltrating, yet our president is going full speed ahead with his allowance of thousands of Syrians into the country. Just today it was reported that 500,000 persons with expired visas are in the U.S. Our government has no clue as to where these people are, nor do they seem to care. A trend of governments looking the other way seems to be taking place and it's a mystery as to why.  In watching Europe and its handling of the Muslim rape crisis, it is clear Europe has made a choice to turn its back on its own people and instead help Muslims who have led to Europe's demise. There was a time when the raping of any woman was horrific let alone gang rape, marathon rape,and the raping of a child. Likewise there was a time when the mass killing of gay people would have been equally as horrific and not tolerated.
  Our government is doing nothing and has done nothing to protect us. We have a president and a female presidential nominee that now are on a mission for gun control instead of anti terrorism control. Guns were not the reason for last weekend's attack. Radical Islam and our government looking the other way was the reason for last weekend's attack. Assault weapons will be had if someone wants to get their hands on them. America has a black market full of them and if someone wants to kill they will find a way. Had the Orlando killer not had an assault weapon he could have had a homemade bomb. Terrorism is here and it is more prevalent than ever. With over 20 radical Muslim terrorist camps across the country, America could be attacked at any time and at any place. If Americans had a president that truly cared about Americans he'd have deported each and every person participating in these camps. We instead have a president that has chosen to look the other way and is letting "Sharia Law" prevail. Prevail it has, and if America fails to elect the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, America will no doubt succumb to the mission of the caliphate. That mission is to destroy America, Americans, and our way of life. Our way of life I fear is all but a thing of the past...
 (c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016
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