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Friday, June 24, 2016

Obama Can Stand At The Back Of The Queue !

      Back in April President Barrack Hussein Obama traveled across the pond to offer his opinion on Britain leaving the European Union. Denying that he was meddling in the politics of Britain, Obama stuck his nose into Britain's affairs. The narcissist that Obama is, bluntly urged voters to vote to remain in the E.U.  As well as Obama's giving his unwanted opinion of Britain's decision to leave the E.U., he threatened them with consequences. He stated that if Britain did choose to leave the E.U., the U.K. would be placed at the back of the queue. He stated that the U.S. would first negotiate a multi nation agreement with members of the European Union.   Clearly President Obama's plea to have the U.K. remain in the E.U. was ignored. Perhaps Obama putting his "two cents" in where it didn't belong, helped steer Britons to leave the European Union. Prime Minister David Cameron also urged his people to vote to remain in the E.U. to no avail. Cameron even went so far as to tell the people of Great Britain that a vote to leave the E.U. was a vote for ISIS. Somewhat similar to President Obama and Hillary Clinton's scare tactics, in Americans in telling Americans to accept thousands of Syrian immigrants, by saying to not was to strengthen ISIS. With the European policy of all too open borders combined with the uncontrolled migration of thousands of Muslim immigrants, the Britons took action. They took action against "globalization", and won. The U.K had a record breaking 72.2% voter turn out in the Brexit vote. After being a part of the EU for 49 years, the people voted to leave the European Union. With a 52 to 48 percent margin, the popular vote voted for the U.K. to detach itself from the E.U. The people of the U.K. have spoken. They have spoken and told the British parliament that they want their country back. Nigel Farage, the leader of the U.K Independence Party, declared June 23, 2016 independence Day for the people of Great Britain. The disengagement of the U.K. from the European Union is a great day for the nation, as the nation is now a nation of "the people" instead of a nation belonging to others.
     As the U.K has voted and taken their country back, we here in the United States must follow suit and take our country back. Bit by bit our freedoms have been being taken away, and it is high time to take our freedom back. How can we take our freedom back? We must elect a man who will allow us to have our freedom back. For almost eight years we have been a nation under not "God", and not our constitution, but a nation under President Barrack Obama. We live in a nation with a leader that has forced us to buy a health plan which we do not want. We live in a nation that seemingly gives more rights to illegal immigrants than legal immigrants. We live in a nation with a leader that promotes dis-respecting the law and it's officers. We live in a nation which has a leader that has taken away our 1st Amendment rights and desires to take away our 2nd Amendment rights as well. Americans no longer have freedom of Speech and Americans are in fear of losing their right to own guns. We live in a nation that  no longer rewards hard work and requires qualifications, but rewards those because of their race. We live in a nation with a leader that cares not what the people want, but what he and his party wants. We live in a nation with a leader who in his quest for globalization has put Americans at risk. Our President has put our nation and its citizens at risk, just as the European leaders have put their people and their nations at risk. By Obama and Europe's desire for globalization they have taken away the rights and the freedoms of the people, putting the lives of Muslim immigrants first, and the lives of their people last. 
       No more will the people of Great Britain be last. With the Brexit vote won, the people of Great Britain will be first. The people of the United States also deserve to be first. We will be first, but only if we, like Great Britain ignore President Obama's unwanted advice in voting for Hillary Clinton, and vote for Donald Trump. Americans must come together. President Obama warned Great Britain against voting for Brexit. As Obama told the  U.K. that they could "stand at the back of the queue" if they were no longer a part of the European Union, we the people of the United States must tell Barrack Obama to "stand at the back of the queue". We will vote for Donald Trump. In doing so we will take our country back, close our borders, and make America great  and safe again.
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016
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