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Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Wake Up Call For The GOP!

      On December 7th, 2015 Republican candidate Donald Trump issued a statement that called for a government shutdown of Muslims being allowed to enter the United States, until extensive and proper vetting of these individuals could take place. Kaboom, Trump might has well have dropped an atomic bomb with his statement. Why Trump's statement was heard around the world and the calling for Trump's resignation from the race to the White House soon followed. Excuse me, am I missing something? Mr. Trump didn't kill anyone. Mr. Trump didn't lie. Mr. Trump wasn't responsible for the deaths of four Americans under attack in a place called Benghazi. Mr. Trump to my knowledge has done nothing wrong and yet the White House is calling for Trump to drop out of the Presidential race? Not only did the White House call for the resignation of Trump's bid for the White House, but GOP, Florida representative David Jolly called for Trump's resignation as well. Speaker of the House Republican Paul Ryan made the following statement to fellow republicans,"this is not who we are as a party or as a country." In hearing the Speaker's statement I couldn't help but wonder just who we republicans are as a party, and  who we are as a country?

      As a party in my opinion the Republicans are old, broken, tired, inconsistent, and defensive, and it's high time they change their game plan before it's too late. The Republicans have lost the last two Presidential elections due to their own stupidity, poor choices, and lack of aggressiveness. The Republicans should have won the last election in a landslide, and yet they lost. They lost due to not wanting to fight for the Presidency. Obama and his administration should have been exposed for their wrong doings in Benghazi and Mitt Romney white gloved it and said little. Benghazi was the winning card in the last election and the Republicans failed to play it. Well, Presidential candidate Donald Trump may well be the winning card and the Republicans are again not wanting to play it, and why?

       Mr. Donald Trump has hit a nerve in people, and it's about time the Republicans take note. When Mr. Trump was quoted as saying that he would ban all Muslims from the U.S., republicans went up against him and in knowing our country's laws it's a mystery as to why. Perhaps our law makers need be reminded of The Immigration And Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952. The act was passed and became Law 414 establishing both the law and intent of Congress in regards to the immigration of aliens to the United States, and it still remains in effect today. One issue of particular interest is the prohibition of entry into the US if the alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by "force, violence, or other unconstitutional means." That being said, Mr. Donald Trump, if elected President would have every legal right in his power to call for the temporary banning of Muslims from entering the United States.

    Perhaps the GOP should have listened to the people of America before passing judgement on Mr. Donald Trump, and condemning a man that has America's best interests at heart. Perhaps the GOP should do a little research into what our country stands up for, stands for, and stands against. America currently has a President that seems more focused on offending the terrorists than keeping them out. In Donald Trump America will have a President more focused on fighting and defeating the terrorists than offending them. In Trump, America will have a President that will stand up for Americans and not against Americans.

 Until the White House and press went ape over Trump's statements, temporarily  I believe a good many Americans didn't give it a second thought. In fact, the majority of Americans applauded Mr. Trump. Not only did many Americans applaud Trump,but they thought nothing of Trump's banning Muslims from coming into the United States. With some 18,000 Muslim terrorist attacks having occurred in the past ten years worldwide, Americans are afraid. They have every right to be afraid. Americans know that they have a group of radical Muslims in ISIS and al-Qaeda that want to kill them. Most people get defensive and are afraid when they are informed that someone wants to kill them. Not only are Americans afraid, but they are angry. Americans are angry that they have a government that seems to not want to admit to having an enemy in radical Islamists, does little to investigate immigrants from the Mid-East, and has done little to nothing to protect them. 

     The Republican party, what can be said ? Can anything be said? Since the Republicans have had control of both the Senate and the House nothing has been done. Americans have seen a President and administration with many lies, much corruption, and little transparency. Americans are angry, and yet Americans have not had anyone to speak up and fight for them. Many Americans are scratching their heads over just how Barack Obama has remained in office and not been impeached. With a Republican controlled Senate and Congress it's a bit of a conundrum. Former President Richard Nixon was ousted for far less. Many Americans are also asking how former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is still in the Presidential race. This weeks latest email findings of Hillary Clinton confirmed that Secretary Clinton failed to give the order for military support during the attack of Benghazi. The Pentagon waited for clearance of deployment of their planes to aid those killed in Benghazi and no word of deployment  was given. No clearance was given by Madame Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hillary and the Obama administration both were responsible for the deaths of four men in Benghazi as well as a cover up to ensure the re-election of President Obama. The Republicans know this and yet I have not heard one republican nor Democrat call for her to drop out of the Presidential race. Not one!

 GOP, while you call for Trump to drop out of the Presidential race may I remind you, Mr. Donald Trump didn't kill anyone, Mr. Trump didn't lie to anyone and Mr. Trump didn't violate the constitution. Mr. Trump wants to make America safe in the temporary banning of Muslims from our country, as it is clear that our country at present is not safe. If the GOP is not in agreement with Trump and the majority of America's people, the people will not stand with the GOP. The GOP has failed republicans in their lack of going up against Obama and his policies, as well as their failure to fight for the people. The Republican party needed a wake up call and I believe Trump is it. American's want a party that will stand up for them and not wither in defeat. Americans want what they want, and they want America safe, and if Trump can make this country safe and great again the republicans will win again.

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