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Sunday, November 15, 2015

We're Next...

    "I don't think they're gaining strength,"  "What is true, from the start our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. They have not gained ground in Iraq and in Syria they'll come in, they'll leave. But you don't see this systemic march by ISIL across the terrain." Those are the statements given by our President, Barrack Hussein Obama, on Friday the thirteenth, in an interview by ABC's George Stepanopoulos on Good Morning America. Ironically and tragically only hours later, three teams of killers connected with the so called "contained" group ISIS carried out a suicide mission in Paris, killing 132 people and wounding at least 350 more.

          Friday night in Paris was a night the people and visitors of Paris will never forget. Friday night's terrorist attack is the biggest terrorist attack in Europe, since Hitler. The most romantic city in the world was turned into a bloodbath.God fearing and loving people came face to face with the Devil. They came face to face with the face of radical Islam. Barrack Obama may not be able to say, but I will. The victims and bystanders in Paris Friday night were the result of radical Islam, the face of the Devil and the face of pure evil.People young, middle age, and old innocently enjoying a soccer game, dining in cafes, and dancing to music at a concert, were murdered by radical Islamic terrorists connected with ISIS. ISIS is not "contained".
      "Contained"? Hardly! ISIS is far from it. In fact ISIS is steadily growing and is being 
allowed to continue their mission against non Muslims, and our President and the rest of the world is not taking the measures necessary to fight it. Friday the thirteenth in Paris was an act of war, and the world needs to act, and they need to act now! Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, NOW! Unfortunately "now", just now, White House Deputy National Security Advisor, Ben Rhodes stated that the U.S. has been conducting attacks against ISIS with various air strikes. I'm not a genius, but I have a hunch our little air strikes aren't working. In fact Russia destroyed more ISIS controlled areas in Syria than the U.S. in one week than we did in the last few months. We've done NOTHING against ISIS! Nothing, and the ramifications have been catastrophic.

      After Friday's attack in Paris, Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stated that the war against ISIS was not an American fight, meaning that America must not put boots on the ground. Political critics nationwide gave failing grades to Hillary Clinton on the topic of ISIS and the Paris attack, as well as the other Democrat candidates. If America must have a Democrat as President I wish it could be Ms. Feinstein. Democrat Senator, Diane Feinstein appears to be the only Democrat with a brain on function. She "gets it". After Saturday's attack the Senator spoke in favor of upping the anti against ISIS. Feinstein called the President, "too cautious", against ISIS and stated that the air strikes were clearly not sufficient and it was time to bring the war to them. 

    America must take action, but I fear it's already too late. In fact I know it's too late. The terrorists have already won. How have the terrorists won? They've won as no one will ever feel completely "safe" again. Most of the world from now on will be in fear every time they step out of their homes. People are now fearful of dining out, going to movies, attending concerts, sporting events, shopping malls, and stepping on to an air plane. The attack in Paris will not be the last attack by ISIS. I believe we're next, and it's only a matter of time. It's not a matter of pondering the thought of an attack in the United States, it's a matter of when and where? The attack on 9/11 demonstrated that America was not immune to a terrorist attack. Post 9/11 under George W. Bush, I felt safe. Whether you agreed with the war in Iraq or not, America was better for it. America had  president that's every waking moment was on the safety of America. America had a leader in G.W., a leader that called out radical Islam for what it was, "the face of evil". America had a President that let the terrorists know that he would stand up against them for the good of his country and it's people. America no longer has that in it's President. America has a President that is "cautious" against ISIS and other terrorist groups. America has a President that thinks that he has ISIS "contained" by conducting half assed air strikes. America has a President that golfs, vacations, attends the theater, and enjoys fine dining in times of despair. America does not have a President that cares for his country and it's people. America does not have a President that is a leader whom can be depended upon. America has nothing.

      While America is in need of a leader that will stand up against terrorism America instead has a President that welcomes terrorism. Thanks to Obama America will have 10,000 Syrian immigrants. While 10,000 may seem like a lot , it's actually nothing compared to the some 250,000 that John Kerry, and Obama have agreed to take in. There are conflicting reports as to whether or not the first 10,000 have already arrived. I do know already scattered across the United States, of several Syrian families that have set up, and relocated in our country. ISIS out right stated that it intends to use the refugee crisis as a means to enter and destroy our country. If I've learned one thing in life it's that if someone tells you that they are going to do something, they usually do it. Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump came out recently stating that allowing the Syrian immigrants in the U.S. would be like letting the Trojan Horse in, but that these Syrian Immigrants would make the Trojan horse look like peanuts. Well people the Trojan Horse has already arrived and it's been here for quite some time.

      We're next. I have no doubt that we're soon to be attacked.One of the suicide bombers in Paris was not a Syrian immigrant that was taking refuge in France, but a Greek citizen and member of ISIS. With several Syrian families already residing across the U.S. we are already at risk, but we have been for quite sometime. According to the FBI, America has Jihad terrorist cells in virtually every single state in the United States. In knowing that I ask why have we done nothing? October 31st A Russian plane was brought down by ISIS killing 224 people. Thursday, November 12, a double suicide attack was carried out in Beirut killing 43 people, and Friday the thirteenth, Paris had multiple attacks killing 129 people, ISIS is not contained. ISIS is the face of evil as former President G.W.Bush said. ISIS is like a cancer that is metastasizing faster than ever, and I fear if we don't have a President that takes a stand against it, America may be gone forever, that is the America you and I have known. 

    America is already a different country from the one I remember as a child. As a child I never lived in fear, today parents of children live in fear every day they send their children to school. As a child I never heard of school shootings conducted by ISIS sympathizers such as those in Oregon and Sandy Hook. As parents of small children live in fear, I also live in fear. I live in fear as I truly wonder if a grocery store I frequent will be a target for a suicide bomber, or possibly a movie theatre which I no longer attend, or a football game, or concert. Thanks to ISIS, AL Quaeda, other terrorist groups and an inadequate President I live in fear. I live in fear as we are next....

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