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Monday, December 28, 2015

Poor Hillary, Think Again!

        If memory serves me correctly, I can recall a First Lady named Hillary Clinton standing by her man, former President Clinton, after being publicly humiliated by a rather infamous affair with a young intern. That young intern was Monica Lewinsky, and her getting frisky with the former President with a cigar in the Oval office was infamous. A good majority of women would have thrown their husbands out and never looked back, not Hillary Clinton. No the former First Lady chose to look the other way and stand by her man. While some women would have had far too much pride to accept such behavior and public humiliation, Hillary took it in stride and stayed married to her man and to this day continues to look the other way as her husband strays. Say what you will, but this is a woman with a long resume of being disrespected by a man, not a woman for one to have sympathy for over a lewd remark made by a political opponent. Poor Hillary, think again.

         Hillary Clinton can not have it both ways, but then again she is a democrat. Democrats seem to have an uncanny way of taking any and every situation to benefit them. Democrats are the worst of the politicians, they are chameleons. They become who they need to be to gain the confidence of a particular audience. That audience at present is women for Hillary Clinton. Hillary is playing the sexism card and it's quite unattractive. Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump made some rather distasteful remarks regarding Ms. Clinton's lengthy bathroom break and Hillary jumped on it as an attack on women and how Mr. Trump had disrespected her. Perhaps one would feel sorry for Mrs. Clinton had Mr. Trump been the first man to disrespect her, but the woman has wealth of experience in being disrespected by her own husband on a rather regular basis. I have difficulty in having sympathy for a woman being mocked and disrespected by a political opponent that allowed her husband to cheat again and again. I also have difficulty with a woman playing the sexism card that has been nothing but a first class cold hearted,conniving, lying bitch.

        Poor Hillary? Think again! Who can forget those famous words. "What difference does it make?" Hillary's famous line at a Senate committee hearing regarding Benghazi in January 2013. Well Hillary, it made a big difference to the four American men who lost their lives in Benghazi, and their families. Any woman that could make such a callous, heartless statement regarding such a tragic event such as Benghazi is not the average woman. In fact with Hillary's lack of empathy for the families of those who perished in Benghazi, I have to wonder if Hillary is a woman at all. She certainly is not the nice, sweet, demure woman she would like women to think she is. She is nothing of the sort. This is a woman that should never ever play the sexism card. The sexism card only is viable if a woman is a nice, sweet, feminine woman. Hillary is anything but. Hillary has lied again and again to the American people, has been mysteriously linked with her husband in numerous mysterious deaths of individuals crossing the Clintons, has been known to engage in business with a possible terrorist, and is likely responsible for the deaths of four Americans. Poor Hillary? I think not. Hillary Clinton is a woman that is nothing more than an operator with an agenda, her agenda. Hillary Clinton is hardly a representative for the American woman. Any woman that can condone the horrific selling of baby parts, and partial term abortions as performed by Planned Parenthood is no typical poor woe is me woman. This is a woman that is perfectly capable of taking whatever is thrown her way, She is a woman that wants to be the first woman to be President, and she will stop at nothing to get it, even play the card of the poor victimized woman. Hillary wants respect? Well, If Ms. Clinton cared about respect from men then she would not have stayed with her forever straying husband, Bill Clinton, would not have lied to the American people, would not have failed miserably at her duties as Secretary of State, and would truly care about the lives of the American people. Poor Hillary? Think again, poor America if this woman is elected President!
(c)Sean Bianca 

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