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Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Demise Of America

       Is the demise of America eminent or can it be stopped? History tells us that all great nations fall, and it is becoming more and more evident that America is indeed headed for a fall, if not sooner than later. In accordance to the experts the seven signs of a failing nations are the decline of a culture's family, education, the greed in pleasure seeking, a failing economy, too large of a government, and a weak military. Unfortunately America appears to have all seven components of a declining nation and the question is not will America fall, but when?

     How did we get here? How did America go from being a "super power", respected and feared by all, to a nation respected and feared by no one? The people of the United States that's how. The people of the United States are the cause of the demise of America. America's citizens were ignorant, greedy, uninformed, over confident, and amoral, thus causing America's demise. 

    There is no excuse for ignorance and yet I believe a good majority of this nation is ignorant. If America's people had been informed and knowledgeable, they never in a million years would have voted Barrack Obama in as President. Americans looked at a Obama and believed his misleading rhetoric of "hope, and change". Americans didn't ask just what that "hope and change" meant, they just happily and stupidly believed and trusted him and voted for him. Another man by the name of Fidel Castro ran a quite similar campaign also promising, "change". The Cuban people got what they asked for alright. They got change, they lost all their freedoms. Americans today are also losing there freedoms. Americans got change alright, they got the loss of many freedoms once enjoyed, and all too large of a government running their lives.

    Greed, I believe greed is what drove thousands of voters to cast their ballots for Barrack Obama, a man that single handily is destroying America. Obama promised freebies, and the masses that never before voted did, in their desire for something for nothing. Obama's freebie programs promised everything and more to those who couldn't earn it, and frankly didn't deserve it. One could say the derelicts of America's society of which there are many voted Obama in as to ensure a "free ride".

   While it would be easy to blame the unemployed and lazy on voting for a man that may well be a key player in the destruction of America, such is not the case. The truth is even the seemingly intelligent voted for Barrack Obama. It is a mystery as to why the educated and more knowledgeable voted for Barrack Obama. As I believe George W. Bush will undoubtedly go down as one of America's finest Presidents, Americans thought differently causing many to vote for a democrat. The choice of Barack Obama was undeniably a choice that has caused America's greatness to falter.

   Regrets, oh I'm sure there are many regrets with the American people. Americans today are anything but satisfied with their current government, and they have no one but themselves to blame. Americans have become overconfident and to a fault. By over confident, I am speaking of Americans no longer needing "God". That's right Americans have become so perfect that they no longer have a need for religion, and that my friends is undeniably the number one reason for a nation's failure to succeed and prosper. Americans have become amoral, gotten further and further away from God, and religion, and are paying the price, a big price. 

    Terrorist attacks on our own soil, costing the deaths of thousands of Americans is a hefty price for Americans. "God Isn't Fixing This" was on the cover of The Daily News after the shooting in San Bernardino, California. No God can not "fix" radical Muslims and their need to kill the infidels, but then again hasn't America abandoned God? With President Obama's anti Christian views and policies, America has distanced itself from the very being that helped America attain it's super power status. "In God We Trust" was printed on our currency, our laws were based on the ten commandments, and we abided by them, or at least we tried. We don't even try anymore. Prayer has been stricken from schools, morals are a rarity, the ten commandments have been taken down from court houses and saying, "Merry Christmas" has become as offensive as a four letter curse word to some. "Where Was God"? Not here in America, The Daily News is correct. You can't shut the door on "God" and then get angry when he fails to show up. God's not showing up because America hasn't wanted nor needed him. We reap what we sow and as Americans have become liberal and amoral and unresponsive to God and religion, God has become unresponsive towards us, and I do blame the liberals and their wayward ways for the current state of our nation.

    If it weren't for the liberal feminists, America would be a whole lot better off. In the 1960s bleeding liberal, Gloria Steinem lead women to believe women could do anything and everything men could do and more. Women could have sex before marriage, have abortions killing the Innocent, and get out of the houses and join the work force just as the men. In the beginning women thought it to be the best thing since sliced bread, until they didn't. The cold hard truth was and is men that sleep around will always be studs and women will always be sluts. Women may have thought they had the right to have pre marital sex, but all that followed was a loss of respect for women. Men no longer had to get married to get the girl and therefore the sanctity of marriage was lost. 

    As marriage was no longer valued so too was the family network. Along with the women's movement came a loss in values and family. Women being homemakers raising their children were thought to be brainless and useless, while those were the most important women of our time. Stay at home mothers were the ones who raised the children, gave them values and taught them manners and how to behave in society. Women being at home were a staple in maintaining the importance of family. Today that is lost. Today many women pass children off to daycare centers, or nannies from foreign countries with a third grade education at best. Morals, religion, and family is no longer to taught to these children of today and it shows. Many children today have no appreciation for  the importance of family. Not surprisingly the loss of the family network is yet another sign of a nation about to crumble.

     At one time American children had the option for a moment of silence or prayer when at school. Today American children no longer have that privilege. Thanks to the liberals prayer in schools was axed taking "God" out of our schools. One can't help but wonder if pushing "God" out of America's schools has had an affect on our children's safety. Along with no longer having prayer in the schools, many educators have abolished America's children from reciting the pledge of allegiance to our flag. Back in my day America's children were taught to have pride in our country and all it stood for. Today we have a President that has taught Americans to be ashamed by America and all it's stood for. While thousands of Muslim children are put into Jihadist training camps in the mid east promoting the religion of Islam and all it's glory, American children are taught nothing of pride in their country as well as nothing of religion. The lack of educating our youth to have respect and pride in our nation is yet another reason for the decline of America.

       It is said that all great nations are doomed to fail and America is at an all time low. We no longer have the country our forefathers built. We've lost our way with the abandonment of religion, and greed. While the mass has become pleasure seeking citizens looking for quick satisfaction, sexually and monetarily our economy has fallen. Americans in search of happiness through material items have only caused a failing economy, hence another component of a nation headed for destruction.

    With our failing economy our military has been decreased and become weaker than just prior to World War II. At a time when America is in need of a strong military we are without. Thanks to our peace loving President, America 's military is at an all time low, leaving us vulnerable to terrorist groups such as ISIS, Al Qaeda and more. Our President could not have America in a worse position militarily.

     Like the Romans, Americans are too headed for a fall. Americans have lost their way. Religion has been abandoned, the educating of America's youth to have pride in their nation is non existent, our economy is out of control with an over 18 trillion dollar deficit, and our military is no where's near sufficient for the safety of Americans. America's upcoming election is no doubt the most important election of it's time. Without proper leadership, America's safety, and economic security is at risk. Americans must choose a President that has America's best interests at heart. Americans need a Leader not a figurehead or a dictator. Americans need a President that will bring back the importance of having family, and having pride in our country and all it's stood for. Americans need a President that will give back Americans the freedoms they have lost, and a President that rewards the hard working and not the lazy. Above all America must elect a President that will stop being politically correct and will do anything and everything within his or her power to keep this country safe. America is in serious trouble, and if America's people aren't careful the America we once knew may be an America of the past, and yet another great nation fallen.

(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL BLOG 2015




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