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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Biggest Threat To National Security ......

       National Security, what is the greatest threat to national security? Is it "ISIS"? Is it guns, or is it climate change? Most Americans will say "ISIS", and they wouldn't be at all challenged as to why. Ask our President and he will say "climate change" and guns. I disagree with both Obama and Americans. In my opinion, Obama is America's greatest threat to national security.

       Last night our President , Barack Hussein Obama addressed the nation in response to the San Bernardino shooting, killing fourteen people at a Christmas party. The President's response personally made me puke. Fourteen Americans shot and killed, and America has a President that cares more about not wanting to offend Muslims than the Americans who lost loved ones in last weeks shooting. Obama's speech mentioned "Muslim, or Muslims" more than any other speech given by any American President. What I'd like to know is why was there not one mention of the fact that two Muslims killed, Christians, and Jews at a Christmas party? How about some sympathy for those who lost their loved ones, and those present at the San Bernardino shooting, due to "radical Islam"? How about some concern that Americans attempting to enjoy themselves at a Christmas party were attacked? I heard NO sympathy for those affected by this latest attack. None. I heard nothing from America's President is what I heard, which is precisely why I feel the greatest threat to America is Barack Obama.

       America is in trouble, serious trouble. When a nation has a President that refuses to do everything possible to protect it's people, it's a serious problem. The FBI released information that the couple guilty of executing the San Bernardino attacks were Muslim. The FBI also released information that the female pledged her allegiance to the radical Islamist militant extremist group,"ISIS". Evidence showed that the male involved was most likely also one of radical Islamic faith. One doesn't have to be a brain surgeon to figure that he also was with ISIS as well. Our Commander In Chief as of last night did not choose to admit that the couple involved was with a terrorist group as Obama would like America to think that America is safe and not at risk. Remember Obama just last week proclaimed "climate change", to be the biggest threat to national security and not "ISIS". "ISIS". is a threat to national security and it's becoming more and more clear that America has a President that refuses to admit it. More concerning is that America has a President that refuses to defeat it.

    Last night Americans wanted more Mr. President. Americans wanted to hear a President that would admit that radical Islam was the basis of this recent terrorist attack. Americans wanted to hear a President that would deliver a message to terrorists, that America would find them and defeat them. Americans wanted to hear a President with a plan of attack against ISIS and other terrorist groups. America wanted to hear our President say that America's borders are officially closed to those from Syria and other Muslim countries until further notice, as radical Islam is the root of all terrorism. America wanted to hear a President that would put the fear of God and America in the terrorists and all those thinking of joining terrorist groups, as to ensure America's safety. America heard nothing and they got nothing. When former President Ronald Reagan addressed the nation, America felt as though they had a leader, and a Commander In Chief with a plan, and with zero tolerance for terrorists. When former President  H. W. Bush spoke to the nation, again we knew we had a President that would do everything in his power to keep America safe, and his son G.W. did as well. Under G.W. Bush America was safe post September 11th. America was safe as America had a leader that cared more about the safety of Americans than the offending of Muslims.

     The biggest threat to national security I feel is America's President. America does not have a President that shows compassion and empathy for Americans. The President advised Americans to not be in fear. It's too late. Thanks to you Mr. President people are in fear. They are in fear every time they're in a crowded restaurant, mall, concert or athletic stadium. They are in fear as you Mr. President have done nothing to have Americans feel otherwise. They are in fear and they are angry. Never in our lifetime has our country seen anything like the situation at present. Never has America had a President with more sympathy toward it's enemies than its people. America's security is at risk as America's biggest threat to security is it's President, and  God help us before it's too late.


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