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Friday, December 18, 2015

America, The Home Of The Illegal and Legal Immigrants!

      Again the people of the United States have been let down by Washington. The people of the United States elected the Republicans to office and the people have gotten nothing. The Republicans have again and again sold we the people out to Obama and his cronies, and this latest sell out is the sell out that may destroy America. The Republican Congress just passed an enormous spending bill which Obama gleefully signed before anyone could take action to stop it. The newly signed Omnibus Bill will defy every Americans wishes that voted for a Republican Congress. Hence why the people are against career politicians and hedging their bets on the likes of political newcomer, Donald j. Trump.

      They say "ignorance is bliss", and such is true in this newly appointed bill. The Omnibus bill will inevitably quadruple legal immigration leaving thousands of Americans jobless. The Republican led Congress is set to send a four fold increase to quite possibly the most controversial foreign worker program in the history of the United States.The end result will be higher unemployment and lower wages for Americans. Americans, real natural born Americans will be jobless and barely making ends meet thanks to the GOP.

      While Americans being left jobless is disturbing at best, it's really just a mere hiccup compared to America being left unsafe due to the components of the newly passed bill. The Omnibus bill gives Obama carte blanche to allow hundreds of thousands of refugees into our country. This means the thousands of phone calls from Americans to their law makers begging for the dis allowance of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees was futile, and useless.  While five of the wealthiest countries in the mid east refuse to take ANY Syrian refugees due to possible terrorists being allowed in as well, the United States intends on welcoming them in with open arms. Thank you Paul Ryan and Congress, you quite possible signed a deal leading America to it's demise! Obama can now bring in as many refugees as he pleases, and Americans will have to pay for it. Hard working Americans will be contributing their tax dollars to immigrants that will be the recipients of unlimited welfare and entitlements. This newly passed bill will guarantee that at least 170,000 green card, refugee and asylum approvals will be issued to immigrants from Muslim countries in the next 12 months.In essence Americans will be losing jobs, and paying for the welfare of the people who want to kill them. Thank you GOP!

    While we the people will be struggling with unemployment and living in fear thanks to the allowance of hundreds of thousands of immigrants, we also will be philanthropic as well. America may have a trillion dollar deficit but Congress just approved more than $897 million worth of support for Mexico and Central America. While the people of America want our borders closed to illegals the omnibus includes some  750 million dollars in order to implement the , "United States Strategy for Engagement in Central America," So with approximately a billion dollars given to Mexico and Central America, we are giving money to and rewarding the very countries flooding our country with these illegals. Why isn't that just wonderful? I can not begin to express my gratitude to my Republican led Congress. 

   Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and the Republicans have shown their disregard for the American people, and frankly it's vile. This omnibus does nothing for Americans, and everything for legal immigrants and illegal immigrants, and I'd like to know why. I'm sure the family of Kate Steinle would like to know why. In July, American born Kate Steinle was killed by an illegal immigrant in a Sanctuary city. Republican law makers attempted to pass "Kate's Law" which would imprison illegals returning after being deported for a minimum of five years. Republicans failed to get "Kate's Law" passed, but they got the omnibus passed. A bill that will fully fund "Sanctuary Cities" providing relief and welfare to illegal immigrants. How? How can Paul Ryan and Republicans be so callous as to not fight for Kate Steinle, and every other American killed by an illegal benefiting from Sanctuary cities? Are the lives of real natural born Americans that meaningless? Are the lives of people crossing our borders and sponging off Americans all the more meaningful? Where is the logic? 

      There is no logic, no logic at all for the failure of Congress to listen to the desires of the people. Repeatedly the Republicans on Capital Hill have failed us, and hence why the likes of Donald Trump is in the lead for the upcoming Presidential election. Not too far away is the fiery Ted Cruz who has attempted to carry out the desires and needs of the people. Five billion dollars in tax credits is what we the people have paid to illegal immigrants having American citizen children. Five billion is what this omnibus will continue to fund to illegals. Senator Ted Cruz led the fight to close the five billion dollar loophole and the democrats shut him down. While Cruz fought for the people, Speaker Paul Ryan claimed the omnibus as being a "big win".

    "Big win"? I don't think so. What I think is it's a big loss to the American people. The American people elected a Republican led congress and they caved to the Democrats and let the people down. Thanks to the Omnibus, Americans are less safe, more in debt, and let down by a government that they elected. In this newly passed bill giving Obama the sun, moon and stars, Americans have lost. Americans had hope in their elected law makers, they also had faith, and that hope and faith is now lost. Thanks to this bill being passed, the American people know they are of no worth to their elected officials. With the omnibus American people know that they can no longer trust their government, nor rely on their government to do what's best for them. Americans have been let down,and America has been let down.America is no longer a home to the people as we have no worth nor say. Our government has failed us and America is now the home of the illegal and legal immigrants!

Sean Bianca 

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