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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Why An American Muslim Melting Pot Is Not!

      Muslims and Americans, Americans and Muslims, can the two co-exist? Why not? For years America has been one enormous melting pot. It's been a concoction of Christians, Jews, Baptists, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, and Agnostics, and America has seemingly existed quite well for some time. As America has been a country of numerous religions, it's also been a country with a large amount of immigrants fleeing from various countries with totalitarian and threatening administrations, and civil wars. America has almost always opened it's doors as America has been compassionate and giving and been the first country to welcome those wishing to leave their homelands. However America at present can no longer be the Mothering nation offering asylum to all those in need. America just can't take that chance as I believe an American Muslim Melting pot is a not.

        To discriminate is to not be American, but is one discriminating if one is in fear? Americans are in fear as Americans have been threatened by radical Muslims. Radical Muslims coming mostly from the infamous groups, ISIS and al-qaeda. Radical, is there such a category as radical Muslims? I am told there are radical and conservative Muslims, and yet in studying the religion of Islam there seems not to be such allowance for conservatism. The religion of Islam tells Muslims that the sky is the limit and anything and everything is acceptable in order to advance Islam. It is a religion that's prophet , Muhammad said several times over that he has been "ordered by Allah to fight men until they testify that there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger."  Muhammad a man that is said to have murdered thousands of men and women who dare insult or opposed him. Muhammad, the man who Muslims are to emulate was guilty of inspiring men to kill, rape women, enslave children and behead captives. Muslim is NOT a peaceful religion. The Muslim's primary goal is to have the entire world succumb to Islam and be ruled by Shari'a law. 

       Muslim is NOT a peaceful religion, in any respect. Muslim preaches that anyone dying in executing their desire to advance Islam will be labeled as a "shahid" or as a martyr. A martyr killing for Islam will instantly attain his goal of paradise. He will be rewarded by being surrounded by "perpetual virgins" who will exist solely to satisfy his earthy needs.While Christians, Jews and other religions are taught that killing will destine them to an afterlife of hell, Islam teaches that those killing for their religion will destine them to an afterlife of paradise. In knowing this how then can we Americans embrace Muslims and allow them to enter our country. We are dealing with a religion that promotes rape, killing, and pedophilia. Again Islam is NOT a peaceful religion.

    Countries accepting Syrian and other Muslim immigrants have had horrific occurrences take place in their cities. It was reported that a young woman in the U.K. was gang-raped by 12 men, sometimes 3 men at one time for approximately seven hours. Unsurprisingly the young woman is currently in a mental institution. In Germany several young women have been raped by Syrian immigrants including a seven year old. Crime in Germany, and Denmark has risen since the allowance of several thousand Syrian immigrants. Ask citizens of those countries accepting Syrian immigrants of their thoughts on Muslims and accepting Syrian immigrants. Many are asking why they must be punished as it is the Syrian's war and not their war.

     While I am saddened that America can no longer accept everyone and anyone that desires asylum in our country I am also not an idiot. America can not take the chance in allowing any more Muslims into this country. America already is at risk. America already has had a case of an elderly woman having been gang raped by five Muslim young men just recently prosecuted. As rape is acceptable in the religion of Islam so too is murder. Recently it was reported that eighty percent of all Mosques in America promote Jihad and the killing of infidels, it is highly doubtful that there really is such a thing as "Conservative Islam". Also of note is the fact that the majority of American Muslims are in agreement that they would prefer "shari'a law" over America's laws as written by the constitution. In knowing the American Muslim's preference of which law to reside under it is impossible for Americans and Muslims to co-exist. 

        Islam is not a peaceful religion. Not one aspect of the religion is peaceful. It is a religion that kills, it's shari'a law condones killing, rape, incest, and pedophilia. While there may well be non practicing, perfectly nice Muslims, I believe they are few and far between. I believe Americans can like them, befriend them and embrace them, but I don;t believe Americans can ever really trust them. America's second most deadliest terrorist attack occurred just recently, it was an attack by an American born Muslim and his bride. Americans liked them, Americans befriended them. Americans even embraced them in throwing them a baby shower and bequeathing them gifts. Those Muslims soon after killed fourteen of them. Islam is not a peaceful religion, and an American Muslim melting pot is a not!

Sean Bianca 2015

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