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Friday, July 8, 2016

Obama's Divided America

     It is said that when one feels a pit in their stomach, they are being warned and they are being given direction. That pit in one's stomach some say is our conscience. Some think our conscience is actually God himself speaking to us. I felt that pit in 2008. That pit in my stomach knew that the man America had elected to be president was not a good man. I could see it in his eyes, I could hear it in his voice, I could feel it as he spoke. He promised, "hope and change", just as Fidel Castro had promised the Cuban people. The Cuban people thought Castro was the second coming of Christ. Instead, he was an evil dictator that destroyed his nation and his people. Barrack Hussein Obama was comparatively speaking, frighteningly similar. Barrack Hussein Obama was in my and many others opinion the face of evil. 
     That face of evil has effectively destroyed America. I believe the destruction of America has been his goal from the start. In his book, Dreams of My Father, Obama tells of his father's hatred for America and capitalism. Obama's actions during his presidency are indicative of his father's negative feelings for America. Obama has effectively created a nation in which those who work hard are penalized, and those who depend upon the government are rewarded. Obama has successfully decreased our military at the most dangerous time, putting our men and our nation in danger. Obama has signed a deal with the devil, with his getting in to bed with Iran. Obama has enabled a country that has threatened to kill us. He has done this in his agreement with Iran, giving them the funds with which to pursue their nuclear program and to buy weapons of mass destruction. Obama has successfully invited terrorism in to our country with the allowance of thousands of Syrian refugees. Obama has put guns in the hands of our enemies, from Mexico to Syria. Lastly, Obama has in my and many others opinion brought back racism with a vengeance.
     It's 2016 and never in my lifetime have I experienced the racism that has taken over this country. Where racism did still exist to a certain point, never were the tensions at the level as they are at present. Never once did we have  an organization such as Black Lives Matter, as all lives matter. Never did we have organizations promoting racism and the killing of police officers. We do now, and it's the America as created by our dictator or president. Barrack Obama has been successful in his reign as president. He has been successful in his allowing racism to metastasize to a rate of no return. He has been successful in dividing and destroying America. He has been successful in his destruction of America in his creating a sense of lawlessness within our nation.
    The lawlessness in America is becoming that of a third world country. Last night America watched in horror as America watched a protest in Dallas go very wrong. Six police officers were shot and injured and five others were shot and killed. One female protester was also shot and injured during the chaos on the streets of Dallas. While every life is precious, one of those officers was all of 43 years old, and newly married for all of two weeks. The shots were fired from the tops of buildings, the shots of expert snipers. The shots that killed and injured those officers were fired due to unnecessary racism as instigated by our president.
    On July 7th, Obama gave a statement on the killings of two black men. Obama's statement was made without any knowledge of the specifics of the arrests being made. As an onlooker, the shootings appeared to be without good reason, but then who am I to judge? Who am I to judge not being in the shoes of a police officer? Who is President Obama to judge? Who is anyone to judge? No one is to judge. How can anyone judge when no one knows what is it to be a police officer at a time when police officers are being targeted nationwide. How can anyone judge when police officers have bounties on their heads as they do by "Black Lives Matter"? In 2015 just hours after a  47 year old Houston area police officer was shot and killed execution style, the group Black Lives Matter chanted, "pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon". It was then that President Obama should have stepped in and denounced the group, Black Lives Matter. Obama did not. While he has given a slight scolding to the group, he has not once denounced the group as well he should. Our president has instead time and time again validated them and emphasized racism in America. Obama continuously calls out the whites being racist against the blacks, but never once has he mentioned blacks being prejudiced against whites.Never once is the white man or woman ever mentioned by Obama. July 1, 2015 a 32 year old beautiful white woman was shot and killed by an illegal Mexican immigrant in a sanctuary city. Her death was of no importance to President Obama. It was of no importance as Kate Steinle was white. This president has shown that "white lives" don't matter.
      White lives do matter for our president when and only it fits into this president's agenda. That agenda being Obama's desire for more gun control. The only reason Obama didn't jump on gun control after Kate Steinle was shot and killed was because she was shot by an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city. Likewise, Obama did not once mention gun control after 60 plus people were shot and killed in Chicago over July 4th weekend. Far be it for Obama to speak of black on black crime, as that opposes his agenda for division in America with the use of racism. The truth is, there are far more killings in the black community against one another than killings of white on black, by police officers or otherwise. Our racist president would have Americans believe otherwise. America being a racist nation is the America President Obama has created. As I have stated, Obama has been a success. Obama wanted to destroy this country and he has. A country that had become one has become broken. With Obama's insistence of special treatment for all races, but white, he himself has discriminated against the white man. With Obama's not denouncing groups such as the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter, he has promoted racism. With Obama's attack on police officers without knowing every detail, he has created a hatred and disrespect for police officers. Not only has he created hate and disrespect for our officers, but he has put police officers on the defense. America's police officers know they have anti-cop racist groups laying for them. Every day America's police officers go to work, they don't know if it will be their last. This is due to President Obama's lighting the fire of racism. 
     While today Obama called the killing of the five officers shot, "vicious and despicable", he helped cause it. He helped cause it when he without knowing the facts spoke of racism being the cause for two black men shot and killed by police. The destruction of America is happening and it's happening right before our very eyes. This week America was told that they have a presidential nominee guilty of a crime but not prosecuted. This week America also watched as they watched lawlessness on America's streets. Five police officers were shot and killed in the name of "Black Lives Matter" showing America has no respect for the law and those who enforce it. Last night Dallas Texas looked no better than a third world country, but it was America. When a nation becomes a nation without laws that are enforced, and a nation where law enforcement is not respected, that nation is a nation falling fast. We are no longer the nation we once we were. We were once a nation that was united and lawful. We are no more. We are now a nation of no laws, and a nation divided. This nation is not the nation of former President G.W. Bush. This is a nation destroyed successfully by none other than that of our current President Barrack Hussein Obama.
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

    * As a footnote, the case of the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified emails, has been re-opened by the State Department. Last night conveniently took away the media's coverage of this latest development.

    *Latest terrorist attacks in the name of Islam, "the religion of peace":
2016.07.07BangladeshSholakia313A woman is among three taken down by an Islamist bomb and shooting attack during Eid prayers
2016.07.07IraqBalad3560Thirty-five pilgrims are blown up by a Sunni suicide bomb attack on a Shiite shrine.
2016.07.06Syriaal-Zahraa26Two children are turned to paste by a Sunni rocket.
2016.07.06AfghanistanSancharak41Four family members are wiped out by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.07.05SyriaUm al-Housh400Women and children are among forty civilians captured and 'mercilessly' executed by the Islamic State.
2016.07.05SyriaHassakeh3040A suicide bomber massacres thirty innocents outside a Shiite bakery.
2016.07.05SyriaRaqqa40Four popular soccer players are forced to kneel and then shot in the head by caliphate members in front of children
     *Not widely reported, early July 2016 -Central Park, NY; 18 year old Virginia man severely injured resulting in having to have part of his leg amputated after he was injured by an explosion by a home made bomb. No mention of this being terrorist related but suspicious.

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