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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer Of Chaos 2016 !


     "He's the anti-Christ, I'm telling you, he's a Muslim, that's why he is bringing them (Muslims) all into this country to destroy us.He is also dividing this country and in  doing so, turning Blacks and Whites against one another." Those words are not my words. They are the words of Black Jamaican man, a man who truly sees what's going on. He is a Black man that wishes all Black Americans could see Obama for what he is, the Anti-Christ and a fraud. While this one man sees the full picture of Obama and his mission to divide and destroy America, many other Black men and women do not see the true agenda of President Obama. Many Black men and women indeed, of whom I am speaking are the Black men and women that are members of groups such as Black Lives Matter, The Black Panthers, and The New Black Panther Party, as well as the men and women that choose to march with them. These groups are groups that are racist against the White man and call for violence and killing against White men. These groups are no better than the Klu Klux Klan, They are hate groups. They are groups promoting the hatred of Blacks against Whites. 
      All hate groups should be banned and denounced in America. Most importantly, these groups should be denounced by the president of the United States. If a president truly wanted to united a nation, he would do so in denouncing all hate groups. Unfortunately for almost eight years, America has had a president in President Obama that has not only refused to denounce hate groups such as Black Lives Matter, but has encouraged them. He has encouraged them and validated them, and in my and many, many others' opinions, he has caused the killing of America's police officers, as well as encouraged racial tension across America.Obama displayed this behavior earlier this week when he spoke out on two Black men being shot and killed by White police officers. Without knowing any of the specifics, Obama immediately jumped to the racial card in his remarks. "But what I can say is that all of us, as Americans should be troubled by these shootings, because these are not isolated incidents",he said. "They're symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system."Haste words for not knowing  the specifics of either arrest. Words that President Obama knew without a shade of doubt would spark violence. Violence which did in fact occur. Violence which resulted in the deaths of five police officers in Dallas, Texas. Violence which President Obama wants. Violence which is playing right into the president's plans, his plans for 2016 being a "summer of chaos".
       "The Summer of Chaos", has been much of the chatter on the internet. Chatter that has been nothing more than chatter without merit until of recent. As reported by the DC Clothesline, our government is actively setting the stage to implement Martial Law in America. They are doing so with their use of a summer of chaos. DC Clothesline reports that the US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, is coordinating efforts with Democrat activists to disrupt and cause havoc at both the Republican and Democratic conventions. This disruption will result in the president's possible declaration of martial law. This information is believed to have merit, as someone hacked into the twitter accounts of three Black activists who spoke of their communication and plans for a "summer of chaos", with AG Loretta Lynch. (For the full exchange of emails please click this link;
     The plan  of a "summer of Chaos" seems to be off to a good start,and if the goal is to kill white cops, it's been a roaring success. While many would like to think that people would have learned not to partake in a protest resulting in the killing of five police officers, it was clear from this weekend they did not. Protesting took place in Atlanta, New York City, and Baton Rouge Friday night, and then again last night in Minnesota. The Minnesota riots resulted in the Minnesota police being pelted with rocks and rebar, 21 officers injured, and more than 100 people being arrested. In my opinion, if White police officers weren't racist before, they have every reason to be at present, but then that's what our president wants. However, I think all Blacks should be aware that it was both White and Black police Officers that ran towards the gunfire in Dallas, threw themselves atop of Black protesters to save their lives, and guided them away from harms way. Perhaps Blacks should know it was the first White police officer who died, who warned the Black woman who was shot in the leg of the killer having a gun as to save her and her children from being killed. 
    Our president clearly has shown that he wants racism in America. He wants racism as it will allow him to attain his goal of the division of America. This division and violence allows him to have reason to implement martial law and take away the guns of the people. As a footnote, the president just recently complimented the Dallas Police Force on their having such a low crime rate. I wonder if the president knows that Texas is an "open carry" state. In Texas if one has a permit they may open carry their weapon. Funny thing about "open carry" states, they generally have low crime rates. That being said, with every killing, President Obama jumps on "gun control" as he did again after the protest in Dallas that he instigated. 
   A summer of chaos is not what any American with half a brain wants. If it is true that our president wants to implement martial law sooner than later, we must do everything in our power to stop it. While Black Lives Matter may feel what they are doing is for the good of the Black community, it is only feeding into Obama's plans. It has been rumored that Black Lives Matter will bring weapons to the Republican Convention. I fear that rumor is true. Our president, in my opinion, wants Blacks killing Whites. He wants Whites killing Blacks. As the Jamaican man I quoted earlier stated, "he wants to destroy this country". The smart Black Americans see this, and they see Obama for what he is. Not only did I meet a Jamaican man who saw Obama for what he was, but I recently met a Guyanese man as well who felt the same. This hard working man from Guyana came to America looking for a better life, but said if Hillary were elected, he would go back to Guyana. He reiterated what the Jamaican man said and more. He asked me how many good Muslims were in the total of 1.6 billion? I said perhaps 20 percent. He told me none. He told me what the Jamaican man told me.He said Obama was a Muslim that was bringing thousands of Muslims into America as to destroy us. He said the religion of Islam was one of which had no tolerance for other religions and one that's goal was to take over the world. He went on to say Europe was just about conquered, and the United States would be next. We would be next as not only did we have Muslims coming into our country wanting to destroy us, but we were destroying ourselves. We are destroying ourselves with Obama's direction of Americans hatred towards other Americans.
   I myself have said time and time again that President Obama wanted America to be in a state of racial tension as not felt in years. Under no other President in my lifetime have I experienced such hate as I do today. I feel this tension as it is the America as created by Obama. While I will not fall prey to Obama's desire of hatred towards Blacks, I will say I have no sympathy for any of those Blacks injured or killed due to unjust protesting and riots. There is never a reason to go out and protest and riot and behave like animals. Not once has America seen Whites protest, and Whites have had far more discrimination against them than Blacks in recent years. Black Americans involved in protesting need to smarten up and smarten up fast. These Blacks involved need to wake up and wake up fast. America has had a president that has been working hard to have poor Blacks stay right where they are and worse. While Blacks have thought the free rise was peachy keen, it has come with a price. The price is a loss of freedom. President Obama and Hillary Clinton want all Americans poor and dependent upon the government. They also want Black and White Americans pitted against one another as division is destruction. If we as a nation are a nation divided, we can not fight the evil. That evil is the evil of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. They want to divide us, enforce martial law, and conquer us. We as Americans must come together as a nation, get back to God, and pray. We must pray and not hate. We must pray for the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions to be peaceful. We must do this as to not allow our president the ability to enact martial law. While the talk of "martial law", may just be that, "talk", we must not give our president who has joked about enacting martial law into affect. We also must be smart as to not give in to our president what he desires. President Obama, in my opinion, wants Blacks and Whites divided and killing. The killing must stop! It's a sad day when a police officer who served three tours in Iraq serving his country, is killed in Dallas, Texas by an American Black man. The summer of chaos is taking place, but it does not have to continue. Let us instead unite and make this a summer of peace!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016
#MAGA #votedonaldtrump2016 #womenfortrump #blacklivesmatter 

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