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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Above The Law Hillary!

  "Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information." - James Comey, FBI Director

     It is a very sad day for the United States judicial system. It is a sad day in that a person found guilty of a felony is not indicted, but instead allowed to walk. FBI director James Comey states that the presumptive Democratic nominee is guilty of a felony by his terminology and yet contradicts himself by minutes later stating that no charges will be brought against Hillary Clinton. Comey could not have outlined the reasonable evidence for Hillary's prosecution any better. A statement that seemed rather harsh and forthright turned into much about nothing, showing all of America that Hillary Clinton is well above the law.
     Today was a perfect display of the corruption of the Clintons. If I had to bet, James Comey did not recommend that no charges be brought up against Hillary Clinton without reason. I believe there is a very good reason for Comey doing what he did. As the list of people dying around the Clintons appears to be getting longer and longer, I believe  Comey had good reason for doing what he did. Comey had no choice but to say the FBI could find no reason to recommend an indictment, The profusely sweating Comey did not mince words. He told America Hillary was guilty.
     How Comey informed Americans Hillary was guilty was quite simple. Comey stated that Clinton and her colleagues were "extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. Under Federal Criminal Statute  18 U.S.C. Section 793, In knowing this the recommendation for pressing charges should be pretty text book. It's right there in black and white, Hillary Clinton is guilty.  "(1) through gross negligence permits the same time to be removed from it's proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of his trust, or to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, or (2) having knowledge that the same has been illegally removed from it's proper place of custody...and fails to make prompt report of such, loss". "Gross negligence is defined as extremely careless! 
         Today's recommendation is extremely disturbing. It is disturbing in that Director Comey's recommendation to not bring about charges against Hillary Clinton is evidence that the United States government is corrupt. It appears to be corrupt as people guilty of much much less that that of Hillary Clinton have been prosecuted. Not only have these people been prosecuted, but they have been imprisoned, and or fined. Those guilty of mishandling confidential U.S. government documents due to extreme carelessness have been sentenced up to ten years in prison. General Patreus who was guilty of an affair was forced to step down due to his extreme carelessness. As Patreus' lover was privy to top secret government information in allowing her access to his computer, he was found to be extremely careless and grossly negligent. While Patreus was in the wrong, his lover having confidential information is much less evasive than Hillary having  unsecured servers allowing anyone and everyone access to confidential information.
      Due to Hillary Clinton's extreme carelessness, every ally and enemy of the state had the ability to see every confidential document. What was in those documents we the American people will never know, but China knows, North Korea knows, Russia knows,and Romania knows. Not only will we the American people never know what double agents were possibly compromised, the double agents that were possibly killed know. We the American people will never know the whole truth behind the Clinton foundation, and the lies behind Benghazi, but our enemies do know the truth. We the American people lost today, We lost in that justice was not served. Former New York Mayor and Federal prosecutor Rudy Guilliani said today in an interview that Hillary Clinton would not pass an FBI background check. Guilliani stated Hillary Clinton could not be hired as an assistant US attorney,and could not be hired by the US government for any sensitive job, let alone be President! Guilliani said it best when he told Fox News in regards to Hillary Clinton, "if she can't pass a government security clearance check she can't be president." Jay Sekulaw with the American Ctr. For Law And Justice reiterated what Guilliani said. In so many words Sekulow said that gross negligence is extreme carelessness, and Director Comey said there was a crime here. He just decided not to prosecute. Sekulow went on to say that today the American people had one pulled over on them.
     Today was a day I and many Americans will never forget.Today was a sad day as the law is of no concern if you're of the right family, or if you have money or if you make threats. Today showed Americans Hillary Clinton is above the law. Director Comey said Clinton was guilty and then she was not. Today set a precedence, and a bad one at that. Today set a precedence in that, if any law requires not intent, but gross negligence, the law can be broken. The law can be broken as any attorney can use today as an example as gross negligence is of no merit and not punishable for the crime. Take this to the extreme after a man or woman kills their spouse, and one can see where this will go. "Well I was extremely careless your honor". Again, extreme carelessness equals gross negligence, and gross negligence equals a conviction. Today, we the American people were duped. We have been duped in that we the peons of society can do nothing about our government's injustice. Or can we? Above the law Hillary may well have won today, but there's still a fight to be fought. That fight is for the presidency of our country, and that fight has only just begun. Today's press conference without questions made many in Washington angry and befuddled. Every upstanding attorney both Democrat and Republican walked away from their televisions asking how Hillary Clinton could be guilty and yet not. The corruption of this administration stinks and it's high time to rid this country of the stench of above the law good for nothing politicians. America needs Donald Trump, as America needs someone who truly cares for America, not someone who dupes America. Above the law Hillary won today, but America will win in November. We will win in November with the election of Donald Trump so that we may make America great, fair, and lawful again!
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7/6/16 Forty women and children in Syria mercifully executed today by the Islamic State , and the Jihadist death toll rises.

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