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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Obama, Hillary, And "Black Lives Matter": Lives Don't Matter!

      To turn on the television today, one would seriously think America had gone back some 50 plus years. Channel after channel is a barrage of rhetoric on Blacks. CNN, MSNBC, and Fox all have caved to the Blacks and how they are mistreated by police officers and how hard it is to be a Black man or woman. Well, newsflash, it's 2016 and since Barrack Hussein Obama has been in office, racism has returned with a vengeance. A vengeance resulting in the killing of five police officers in Dallas, Texas last week. Due to our Black Supremacist, Muslim, President, Barrack Hussein Obama, making a judgment on the killing of two black thugs by police officers, protests took place. Without knowing the specifics of either of the shootings, Obama jumped on the racist card bandwagon and in my opinion caused last weeks tragic mass shooting. While many would think America would take a break from the violence, groups such as Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers and the New Black Panthers , have called for more protests, more violence, and more killings of police officers. America's president and the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton,have chosen to not denounce any of the hate groups. They have also chosen to not show true sympathy for America's law enforcement officers. America's law enforcement officers and Whites have gotten President Obama and Hillary Clinton's message loud and clear. The message is that White lives don't matter.  
   Well, Mr. President and Secretary Clinton, touche'; your lives don't matter to a good number of the American people. Not only are your lives meaningless to the American people, but the  American people do not care about the lives of hate groups such as "Black Lives Matter", "The Black Panthers", and "The New Black Panther Party" . Your lives are meaningless as are the lives of people who hate, and breed hate. With all of the hate in the world already in existence, America doesn't have time for hate. Hate is what the Democratic party and all of its supporters are made of. The hate in America was gone long ago, gone until the most racist man to ever become president became president. Under no other president in my lifetime has America had a president ensue so much hatred as President Barrack Hussein Obama.
     Yesterday was a sad day, a very sad day. Yesterday a memorial service for five police officers was held in Dallas, Texas. Five men doing their job in protecting the people of Dallas were shot and killed by a lone gunman in the name of "Black Lives Matter". While it's been reported that the killer was not a member of the hate group, it was reported early on that he was killing for them. He killed five innocent men and the very man that was indirectly responsible for their deaths sat front row and center at their memorial service. That man is President Hussein Obama. As former President G.W. spoke eloquently, Barrack Obama and his wife Michelle sat disinterested. The former President's words were heartfelt, and anyone listening knew the former President cared. The words as spoken by President Obama were a sharp contrast. Sharp contrast indeed, as what was supposed to be a tribute to the fallen officers soon turned into a campaign speech for gun control and equality within our judicial system. 
     Yesterday's memorial service was not the place nor time to give a campaign speech on gun control and racial tension. Yesterday was to be a time to mourn the loss of five innocent men with families and full lives. Lives that came to an all too abrupt end, due in large part to our president. Some 2500 people went to a Memorial Service to celebrate the lives and mourn the loss of their friends. Those 2500 people went there yesterday to find some peace and instead they found they were part of a political forum. It was disgusting what President Obama did yesterday. President Obama's speech was tasteless, classless, and heartless. While the President began his tribute somewhat heartfelt, he went in for the jugular without hesitation. He spoke of the race issue within our justice system, again not letting the issue lie before knowing the facts. He also spoke of how it was easier for a teenager to get his hands on a glock rather than a computer or a book. This was totally false information, but it enabled Obama to bring up his desire for gun control. Rhetoric on gun control at a memorial service is simply unacceptable, and yet this president did so with gumption. 
     Perhaps President Obama should learn some hard cold facts before attacking America's White police officers. The fact is 93% of Blacks are killed by other Blacks. That's right, Black on Black killing is far more prevalent than White police officers killing Blacks, but this President doesn't care about the facts. The fact also is, Whites are killed more often by police officers than Blacks, but again far be it for Obama to admit to the truth. Obama would rather shed light on racial discrimination than the truth. The truth is this President's actions this week showed he cares more about the lives of black thugs than White police officers. Obama could remember the name of a former pedophile and gang member with a long list of misdemeanors killed by an officer, but could not mention a single police officer's name that was killed in Dallas in his statement. Obama could remember the name of the second Black man killed by a police officer, but could again not remember nor mention the names of a one White police officer. America gets it, America knows they have a president that feels "Black Lives" matter,but not White lives.
    With the feelings of President Obama being so transparent, I feel he should not have been present at the Memorial Service for the five fallen officers. Thanks to President Obama these men are dead. Had America had a president that truly supported America's police officers, that president would have denounced hate groups such as "Black Lives Matter", and other White hating groups. Instead, America has a President that feeds into these hate groups and validates them. I'm sorry, Mr. President, the lives of those who "hate" other races do NOT matter! Because of you, Mr. President, we have Blacks thinking it is "cool" to kill and hate police officers and Whites. A former Black Miss Alabama, filmed herself for Facebook to tell all of how she felt the Dallas cop killer was a martyr. Why did she do it? I don't know. Perhaps she thought it was cool to hate and cool to kill innocent officers having nothing to do with the killings of two Black men. Perhaps she thought it was cool to hate as you have promoted hate of Whites and police officers. 
      Well, Mr. President, it's not "cool" to hate, and it's not "cool" to kill police officers. Furthermore, racism is NOT "cool"! Blacks and Whites were doing just fine until your Black presence hit the White House! Congratulations, you are probably the first and last Black president this country will ever have, and those are not my words, but the words of a Black man with whom I had a conversation. We, the people of America, both Black and White, see what you have done, Mr. President. You have divided this country as no president ever has, and Hillary is on the campaign trail doing more of the same. The educated and well read Blacks do not hate Whites, they do not hate police officers, they do hate you. They hate you for what you have done to this country. You have divided us as so that you may conquer us. There should be no hate. The Whites in this country have paid for slavery long enough! It's been over a hundred years. The Black man now has colleges and businesses named Black this or that, but the White man does not. The Black man now gets into Universities, because he is "Black" and he now gets jobs, because he is "Black". This country has gone above and beyond for the Black man, and the White man has been left behind. As a White woman, it saddens me to live in a country that had come so far and has at present gone so far behind. This country is of Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, and others. The life of a Black man is no more important than the life of a Hispanic man, nor is the life of a White man more important than the life of an Indian or Asian man. The lives of every one of us matters. However, the life you have chosen to lead does not matter, nor do the lives of those in hate groups who choose to follow you in your path of hate.
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