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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Nice And The Evil Religion Of Islam...

   "And in contrast to these terrorists who only know how to kill and destroy, we’re going to win this fight by building; by never giving up on diplomacy to end the Syrian civil war; by working with partners around the world, including Muslim communities, to push back against hateful ideologies that twist and distort Islam — a religion that teaches peace and justice and compassion." -President Barrack Hussein Obama on the attack by the Islamic State, "ISIS" in Nice 
     "Islam, a religion that teaches, peace, and justice and compassion." No president nor human being on the planet with any ounce of compassion would have made such a callous statement, yet our president did. How our president dared to make such a heartless statement on how Islam is a religion of peace, and compassion is a mystery, but then if one considers the source it is not. There should be no question in any one's mind that Barrack Hussein Obama is a Muslim, and a Muslim on the side of the terrorists. How dare Barrack Obama shove his religion of Islam down the throats of Americans and others, after so many have been forced to witness death, pain, and suffering. How dare Barrack Obama utter words of Islam being a religion of compassion when so many are now dealing with the loss and suffering of loved ones. President Obama is living proof the religion of Islam is not one of compassion, as one with compassion would not have made such a heartless statement after the tragedy that took place in Nice, France on July 14, 2016.
    Over 30,000 people were enjoying the fireworks on Bastille day along the shore of Nice when a 19 ton truck plowed down  over 300 people. The murderer who deserves no recognition killed 84 people. Ten of those killed were children. Another 200 people were injured. In the hospital are 121, with 26 still in critical condition, and five of those are children. Three of those who were killed were Americans. One was a college student from California, and the other two were Sean Copeland age 51 and his son Brodie age 11. The family was celebrating wife Kim's 40th birthday. A family vacation and celebration came to an all too abrupt and tragic end, leaving a wife and mother to return home with the bodies of her husband a son. Tell Kim Copeland about that religion of peace and compassion, Mr. President. Oh right, you already did. Yes, the President of the United States did tell the world of Islam being the religion of peace, justice and compassion. 
    A religion that has peace and compassion does not behead other human beings. A religion of peace and compassion does not kill other family members for dating the wrong boy, wearing the wrong clothing, or getting a job. A religion of peace does not kill those who choose to leave the religion of so called peace and compassion. A religion of peace does not strap bombs on themselves as to kill those of another religion. A religion of peace does not cut off the hands of those who steal. A religion of peace does not beat their wives. A religion of peace does not stone women to death while they are buried in dirt up to their necks. A religion of peace does not rape those of another religion. A religion of peace does not partake in rape at all, much less marathon, and gang rapes lasting as long as 7 or more hours. A religion of peace does not set other human beings on fire. A religion of peace does not throw homosexual men off buildings. A religion of peace does not kill nor do ANY harm to others. With that being said, our president can take his religion of peace, justice, and compassion and stick it where the sun never shines. Mr. President, we the people have no place for your religion of peace. Your religion of peace is a religion that threatens every non Muslim on the planet and therefore, we the people have no tolerance for your endless lectures on the religion of Islam and it's compassion.
     While Obama would like to tout Islam as a religion of "peace", the religion of peace has been the cause of 28,835 terrorist attacks since  September 11, 2001. Since January 1, 2016 there have been 1281 terrorist attacks in fifty countries killing 11,831 people and injuring another 14,316 people. While many may look at the statistics as nothing more than a number, a good many others will say a prayer. We say a prayer for every person still suffering with injuries endured due to a religion of hate. We say a prayer for those lives that were lost. We also say a prayer for those family members left behind that now must carry on. Those lives that must carry on need not the words of a heartless president of the United States. Those lives that are today living a hell on earth need true compassion and prayers, not false words on the very religion that killed their loved ones. Had America had a compassionate president, he would have said nothing of the religion of Islam and just offered his condolences to the families of those who were killed. Had America had a president who cared about Americans, that president would seek revenge for those Americans killed in Nice. That president would also close America's borders to people of the religion of Islam, as the religion of Islam and Sharia Law threatens the American government and our people. 
     Unfortunately, America does not have a president with the best interests of it's people and it's allies at heart. America has a president that instead attempts to ram his religion of peace down every one's throats. The parents of the children killed in Nice need not to be told how they must love their Muslim neighbors and unite. They need sympathy. The men and women who have lost their mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters in Nice need not to be told that they should love their Muslim neighbors. They need prayers. They need prayers as to get through each day with the fact that they will never see their loved ones again. They will never see their loved ones due to the religion of Islam. They will never see their loved ones due to the Islamic State that Barrack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton created. 
   America must elect Donald Trump. America needs Donald Trump. America needs a leader that will stand up to the religion of Islam. America needs a leader that will stand up to, and stand against ISIS and other radical Islamist groups. America needs a leader that will close its borders to all Muslims until the killing stops. America also needs a leader who will deport all Muslims who have broken our laws and behaved suspiciously. America also needs a leader that will not warn it's enemies, but will instead attack and annihilate it's enemies. Not only does America need a leader who will protect it's land and it's people, but America's allies need a leader. America's allies want a leader who will work with them to destroy ISIS and other radical Islamist groups. At present America and it's allies have not a real leader, they have a ruler who does not choose to protect and defend it's people and it;s allies. America has a ruler who instead advises all to learn a verse from the Quran and be one with our Muslim brothers. America and Europe are at war with ISIS. As one military commander put it, the front line is every time we step out our front door. With Obama allowing 2200 Syrian refugees in just last week, Obama has chosen the side on which he sits in this war. The presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton has also chosen the side on which she sits. Obama and Hillary sit on the side of the very terrorist group that they themselves created and trained. That group is ISIS, and until America has a leader that does not wish to allow 1.5 billion Muslims into the country, America will be a country at war. America needs a president who will bring God back into our country. God has been forgotten, as shown by our president in praising the religion of Islam. America and it's allies need Donald Trump as without him, our destiny I fear will be bleak…
(C)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016
            *Barrack Obama intends to allow over 10,000 more Syrian refugees into the U.S by September of 2016.
            * Hillary Clinton intends on increasing our Syrian refugee intake by 550%.

       Please click for those who were killed in Nice, France
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