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Sunday, July 3, 2016

We Can Win The War Against Radical Islamic Terrorism, We Just Haven't Tried!

     Again and again it is being said that we will never win the war on terrorism, and that statement is in fact true. It is true due to the fact that America hasn't really tried to win the war against terrorism. We haven't tried in that first and foremost we can't even say it, let alone fight it. If you can't say the words, "radical Islamic terrorism", you don't have a chance in hell of fighting it, let alone defeating it. Soon after the attack in Istanbul, Turkey, Secretary John Kerry claimed that ISIS was desperate and on the run. He stated that the little attacks that have been taking place were evidence of America's winning. Tell that to the 10,782 people that have been killed this year in 1192 terrorist attacks that have taken place in fifty countries. Tell that to the 13,092 people that have been injured in those 1192 terrorist attacks. I'm quite sure those people would beg to differ. I'm sure those people that have perished and those people injured would disagree as well. The fact is our buffoon of a Secretary of State, John Kerry, is wrong. ISIS is NOT desperate and ISIS is NOT on the run. The evidence shows that ISIS is stronger than ever in terrorizing  in some 21 countries.
        Sadly, we can win the war against radical Islamic terrorism. We just haven't tried. Obama and his ever so transparent State Department have stated that America is winning as America has killed, what one top ISIS commander a month? ISIS kills over ten thousand people just this year alone and Obama is happy that his military has struck and killed maybe ten ISIS commanders since January? If that ? America is not even close to "winning" the war against ISIS. The truth is we haven't even begun to touch the surface, but our government will sure as hell not let Americans know. The fact is Americans don't know. They don't know the half of how powerful and dangerous ISIS has become. Americans don't know, because Americans haven't been told. Americans haven't been told, because the United States Government clearly does not want Americans to know the truth behind ISIS and its defeating Christians, Jews, and all of humanity. ISIS and other radical Islamic groups have vowed to take over the world and they are doing a pretty damn good job. They are successful as The United States is allowing ISIS to accomplish their goal in taking over the world. The United States is allowing this in their bringing thousands of Syrian immigrants into our country. The United States is allowing this in their looking the other way when Americans report suspicious activity by Muslims residing in the U.S. The United States is allowing ISIS to succeed in their Jihad against all non-Muslims in the world by doing nothing, but random attacks resulting in little or no results.
     We're not winning the war on radical Islam, due to America not trying. America not trying is killing thousands and no one seems to really care. As Americans were told of an attack in Bangladesh on 7/1/16, they were not told of several others. The truth is there were a total of five attacks on that fateful day. Everyone heard of the attack at a restaurant in Bangladesh, but they didn't hear of a Hindu worker being hacked to death in Bangladesh. Americans also did not hear of three women being killed in Afghanistan, or the six people machine gunned in Kenya, or the man killed in Israel. Americans didn't  know of any such attacks, because Americans were never suppose to know. 
     We can win the war against radical Islamic terrorism. We just haven't tried. We haven't tried and if we continue to not try we will no doubt  lose the war against ISIS. America doesn't need to lose this war against ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism. America can quite easily win this war. America can win by bombing the living daylights out of every known ISIS camp known to our intelligence. I guarantee everyone if America bombed every living breathing ISIS camp, America would be winning the was against ISIS. America needs to stop playing Mr. Nice Guy . America needs to take the bull by the horns and go after ISIS with a vengeance. America can do this by not being concerned with killing ISIS women and children and instead being more concerned with getting a job done. That job is saving the people of this country and leading the rest of the world to do the same. We can accomplish this by working with a coalition of our allies, by bombing the hell out of these Islamist extremists, and placing boots on the ground. With America leading a strong offense with it's allies, America can win the war against radical Islamic terrorism. America can win, but America needs Donald Trump to be the next president, as he will make America safe again!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016
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