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Monday, March 20, 2017

Palm Beach And The President Trump Predicament


     Prestigious Palm Beach, Florida, once considered the playground for the rich and famous, is at present dying a slow death, and they want the President to pay for it. As preposterous as it sounds, such seems to be the case. With the news that President Trump was visiting Palm Beach for the fifth time since he took office, a Palm Beach County commissioner, suggested that Palm Beach make Mar-a-lago pay for the President's visits. Apparently, the county has asked the federal government to reimburse them and they have heard nothing. One Palm Beach county commissioner, a Democrat,  claims to have a solution. His solution; make Mar-a-Lago pay. Making Mar-a-Lago pay is ludicrous in that already the President pays somewhere between one and three million dollars in yearly property taxes to the county of Palm Beach. Not to mention, the mere fact that Palm Beach, Florida has the President of the United States in their town, thus bringing much needed business back to a place that was nearly finished. 

   Palm Beach, Florida has been all but forgotten by the rich and famous. While Palm Beach has been fortunate to have a good many hedge funders and celebrities, Palm Beach is at the same time is still recuperating from the wrath of Bernie Madoff. Bernie Madoff may well have single handedly destroyed Palm Beach, and Palm Beach appears to want to charge unwarranted taxation on President Trump. With the county of Palm Beach facing a $40 million deficit, it's no wonder the county wants to charge the President, but it's unfair and it's wrong. Not only is it wrong, but in my opinion, Palm Beach is discriminating against the President. The county is discriminating against the President as never before has Palm Beach County requested a President to pay for extra costs incurred due to a president's visits. Nowhere is it written that Palm Beach county billed the federal government for President John F. Kennedy's visits. Palm Beach instead, rather liked the fact that JFK chose to visit Palm Beach. In fact, Palm Beach would tout the fact that JFK and his family were in town at "The Winter White House"in Palm Beach, Florida.

  Unfortunately for President Trump, Palm Beach is not touting Mar-a-Lago as the "Winter White House", nor is it touting and glorifying the fact that President Trump is regularly in town. The fact is, Palm Beach hasn't liked the President from the day the President arrived in Palm Beach, Florida. In fact, the town of Palm Beach has pretty much despised the man. How fitting that President Trump has become the President and leader of the free world.  Perhaps it was Trump's accusation that the town of Palm Beach discriminated against Mar-a-Lago for its allowing Jews and African Americans into the club. Yes, that's correct, the man that's been deemed a racist by the left was the same man that went against Palm Beach protocol and allowed Blacks and Jews into his club while other clubs disallowed Blacks and Jews. Nonetheless, if it weren't Trump's accusing Palm Beach of discrimination, perhaps it was the President's lawsuits against the county of Palm Beach for the destruction of his property due to planes flying overhead repeatedly, or perhaps it was the American flag. Trump's infamous American flag at Mar-a-Lago, was deemed an "eyesore" by many Palm Beachers. President Trump's American flag made headline news back in 2006. The town fined the President $1250 per day for the flag remaining on the Mar-a-Lago property. Apparently the flagpole used by Mar-a-Lago was seen as too high. Eventually, the President dropped the lawsuit and the town also waived the fines incurred by the President, but not without stipulations. As per a court ordered mediation, Trump was ordered to donate $100,000. to Veterans charities, shorten the flag pole by 3 feet, and allow out of town enrollees membership into the club. As for the pesky problem of planes flying over Mar-a-lago, well, President Trump solved that problem and dropped that lawsuit when he was elected president. Mar-a-Lago is officially a "no fly zone" when the President is in town. Suffice it to say, there has never been any love lost between Palm Beach, and President Trump. Then again,  there are thousands of Palm Beachers that love President Trump. However, there are a fair number of Democrats in Palm Beach county that dislike the President intensely, and they plan to stick it to him any which way they can. Palm Beach sounds frighteningly similar to Washington D.C. 

    While Palm Beach has visions of the President paying for his continued visits to Palm Beach, Palm Beach needs to take a reality check. The reality of it is, prestigious Palm Beach is not so prestigious anymore.  In observance, a town that was once a town for the rich and famous to shop, dine, and play, is currently a town where the rich seem to come to shop little, dine on the cheap, and die.  Worth Avenue, once known as the "Rodeo Drive" of the south is now a dead zone. The once all exclusive shopping district is not so exclusive at present. A street where women could be seen in the finest designs, now is a street in which women are in yoga pants, bathing suits, and tunics. Worth Avenue was once a street where men and women donned their finest threads. The finest threads are seen no more. No, Worth Avenue is no longer that all exclusive street where the rich and famous shop and dine.  The fact is, Worth Avenue is no longer of much "worth" anymore. 

   Palm Beach is a thing of the past, and with the help of President Trump, Palm Beach could well become a thing of the present. Palm Beach was done until the election of President Trump, and Palm Beach is now making a comeback thanks to President Trump. The President is putting Palm Beach back on the map as a place to be. While the President may well be costing Palm Beach county taxpayers extra money, Palm Beach is also receiving more revenue than ever. People want to be where the President is. Currently, that place is Palm Beach and the county should relish it. Palm Beach county should be grateful for the President's visits, as it's bringing in more revenue. Much needed revenue.  Palm Beach should be honored that the President wants to continue to visit Palm Beach and say nothing. In a town where the average age is 67, women outnumber men, and it's socially acceptable to discriminate against Blacks, Jews and other minorities, a President's presence should be seen as a blessing and not a hardship. Whether Palm Beach likes it or not, Palm Beach needs President Trump, and if Palm Beach is lucky, perhaps President Trump can make Palm Beach great again, as he makes America great again!
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