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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Espionage, Hillary, Obama, Clapper And Brennan

      Americans have tired of mainstream media, their continuous lies, and their playing the American people for fools. All Americans are not fools and they want real news. Americans have had enough of the alleged collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump. Americans have had enough as it didn't happen. A congressional panel found "no evidence" to suggest that there was a collusion between Moscow and Donald Trump. "No evidence" and yet the Democrats still seem to want to blame President Trump's winning the election on the Russians. The Russians had absolutely nothing to do with the Presidential election of 2016. However, it's a great distraction on the true deception in Washington.

   Deception in Washington, where to begin? All indications point to Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Clapper, James Comey, and John Brennan. While the Democrats are playing the fake Russian card, it is clear they are attempting to distract the media from the truth. The truth? The truth that Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama appear to be in violation of the espionage act. As many may recall in the second debate, President Donald Trump exclaimed "you'd be in jail". He made the statement in response to Hillary Clinton stating, "it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country".  Well, perhaps the Democrats are afraid President Donald Trump just may do that. He may do this as it seems without a doubt that Hillary Clinton and former President Obama did in fact violate the espionage act with Hillary's use of a "rogue server". Hillary used a server, that did not have an "ATO"; translation, "authority to operate". When Hillary used this server she put the security of our nation at risk. While the Democrats are concerned with President Trump and his alleged collusion with Moscow, Hillary and Obama both communicated using a server that could have been easily hacked by  Iran, China, North Korea, Israel, Russia, and anyone under the sun! If anyone were guilty of giving information to the Russians ,it was Hillary and Obama. Obama is as guilty as Hillary in that he knew she was using a rogue server, with the very first email Hillary sent using the Rogue server. In fact, Obama even went so far as to use a pseudonym to communicate with Hillary Clinton as he clearly knew the server did not have the authority to operate. That being said, both Hillary and Obama are guilty of violating the espionage act and they should be held accountable. 

   Not only should Hillary and Obama be held accountable, but so too should James Clapper, Obama's former Director of National Intelligence, as well as his Central Intelligence Agency Director, John Brennan. Former NSA/CIA whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery, has claimed that both Clapper and Brennan were using a super computer system named, "The HAMMER", as to collect illegal and unconstitutional data, harvesting, and wiretapping. The HAMMER was installed in what some speculate as to be a secret CIA-NSA operation in Ft Washington, Maryland. While THE HAMMER could access the emails, bank accounts, and phone calls of millions of innocent Americans, it has been discovered that it was used to access the accounts of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, 156 other judges, and then presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump. 

   Yes, President Trump's allegations that he was wiretapped by Obama and his administration are true. In fact, Larry Klayman, the attorney for whistleblower,  James Montgomery, claims that James Clapper and John Brennan particularly targeted Donald Trump "a zillion times".  The President was wiretapped "a zillion times" and FBI Director, James Comey, states that there is no evidence to prove the President was ever wiretapped? He lied, and it wouldn't be the first time someone from an intelligence agency has lied under oath, and I have a hunch it won't be the last.  In a previous hearing, James Clapper testified under oath that the NSA and other intelligence agencies including the CIA were not collecting massive amounts of telephonic and internet metadata on hundreds of millions of citizens. Edward Snowden proved otherwise and Clapper has yet to be prosecuted for committing perjury. It's no coincidence that Clapper resigned on November 17th, 2016, shortly before the inauguration of President Trump. 

   Our President is being lied to, our intelligence is attempting to undermine him, and it must be investigated. James Comey and any other Obama holdover can not be trusted. Americans had eight years of a government that promised transparency and got anything, but transparency. We, the people ,had a government that was in breech of security, in violation of the espionage act and it's time to hold the former administration accountable. If the former administration is not held accountable and prosecuted, we are a nation without law and order. President Trump, in order to protect Americans, must investigate further into his and others being wiretapped, and he must fire all that are holdovers from the Obama administration. James Comey and others are loyal to a fault to Obama and Hillary Clinton, and they will stop at nothing to protect them. Over 32,000 emails were deleted and they can be easily found by the NSA in Ft. Mead. We, the people, elected President Trump and we, the people, deserve a President that is able to operate without being wiretapped and spied on by Obama and his shadow government. President Trump will do all in his power to keep our Americans' security safe, but will be unable to do his job if he is being undermined by those who are guilty of breaking the law... 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017
#TheHammer #firecomey #arrestObama #arrestHillary



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