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Sunday, March 5, 2017

A New Chapter Of American Greatness!

 "A new chapter of American greatness is beginning."- President Donald J. Trump."

      A new chapter of American greatness is indeed beginning. American greatness is taking place due to our newly elected president, President Donald Trump. A chapter of America being a leader and not a follower is beginning. A chapter of America having borders as to keep Americans safe is beginning. A chapter of America fighting the war on drugs as opposed to aiding those partaking in the drug trade is beginning. A chapter of our military being appreciated and being given the resources so desperately needed is beginning. A chapter of our roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, and railways being rebuilt is beginning.A chapter of the creation of tens of thousands of jobs is beginning. A chapter of our inner cities being not neglected, but nurtured and coddled is beginning. A chapter of America draining the swamp of crooked politicians as to make room for honest men is beginning. A chapter of America defeating ISIS and other terrorist groups ridding our nation of terrorism once and for all is beginning. A chapter of America being strong again, prosperous again, and safe again is beginning. A chapter of America being "great again"is beginning. 

   As a new chapter of American greatness begins, it begins with our newly elected president. President Donald Trump proved himself to be the great leader he was born to be. America witnessed greatness as they heard their president give his first major speech as president. Any honest American will agree that President Trump gave the most riveting speech of our time if not all time. Why even the President's harshest critics could do nothing but applaud and praise our newly elected president. CNN's Van Jones made the following statement; "he became President of the United States in that moment, period." He went on to state that if President Trump could find a way to consistently perform as he did at the joint address, the President would remain in office for eight years. Fox News' Chris Wallace essentially reiterated what Van Jones said shortly after the President's speech by saying, "Tonight Donald Trump became the President of the United States". Longtime Trump critic, Charles Krauthammer, said the President's speech was, "without doubt the best speech he ever gave".  No American could deny Tuesday night that America had made the right decision in electing Donald Trump as their 45th President.

    While most applauded the President as he gave his most historic speech ever, others held their heads down in disgust or in shame. Senator Nancy Pelosi sat looking as if she'd been sucking on a prune as President Trump announced the creation of tens of thousands of new jobs. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz looked none too happy as well. Not surprisingly, many of the Democrats both male and female refused to applaud the President despite the President's stellar performance. Sadly, many Democrats refused to stand or applaud the families of those killed by illegal immigrants as well as a widow of a soldier killed in the line of duty. Unfortunately for the Democrats, they may well have finished destroying their party. The party showed themselves to be a party of people caring not about the people of this great country, but instead about themselves and their own agenda. The Democrats failed to applaud as clearly they would sooner see Americans unemployed and struggling under their agenda than to see Americans prosper and succeed under president Trump. As President Trump closed his speech, Americans knew they had not only a great leader in their newly elected President, but also a great man who truly wants to do good for our nation and its people. A new chapter of greatness indeed has truly begun...

(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017
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