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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Make America Respectful Again!

   There once was a time when men treated women like ladies and behaved like gentlemen. There once was a time when women behaved like ladies that deserved being treated as such. There once also was a time when presidents and their wives were respected and honored. Whatever the party affiliation was of the President and his First Lady, Americans had the utmost respect for the office. Americans behaved as civilized human beings. Americans did not riot, beat people to a pulp, or behave as barbarians as seen in third world countries. No, Americans were better than that. Americans are no more, better than that. 

    Americans today are no better than those seen rioting in third world countries. In fact, Americans are worse. Americans are worse than that. As Americans, liberal Americans are a civilized people gone mad.  Liberal Americans have gone mad due to the candidate of their choosing not being elected to the presidency. For eight years Republicans were unhappy, to say the least, with the leader of their country. Barrack Obama was  deemed the "Anti-Christ" by many Republicans. Republicans despised Obama's face, his voice, his failure to ever once utter the words, "radical Islam", and most of all, his policies. Republicans despised Barrack Obama. Yet, they respected the highest office in the nation, sat back and did nothing. American Republicans did nothing and disappointingly, Republicans in Washington did nothing as well. No, Republicans did nothing, but wait till 2016 to hopefully win the presidency. 

    Republicans did just that. They won the presidency and the Democrats went insane. Literally, Democrats in this country have gone mad. Every week a protest, uprising, or all out riot seems to takes place. Rioting, mass destruction of private property, elderly men being pepper sprayed, as well as male and female supporters of America's president being beaten to a pulp. Grown men and women behaving like thugs and barbarians, yelling obscenities, and insults at our current president and his wife. It's ludicrous, it's disrespectful, and it's just plain wrong. However, worse than America's liberals behaving foolishly and barbaric, is a washed up aging Madonna threatening to blow up the White House, or failing rapper Snoop Dog shooting a,"clownlike",  President Trump in his latest video. As if shooting the President weren't bad enough, rapper/actor, Bow Wow, tweeted the following to the President, "Ayo, @realdonaldtrump shut your punk ass up talking shi?aboutmy uncle @SnoopDog before we pimp your wife and make her work for us". Nice class act those rappers are. It's a shame America doesn't have more rappers on the airwaves. I'm sure America would be at a loss without these great talents. No, I think not. 

   Americans need not much of an imagination to know that if a White celebrity had threatened Barrack Obama, or First Lady, Michelle. He or she would have been arrested without question. Yet, President Trump and First Lady Melania are threatened and no consequences are inflicted whatsoever. It's an outrage, but then the values in this country are all but a distant memory. President Trump and First Lady Melania are America's first couple and Americans need to respect the office and keep their mouths shut. Americans have a president that is doing the best possible job he can, as to make this country great again and safe again, and the lack of respect is disgusting. While President Donald Trump may not have been everyone's choice, he is the president, and Americans need to rally around him, and give him the support he so deserves. Likewise, the First Lady also deserves to be treated with respect as well. While perhaps many Americans have lost their morals and values, Americans can always find those morals and values, and most importantly Americans can find somewhere in their hearts the ability to find respect for our newly elected president. America, let's show the world we're better than those living in third world barbaric countries. Let's not only aid President Trump and First Lady Melania in making America great again, but let's make America "respectful" again!

(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL BLOG 2017 

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