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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Liberal Women And Their Stupid Protesting!

    March 8, 2017 marked International Women's day, and "a day without women day". While International Women's day was a day of which I had no familiarity, "a day without women", was even more so a day in which  I also had little familiarity. Nonetheless, both days made headline news and why I'm not quite sure. "A day without a woman", was nothing more than liberal women whining and marching yet again, because Hillary is not their president. It was another anti-Trump day in which women across America failed to show up at work to prove a point. The point that these women were attempting to prove was that women are desperately needed in the workplace. Then again, the thousands of women that failed to show up for work as to prove a point that they are so desperately needed ,may well have proven to their supervisors that they aren't really needed after all.

   "A day without a woman" was, in my opinion, extremely irresponsible and childish. Schools had to close down due to women teachers taking the day off. Parents who worked and chose not to partake in "A day without a woman" were forced to find childcare and were unable to do so, leaving them to have to take the day off from work as well. "A day without a woman" was a day of which liberal women should be ashamed. Liberal women as to prove a point that they are needed and essential to the workplace celebrated this day with glee. Personally, I feel the women should have felt ashamed. These women took the day off from their responsibilities in the workplace. They then proceeded to wear red as to prove solidarity. They took to the streets and marched. They apparently shopped at only small businesses owned by women . Exactly what "a day without a woman accomplished, I'm not quite sure. What I am sure of, is America does not need the likes of liberal women. For that matter, America does not need the likes of liberal men either. Making America great again would be an easy task if America had a lifetime without liberals.

  Oh, how pleasant life would be without the annoyance of liberals in the workplace or any place. It is my and many many other Americans' hope, that today America has heard the last from liberals protesting day after day, week after week. America needs to aid the president in his quest to "make America great again". President Trump can't possibly "make America great again" without the help of civilians. America needs to stop protesting and do more as to make this country great again. How do we do this? We start by ceasing all protests and marches. We also patronize our businesses run by all Americans, and we show up for work. We show up for work regardless of our race, party affiliation, or displeasure with our chosen president. Today's "a day without a woman day" was absurd. If employers are forced to pay employees who don't show up  for work, because they are protesting President Trump, they should not be forced to pay employees who fail to show for work. Many football and baseball fans may not show up for work come Monday morning. They may claim a "my team didn't win today" day. Sound ridiculous? You bet. It's as ridiculous as a "a day without a woman day". Well, my team did win today, and it's winning every day. My team is "Team Donald Trump", and he's winning in spite of the liberals. With that being said, there is no need for me to protest, march, or do much of anything, but be an upstanding American citizen. It's a shame the left can't do the same. 

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