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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Have Liberal Women Lost Their Minds?

    January 20th 2017, Donald J. Trump was sworn in as Americas 45th president. January 20th 2017, I and millions of Americans were proud to be Americans again. January 21st 2017, hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets to protest and march against our newly elected president. Hundreds of thousands of women behaving like complete lunatics took to the streets to have their voices heard. Their voices were useless as their credibility was lacking due to their attire. While there is no uniform for taking to the streets as to protest, these women out did themselves. Several women wore strange looking hats atop their heads. Apparently the hats were the woman's uterus. Some women dressed up as pink and purple vaginas. Perhaps the purple were the "royal vaginas"? "Royal", they were indeed. These women were a "royal" embarrassment to women and to our country. What point these women were attempting to make, I'm not quite sure. What I am sure of is that these women made complete idiots of themselves. Not to mention that they painted women in a very poor light. If men had ever taken to the streets dressed as penises, I am quite sure the country would have thought the men of America had gone mad and yet women dressed as vaginas has been accepted by the left and mainstream media.

     Why these women were protesting and marching, I'm not quite sure. All indications seem to say that the women marching weren't quite sure why they were marching as well. Some said they were marching for " equality and equal pay". Some said "a woman's right to choose". Others said "affordable healthcare". Hundreds of thousands of women marched against our newly elected president and yet not one knew of the policies of President Donald Trump. Clearly the women marching were unaware of President Trump's campaign manager being a woman. Kellyanne Conway is the first woman to serve as a Republican candidate's campaign manager. If our president disrespected women, he surely would not have hired a woman to run his campaign. Furthermore, Ms. Kellyanne Conway will be serving the presid,ent as his counselor. Aside from Ms. Conway, President Trump has hired women in high ranking positions in his companies and has paid them quite handsomely. Hillary Clinton the "choice" of the women who marched last weekend, paid women in her foundation and campaign far less than she paid men. As the "equality" reason for marching was absurd, a woman's right to choose was not. However, many of the women marching were gay or too old to even give birth. Last I heard, a woman could not conceive a child with another woman. The lesbians of America need not worry about having to make the decision to have or not to have a child, nor do the old maids of America. For those who are of child bearing age having sex with men, President Trump stated abortion would be left as a state decision. I do believe the President will end late term and partial birth abortions which are senseless and morally wrong. A baby aborted at 5-9 months is just plain murder. "Affordable health care", these women chanted. I don't know what rock they've been living under, but President Trump is well on his way to repealing and replacing the failed Obamacare. All in all, the women marching were indicative of women having their heads up their butts, giving women a bad name.

   Disturbingly, the women marching were completely unaware of one of the organizers behind the Women's March. While George Soros is said to have been behind at least 50 of the women's groups marching, Linda Sarsour was also one of the organizers. Linda Sarsour, a pro-Sharia Law and pro-Palestine Muslim activist with ties to the terrorist group, "Hamas", was one of the marchers' organizers. How hypocritical of Ms. Sarsour to march for women's rights when Sharia Law takes away any and all women's rights. Ms. Sarsour recently spotted at a Muslim convention in Chicago was seen posing for pictures with a financier of the terrorist group, "Hamas". Sarsour is Head of the Arab American Association and was Obama's White House Champion of Change, proving that Obama might also have had a hand in last Saturday's women's march. Ms. Sarsour has no right to march for women's rights when she clearly wants no rights for women as she is in favor of Sharia Law. Had the women marching had half a brain and known whom they were marching for surely they would not have been marching. While liberal women were marching for, the uterus and their vaginas, one of the organizers believes in mutilating the vagina.These women might have had second thoughts had they had some clue as to to what one of their organizers was about.

   While hundreds of thousands of women marched against our newly elected president, more than half of the White women in America voted for President Trump. A whopping 62% of White women cast their votes for our president proving that the majority of White women in America have a brain on function and disagree with the marching vaginas of America. Thankfully, the women who took part in Saturday's march were irrelevant in the presidential election, especially the ones who failed to get out and vote. The votes are in, President Trump is our 45th president, and I suggest these marching hoohas sit back and allow our president to do his job. The rights of women will be protected as First Daughter Ivanka will make sure of it. With Ivanka Trump's latest book, "Women Who Work", it is inevitable that women will not be forgotten. The fact of the matter is,no one will be forgotten under President Trump, as America has a president that will make sure no one is forgotten so that we all may be a part in making America great again!
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017
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