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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hollywood, I'm Sick Of You!

      As a teenage girl, I can remember when I counted the days when the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, or Music Awards would be televised. Those were the days. They were the days when actresses dressed for the occasion and looked their best. Oh, what fun I had watching the stars. I so looked up to them  in their finest gowns and jewels. As an adult, I haven't a clue when the awards shows are on, what the actresses are wearing, nor do I care. I don't care as Hollywood has ruined every awards program and virtually everything and anything about Hollywood. To put it bluntly, I can not stand anything about Hollywood. Hollywood has been ruined. Hollywood has been ruined, as Hollywood has become nothing more than a bunch of untalented, entitled liberals. Liberals that use their fame to lecture the world on how they feel the country should and could be run. Apparently, Hollywood has failed miserably on the basic rules of etiquette. Social etiquette 101, no talk of politics nor religion at a cocktail party, and no talk of the two when taking center stage at an awards program.

    As President Trump unveiled his temporary immigration executive order on Friday, Hollywood was all abuzz with anger and disgust at the President. Personally, I find the whole Hollywood backlash quite amusing. Watching liberal Hollywood give their two cents on politics is an utter joke. Never have I seen a more misinformed group of individuals, and to be uninformed is to be misled. As Thomas Jefferson was quoted as saying, "If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed". The trouble is, Hollywood is not at all informed. Hollywood is extremely uninformed. The religion of Islam directly threatens the United States and our way of life. A vast majority of American-Muslims would much prefer to live under Sharia Law than the laws of our constitution. Perhaps Hollywood should educate themselves with a course on the religion of Islam," Sharia Law 101".

  Hollywood is misinformed as they know little to nothing about the temporary ban on Muslims from 7 countries. A total of 7 countries have been temporarily banned from the U.S. and in total there are 50 countries where Islam is the primary religion. President Trump did not ban all Muslims. President Trump banned Muslims coming from countries that harbor terrorists. President Trump is taking this action, not out of racism, not out of spite, but out of attempting to make America, a safer America. He is doing this until those in his cabinet are able to properly and thoroughly vett Muslims. Under the Obama administration, it has been said that there was little to no vetting making for an unsafe America.

   Thanks to President Donald Trump, America can be rest assured that the country is well on her way to being a safer America. Apparently Hollywood would prefer to have an unsafe America. Sunday night during the SAG Awards, America was lectured by Julia Dreyfus and Ashton Kutcher. While I refused to watch the program live, I nearly gagged as I sat and watched the  clips of the Hollywood liberals. While our president is attempting to keep us safe, Hollywood is essentially attempting to instigate unrest within our nation. I, for one, am sick of it, and I know I am not alone in my sentiments. America has had more than enough of politics. When America sits down to watch an awards show, America wants to see gorgeous people, glitz, and glamour. America does not wish to hear Hollywood liberals mouth off on their ways of solving all the world's problems. America turns on awards shows as to escape. Sunday night's SAG Awards fell way short of an escape. It was instead programming that much of America wanted to run from. Unfortunately for Hollywood, Americans have tired of liberals whining and are eager to be a part of President Trump's winning! Hollywood, I'm sick of you, your ignorance, and your failure to support our president. Donald Trump is our president and I strongly suggest you support President Trump, as he will make America great and safe again.
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017
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