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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

True News For President Elect Donald Trump- #Making America Great Again!

        "Make America Great Again"! It was the slogan that swept the nation and it was the slogan that won over the nation. For a nation that was divided, the slogan gave hope. For a nation that was broken from eight years of failed policies under the Obama administration, the slogan gave promise. For a nation that was fearful of what lay ahead for their children's future, the slogan assured a safer tomorrow. For a nation that had fallen away from God and religion, the slogan provided the allowance of God and religion back into our lives. The slogan told Americans they could again feel comfortable in saying, "Merry Christmas".  The slogan, "Make America Great Again", was the slogan of President-Elect Donald J. Trump, our 45th president.

      While many Democrats heavily criticized the slogan of the President-Elect, others welcomed and applauded the slogan. Losing presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, told her supporters that America already was great. Clearly the nation begged to differ. This once great nation under President Barrack Obama had become divided and broken. However, as there's a new kid in town, this nation is soon to be united and repaired under President-Elect Donald J. Trump. On Friday, January 20, 2017 at high noon President-Elect Donald Trump will be sworn in as America's 45th president.

    The fact is, the President-Elect is not yet in the oval office, and he is already "making America great again". First and foremost, President Elect Donald Trump is already fulfilling many of his campaign promises. Steps are being taken at present to repeal and replace the disastrous "Obama Care". A plan that was to be "affordable" was outrageously "unaffordable" and unused by many. With all too high deductibles, Americans found it was easier to die than pay for the supposedly affordable "Obama Care". As bad as "Obama Care" was, the unemployment rate had risen. Job losses were many. Under Obama, as all too many companies were leaving the United States as to achieve cheap labor in neighboring nations the unemployment rate was at an all time high. Under President-Elect Donald Trump, jobs will not be lost, but jobs will be created. President-Elect Donald Trump has inspired the following companies to keep and or create jobs in the U.S; IBM, Ford (will remain here), Amazon, Carrier (will remain here), Toyota, Fiat (will remain here), Sprint, (will remain here), United Technologies, and Stanley Black & Decker. Never under the Obama administration did Americans have such opportunity as they will under  President Donald Trump. Yes, President-Elect Donald Trump is indeed already "making America great again". 

   Not only is the President-Elect "making America great again" with the creation of jobs, but he is making America "great" with an exceptionally brilliant cabinet. President-Elect Donald Trump has assembled a group of highly intelligent and successful people to aid and advise him in governing this great land. President-Elect Donald Trump's cabinet is being touted as perhaps the finest cabinet this nation has ever seen since former President Ronald Reagan. While the cabinet of Barrack Obama was a cabinet of inexperienced persons in need of careers, the cabinet of a President Donald Trump is a cabinet of extremely intelligent, and experienced persons with successful careers. The fact is, the men and women accepting positions in the cabinet of President-Elect Donald Trump are sacrificing as to "make America great again". 

   While millions of Americans are eager for the presidency of President-Elect Donald Trump to begin, so too is the nation of Israel. Israel, one of our strongest allies, was just recently let down by the United States. Israel, a nation that has always had our back, hoped that the United States would return the favor. Unfortunately, the United States did not at all have the back of Israel. The United States instead, went against Israel by abstaining in the "anti-Israeli resolution vote" last month at the United Nations. Under Barrack Obama, Israel has not had a friend and ally in the United States. Under President Donald Trump, Israel will again have a friend and ally in the United States. A nation that once knew it could always depend on the United States to have its back and stand by them, will again be secure in being able to depend upon the United States.

   January 20th, 2017 will be the start of "making America great again". How do I know this to be true? I know this to be true, as I and millions of Americans, elected a man named Donald J. Trump, whom we have the utmost confidence will follow through with his promise to "make America great again". America will have a man as president who is a true patriot, a Christian, and a man who truly loves his country. President-Elect Donald Trump didn't need to do this, and many have asked why? Why would a man with successful career, and a beautiful family want to sacrifice his envious lifestyle as to be America's president at a time of such turmoil and division? Answer, because he loves his country that much. America is lucky to have such a man as their 45th president. President-Elect Donald Trump brings with him a wealth of knowledge, experience, and know how that is so desperately needed. The President-Elect also brings with him a family that is extremely patriotic, loyal, and supportive. America is fortunate to have such a First Family. America is fortunate to have President-Elect Donald Trump as their next president. America is fortunate, as I believe President Elect Donald J. Trump will defy all the pundits, never-Trumpers, and Democrats. He will defy them as President-Elect Donald Trump will indeed make America great again!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017
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