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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wanted, Obama For Treason!

    "There should be no further releases from Gitmo. These are extremely dangerous people and should not be allowed back onto the battlefield." -President Elect-Donald Trump on Twitter. Within hours White House Spokesman Josh Earnest announced that more transfers of Gitmo detainees would be taking place just prior to Obama's leaving office, completely undermining President-Elect Donald Trump. If releasing terrorists from Gitmo isn't aiding and abetting the enemy, I don't know what is. Why? Why would any sane and patriotic individual set prisoners for release that are known terrorists? These are men that are considered by both current and former U.S. officials to be "the worst of the worst"! The prisoners that remain at Guantanamo Bay consist of "weapons trainers", a top "financial planner" for Al-Qaeda, 2 intended 9/11 hijackers, and an accused senior "bomb maker". Four prisoners were released this past Tuesday and 18 more are being prepared to be released. Obama, hell bent on fulfilling his promise of closing Gitmo, is doing all he can to somewhat fulfill his promise. While he may not be able to close Gitmo, he appears to be releasing everyone and anyone from the U.S. military detention Center.

   President Obama should be, in many people's opinion, tried for treason. He seems to have clearly taken the side of the terrorists. He has repeatedly sided with the enemy, in that he has released prisoners that have been guilty of terrorism. These terrorists, if and when they are released, will likely return to their terrorist ways. In fact, Obama's administration determined that at least 12 detainees released from Guantanamo, orchestrated attacks on U.S. or allied forced in Afghanistan killing a half a dozen Americans. Half a dozen Americans killed, and our current president wants to release more prisoners? Yes, he does. Even after Obama's own people determined that 30% of all released Gitmo detainees returned to terrorism, Obama continued to release prisoners. Again, Obama should be tried for treason. Americans died capturing Gitmo detainees. Americans and others abroad perished due to the hands of the detainees of Gitmo. How dare President Obama release a ONE Gitmo detainee, let alone 22 or all! Let it be said that the blood of every man or woman who is killed due to the released Gitmo detainees is on President Obama's hands. Most men would have a conscience, and the fact that men and women died due to their ignorance would bother them. Not Obama. No, not at all. It is suspected that one released Gitmo detainee was the brains behind the attack on Benghazi killing four. That's right. Four Americans may well have died in Benghazi thanks to Obama's generosity towards terrorists, and yet Obama is a walking talking free man. Unjust is what it is, and why Congress has made no demands is a mystery. While Obama has several opponents in Congress towards his plans to release Gitmo prisoners and close Guantanamo Bay, they have done little to nothing to demand otherwise. 

   President Obama should be tried for treason. He has proven himself time and time again to not be a president for the people of the United States. He has proven himself to be a man sleeping with the enemy. Obama's dream deal for Iran, his releasing the "worst of the worst" terrorists from Gitmo, his funding and arming ISIS, his allowing unvetted Syrian refugees into the U.S. knowing ISIS will be infiltrating through the crisis, and his allowance of illegal immigrants to commit crimes without penalty and his pardoning prisoners all too soon, show he has no respect for the American people. Not only does America have a president at present that doesn't respect them, but America has a president that does little to nothing to protect them. Instead, America has a president that endangers the people of this once great nation. 

    This once great nation will be great again. Not only will it be great again, but it will be "safe" again. America will be "great" and America will be "safe" as we have elected a man that will do just that. On January 20, 2017 President Elect, Donald Trump will officially be our 45th president. Not only will he be our 45th president, but he will quite possibly be our greatest president. President Donald Trump will be our greatest president as he WILL make America "great" and "safe" again!
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