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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

"Don't Blame Russia!"


   Seth Rich, 27 years old, was murdered in cold blood on July 16, 2016. He was fatally shot several times in the back in the upscale neighborhood of Bloomingdale in Washington D.C. While the life of Seth Rich was taken from him all too young, his wallet and watch were not taken. Tragically the name, "Seth Rich", means nothing to Americans, while it should mean everything. It should mean everything as Seth Rich was one of several Americans who may have leaked the emails of the DNC and John Podesta.  It is suspected that Seth Rich, NOT Russia, leaked the truth about the failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee. Seth Rich, not Russia, may have saved America from the wrath of Hillary Clinton.  

    As the late Seth Rich lays six feet under, his importance is unknown to many. Seth Rich who is rumored to be one of many U.S. leaks may have risked his life for the candidate he believed in and for his country. Seth Rich, a DNC staffer for 2 years, is said to have been set to testify in the FBI Clinton email investigation trial. Some sources say Seth Rich was set to blow the lid on the corruption within the Clinton Foundation as well as the DNC rigging the primaries against his candidate, Bernie Sanders. It is he who may well have been one of many sources for Julien Assange's world renown WIKILEAKS. Julien Assange has stated time and time again that Russia was not the source of his intelligence. Assange has not once stated that Seth Rich was one of his sources. However, shortly after the death of Seth Rich, Assange offered a 20k reward for the killer of the young DNC staffer. To date, there has been no killer found, nor has the media reported on a young man that may have changed the face of history. 

   While mainstream media chooses to report what our lame duck President wants reported, Americans aren't learning the truth. The truth is President Obama is blaming the loss of Hillary Clinton on the Russians, and that just isn't the truth. Seth Rich is suspected to have been one of many Americans that leaked the truth about Hillary Clinton and this administration to the American people. Former Deputy Assistant to several Secretary of States, Steve Pieczenik, stated last fall that there were several secret intelligence agents that were staging their own coup against Hillary. If what Steve Pieczenik stated is true, it would seem that our own secret intelligence agents decided to take matters into their own hands. It is rumored that they did this by revealing the content of John Podesta's emails as well as those of the Democratic party. While mainstream media may not have shared the truths about Hillary, Americans were privy to the corruption of Hillary, thanks to whomever leaked the emails to Julien Assange.

    Russia was not the cause of Hillary's losing the presidential election to President elect Donald Trump. It was a number of factors. One being that Americans had had enough of Barrack Obama and his failed policies. Americans knew Hillary would be a continuation of Obama and frankly Americans had, had enough of Obama. Another factor appears to be Americans coming forward with the emails of the DNC and John Podesta. One of those Americans was likely the murdered, Seth Rich. Last, but not least, it was the hope and the promise of a better and safer tomorrow as promised by our President Elect, Donald Trump. Many more factors were what got the president elect, elected, but let me be clear, "don't blame Russia"!
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