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Tuesday, November 1, 2016


    Here we go again; Hillary Clinton is again being investigated by the FBI. Then again the case against the former Secretary of State was never really ever officially closed. The fact is James Comey, the Director of the FBI, never ever should have chosen not to recommend prosecution for Madame Hillary. In a recent campaign speech, Hillary stated, "Here we go again", as to tell the crowd that poor little Hillary was being victimized by a witch hunt. While Hillary may want her supporters to believe that James Comey is in the wrong in his re-opening a case that Hillary feels is a mere plot against her, that just isn't the case. James Comey  chose to re-open the case as there was enough damaging evidence against Hillary Clinton to persuade the FBI director to choose to pursue a case that clearly never should have been closed. 

    As per the Clinton playbook, Hillary has come out on the campaign trail swinging against James Comey and the FBI. That's the career long strategy of the Clinton's. It's also the strategy of the Democrats. When attacked, attack back and play the blame game. While Hillary Clinton and the Democrats might like to have the people in this country believe they are being wrongly persecuted, nothing could be further from the truth. Perhaps the Democrats should not have nominated the most politically corrupt candidate for the presidency in the first place. In the Democrats' nominating the most politically corrupt candidate in history, the Democrats have gotten just what they nominated. The Democrats nominated a criminal, and that is precisely why the Democrats now have a candidate that is in the eleventh hour of the presidential election under a federal investigation for wrongdoings. Wrongdoings as committed by Secretary Hillary Clinton. The fact is, without concrete evidence, the FBI would not have been able to obtain a search warrant, It's just not possible. The FBI can not get a search warrant without evidence of probable cause of criminality. James Comey was granted a search warrant. Therefore we know James Comey had evidence. Donald Trump is absolutely correct in his talk against his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Trump yesterday stated that "this is the biggest scandal since Watergate" and that is no exaggeration,

     "Weinergate" is no witch hunt. If Hillary or anyone else really cares to know the hows and whys of James Comey's reopening a case that was never formally closed, they can find out quite easily. In asking James Comey to produce the search warrant that was obtained, one will find out exactly what evidence has been found. There is no real mystery. Hillary Clinton, a former attorney knows this. Therefore when Hillary demands to know what the FBI has on her, she can find out quite easily. The truth is she doesn't care to know what evidence is being held or if she does she cares not to share the evidence with her supporters.It's just more of Hillary Clinton's b.s.!

    As it appeared in July that James Comey was in the bag for Hillary, one can't help but wonder just what was so damaging against Hillary that he could not look away. Deleting 33,000 emails after an indictment wasn't prosecution worthy. Mishandling classified emails wasn't prosecution worthy. Putting American lives at risk in using an unsecured server wasn't prosecution worthy, so just what was it? Apparently in the investigation of some 650k emails of the sexting Anthony Weiner, there is something that is extremely damaging to Hillary Clinton. As per a tweet on twitter, the public may know what evidence was so severe that even James Comey could not turn the other cheek and look away. In so many words, the person states that their NYPD source says the evidence is much more vile and serious than classified material on Weiner's device. Apparently the emails detail the trips made by Weiner, Bill, and Hillary on their pedophile billionaire friend's plane, the Lolita Express, otherwise known as a "flying brothel". The email also seems to tell of Hillary's well documented predilection for underage girls, and for some reason Anthony Weiner just could not part with these emails. It would appear that the FBI may have found Hillary as having an involvement with  international child enslavement and a sex ring. As so it seems Bill Clinton is not the only Clinton with an affliction towards young girls. While the media has unsuccessfully tried to keep Bill's sexcapades out of the news, they have been successful in keeping Hillary's sexcapades out of the news, until of recent.   

     Donald Trump is right when he says, "Hillary Clinton has no shame". She has no shame and furthermore she has no morals, nor values. She is simply amoral. Awhile back Hillary called all of Trump's supporters "deplorable" . I find that comment rather ironic, for it is Hillary Clinton who is "deplorable". Not only is Hillary "deplorable" she is also despicable, vile, and disgusting. Hillary Clinton is not even human. She is a complete heathen who must never be elected president. Make no bones about it, if Hillary Clinton is elected to the presidency, this country is not a country under God, but a country under Satan and a heathen who will no doubt destroy the America we have all known and loved. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016

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