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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Loathing The Protestors!

   I despise every protester in America today. I despise them as they have taken away from my being over joyed with glee about my choice for president winning the 2016 election. Not to mention the other 66,221,880 Americans who voted for President Elect Donald J. Trump. How dare the protestors ruin a joyous time for so many! How dare they, when the Democrats have won the last two presidential elections. Were the Republicans angry that they lost? You bet! Did we feel in 2012 that the election was "rigged"? You bet! It was proven after the election that there were numerous "dead people" voting. Did the Republicans protest ? No, the Republicans stayed silent. It was proven after the fact that people had voted several times. Did the Republicans protest? No, they stayed silent! It was proven that the votes from the soldiers overseas were not counted. Did the Republicans protest? No, they stayed silent! It was proven that thousands, if not more, illegal immigrants voted in the election. Did the republicans protest? No, they stayed silent. Looking back, I am now in somewhat of a quandary as to why Mitt Romney did not challenge the election result, but then again it was "gutless Mitt". Nonetheless, regardless of all of the corruption that took place in the 2012 election, the Republicans not once took to the streets and protested, rioted, and looted. Have I made my point?

    What to make of it, I'm not quite sure. Is it that the Democrats are a bunch of selfish, entitled, classless cry babies? Is it that the Democrats are a bunch of free loading, potheads? Is it that George Soros has again paid thugs, homeless, and mentally ill people to protest? Perhaps all of the above. Whatever the case, they are a menace to our society. They are a menace to our society, as they are doing nothing to help a situation that can not be changed. They are destroying businesses, causing traffic, and disruption nationwide. They are doing this, because they didn't get their way. What I find extremely amusing, is the fact that 62% of the protesters arrested failed to even vote! No doubt, those who failed to vote were most probably getting high or sleeping off a coke binge. The reality of it is, I'm quite sure the protesters are not members of the work force, as if they were they would not be protesting. No one with a 9-5 job would want to waste their free time protesting! With that being said, I have zero respect for the protesters! 

    I have to ask, just what in the hell are the liberals protesting? What? That Hillary Clinton received the popular vote and not the electoral college vote? Well, that's debatable. It has just come out that one million illegal immigrants voted in the 2016 election. In that case Hillary Clinton received 61,413,443 votes and not 62,413,443 votes. America also is clueless as to how many votes for Trump were not counted. I know of one person who's vote ended up in a person's handbag and not in the voting machine. Therefore, it's debatable as to what the popular vote actually should have been. It was also reported that several machines were not working for Trump votes. However, the reality of it is, it's all neither here nor there as Donald J. Trump is our 45th president, and all Americans need to shut up and move on!

   No one cared when the Republicans lost and no one cares that the Democrats have now lost. What I resent is that I am unable to keep my Trump/Pence bumper sticker on my car. Why? I am in fear of being either beaten up or having my car vandalized. I resent that I can not wear my Trump hat at work. Why? I might offend some people. I resent that I can not wear my hat everywhere in public. Why? Again I might offend people or have someone take a slug at me. While I am not allowed to have signs in my neighborhood, I do know of someone who did. After the election his sign had "die" written on it. Isn't that a bit harsh and mean spirited?  It sucks. It sucks, that due to the other side being whiny losers that I and others are not free to be happy about Donald J. Trump winning the 2016 election. So I say, congratulations, left, you did it. You have somewhat accomplished raining on the Trump parade. However, the fact of the matter is, President Elect Donald J. Trump won 306 electoral votes and Hillary Clinton lost, having only 232 electoral votes. While we Trumpsters may not be able to publicly show our glee, we need not. After 8 long miserable years, we won. Donald J. Trump is our 45th President, and for that I am forever thankful and joyous, as God answered our prayers.
(c)Sean Bianca 2016 GOPGIRLBLOG
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