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Friday, November 25, 2016

Obama, Just Go Away!

     Would someone please tell President Obama that he will soon no longer be America's president? From all appearances, it would seem that Barrack Obama is somewhat in denial. The outgoing president stated that he would not stay silent during President Elect Donald Trump's presidency. Apparently, unlike former presidents who have said little to nothing on the sitting president's policies, Barrack Obama plans to be anything, but silent.  President Barrack Obama plans to voice his opinion on the various goings on in the current administration and their actions. The question is, will anyone care? I tend to think not. I guess from my perspective, America spoke on November 8th. They spoke by using their right to vote, and they voted for Donald J. Trump. Had America cared what Obama thought, they would have voted for former Secretary Hillary Clinton. America did not. America did not vote for 4 more years of Obama. America voted for Donald J. Trump. Therefore, I am in a bit of a stupor as to why Obama would possibly think anyone in America would care about what he has to say. 

    I personally don't give one iota about what our lame duck president Barrack Obama has to say.  I didn't like anything Obama had to say as a sitting president, and I certainly won't care what he has to say as a former president. In fact, if I had to guess, most of America would like to see Obama just go away into complete obscurity. Unfortunately, with the Obama's purchase of a multi million dollar home in D.C., Obama seems to be bound and determine to be a part of the Washington political scene. Why Obama is so intent on remaining in D.C. as to watch every move President Elect Donald Trump makes is beyond me. Seriously, Barrack Obama worked as little as he felt he could get away with, without being noticed. Well, America did notice. America noticed when they had a president that chose to play golf shortly after an American had been be-headed. America noticed their First Family jet setting around the world on the dime of the taxpayers. America noticed when President Obama was missing during the 13 hours of the attack on Benghazi. America has had a president for the past 8 years that has done nothing to better the United States. America has had a president that has instead done everything in his power to destroy the United States. With Obama's disastrous "Obama Care", failure to defeat ISIS,  promotion of cop killing, his terrifyingly generous "Iran deal" and his encouragement of division in America, one really has to wonder. One has to wonder about the judgment of our "lame duck" president. Was it Obama's being "lame" or was it Obama's plan to destroy America as we have known it? Whatever the case may be, I for one don't give a damn what our outgoing president has to say.

     President Obama needs to just go away and stay away. Some time ago it was reported that Obama has purchased a home in Dubai. I think a good many Americans wish that he and his family would go to his palatial home in Dubai, and stay there. Since Obama took office he has done nothing, but apologize to the world for America and all that America has done to make it great. Well, thanks to Obama America is no longer the great nation it once was. We can only hope that President Elect, Donald Trump will follow through with his promise in making America "great again". Considering Obama has been quite effective in destroying America, I think he and his family would be best to leave. Considering Obama has such an affinity for Muslims, Dubai should be heaven on earth for the president. Just how the president can afford both a home in both Dubai and D.C. is a mystery to me as it should be to most Americans. Most presidents are far from being "well off"when they leave the presidency. Obama seems to have defied the norm. Then again, the Clintons left the White House dead broke and at present have a worth of over 200-300 million. For our sitting president to have the means to acquire a home both in Dubai and Washington D.C., I suspect the Clinton Foundation may have been quite generous to our president.

    President Obama, please, America begs of you to just go! Seriously, America clearly sent you a message on November 8th which you seem to be ignoring. America is over your "hope and change" ! America voted for Donald J. Trump, as they do not like what you've done these past 8 years. America wants "real change". America wants change for the better, not for the worse, and you Mr. President, have given America change for the worse and a divided America. America is done with you and your policies Mr. President. America can not wait for the day when President Elect undoes every last executive order you've signed. Take a hint Mr. President, America wants new blood,not old blood. America voted for Donald Trump, and America does not care to see you, nor do they care to hear from you. Therefore Mr. President, I suggest you leave the Oval Office and never look back. I also suggest you keep your nose out of the affairs of state as former Presidents have in the past. You had your chance Mr. President, and you did everything you could and more to destroy a once great nation. Your services and input are not wanted nor are they needed. America is done with the old and looking forward to the new. America is looking forward, not backwards. America is again hopeful with a future with Donald J. Trump as their next president. We are hopeful that he will make America great again!
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