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Friday, November 11, 2016

A Message To The Protestors!

     Eight years ago Senator John McCain lost his bid for the presidency against President Barrack Obama. Four years ago Governor Mitt Romney lost his bid for the presidency against President Barrack Obama. Was I disappointed? You bet! Was I angry? Extremely. Was I concerned for the welfare of our nation? Most definitely! Did I fear for the future of my country? Without a doubt! The fact is, I despised our current president. Everything President Obama stood for I detested. The mere sight of our president made my blood boil, and the sound of his voice drove up my blood pressure. Every speech President Obama gave, I felt anxiety. I hated his face, I hated his long pauses in between every sentence. Every action President Obama took was never one with which I agreed. My hatred only intensified each time President Obama failed to say "radical Islam" or jetted off for a play in the city or played golf after an American beheading. I won't lie, I seriously loathed everything and anything about our current president, and yet I not once took to the streets to riot or protest a man that I honestly thought would be the demise of America!

   For four nights Americans dis-satisfied with the election of Donald J. Trump have protested and rioted. Seven cities have experienced riots with people taking to the streets to show their anger at the man whom America chose to be their 45th president. Cars are being set on fire, flags are being shredded, and businesses are being looted and destroyed. Honest hard working Americans that may have even voted for Hillary are having their lively hood sabotaged thanks to selfish, bigoted, entitled Americans. Entitled Americans protesting, because they didn't get their way. Well, as the song goes, "you can't always get what you want". One protester even went so far as to defecate in the street. After doing her business, she picked her business up and smeared it on a Trump sign. Does this women seriously expect anyone to care what she thinks of the current President Elect? If so, she has a peculiar way of doing so. She instead has put herself out on display to show all of America what it is to be a Democrat.

   Millions of Republicans haven't gotten the president they wanted for eight years, yet not once did they take to the streets and protest. They didn't protest and they certainly never threatened President Obama, call for his assassination, nor did they call for a revolution. No, the Republicans instead accepted their loss, and hoped and prayed they could win the next presidential election. We did this, because we're a civilized people. We know right from wrong, and we also know that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Not once did we throw a temper tantrum, not once did we take to the streets. We instead worked hard to elect a nominee whom we hoped would win the next presidential election, and I suggest the Democrats do the same. 

     The fact of the matter is Donald J. Trump is our 45th president. Love him or hate him, he's America's president. He's America's president as we live in a democracy in which the people choose their leaders. On November 8th, the people chose their next president. The people chose a man whom they believe will make America great again. The people chose a man whom they believe will make America safe again. The people chose a man they believe will make America prosperous again. The people chose Donald J. Trump, and there is nothing any protester can do to change that. In observance of the protesters, it would appear life has not been kind. In using President Elect Donald Trump's verbiage, I say, "what have you got to lose?" If I had to guess, nothing. Therefore it is my hope that the protesting will soon come to an end so we may come together as a nation. Come together as a nation in supporting our next president, Donald J. Trump, so he may "make America great again!"
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