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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Let's Take This Country Back!

       You could have heard a pin drop upon my hearing the news that James Comey had closed the case into the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. Justice, where's justice? In using an unsecured server, Hillary Clinton enabled at least five of our enemies the ability to gain intelligence of our nation's most sensitive and classified material. Hillary Clinton put every American at risk with her "carelessness". The truth is Hillary Clinton's "carelessness" or "negligence" may well have been the cause of death for many, many Americans. America will never know how many deals went bad due to Hillary's "carelessness". America will never know how many Americans in combat were killed due to Hillary's "carelessness". Americans do know four Americans died in Benghazi due to Hillary's "carelessness". I suspect there have been many more lives lost, thanks to Hillary's "negligence". How could there not be? When a nation's enemies have access to a nation's military strategy, a nation's military's location, and every other sensitive piece of material, a nation is a virtual sitting duck for disaster. Clearly, Hillary Clinton cared not about protecting America's classified information. No, Hillary could have cared less about the security of our nation's most classified material. What Hillary Clinton cared about was protecting her own initiative. Her initiative of bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars through selling out the United States and its people. Hillary leveraged herself, her husband, and her family by partaking in various "pay for play schemes" as to enrich herself, her family, and her friends.

    Despicable is what Hillary Clinton is. Even more despicable is the fact that she is even able to run for the presidency. Hillary Clinton, who Rudy Guilliani claims he could convict, is guilty of around 30 crimes, but is running around free as a jay bird. Not only is she free, she is running for the presidency. Meanwhile, a man by the name of Kristian Saucier, is serving a year in prison for merely taking pictures on a U.S. submarine. Mr. Saucier is missing the first year of his baby girl's life for taking pictures as to show his family. Mr. Saucier clearly made an innocent mistake. Hillary Clinton clearly did not make an innocent mistake. Hillary Clinton was in many people's opinion using an unsecured server for one reason only. That reason was to hide her numerous wrongdoings. Pay for play, satanic rituals, involvement and support of ISIS, a massive international sex trafficking ring, the mocking of virtually all Americans and Christians. The list is endless, and yet Hillary remains free. Hillary remains free even when being so careless as to allow her maid to print classified material...

   Yes, Hillary's maid even had access to her emails. You see, Hillary has no respect for the United States nor it's people. Hillary Clinton has no respect as she has literally gotten away with every crime she has committed. She may well have even gotten away with murder, not once, not twice, but quite possibly several times over. The fact is we appear to no longer be living in a democracy. It would seem that we are living in a banana republic. While the constitution was supposed to ensure no one could get away with being lawless without answering to another branch of government, such is no longer the case. Our Department of Justice has let America down, and our F.B.I. has let America down. These departments deserve no respect, as they have betrayed the American people in allowing Hillary Clinton the ability to get away with her crimes. No presidential candidate in history has ever been under a federal criminal investigation, until Hillary Clinton, and I find that disturbing. America has a woman who could not so much as pass a basic FBI background check and no one in our justice system seems to care.

     It is my hope that the news of James Comey closing the email investigation will be of some help to Donald Trump. Today Americans learned that Hillary Clinton is above the law. While every other American is held accountable for various wrongdoings, Hillary is not. Thanks to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary is now worth over 300 million, and therefore she is able to buy her way out of any crime she commits. Most Americans do not have the ability to buy their way out of prosecution. I would think most Americans would resent that fact. I say Americans take a stand against the lawless Hillary Clinton, and vote for Donald J. Trump. Perhaps we as Americans can show the world that we will not stand for corruption. We can win this fight if we take the Trump movement all the way to the White house!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016

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