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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Russian Playtime And America's Loss Of Respect!

     Russian playtime! Oh how much fun Russia's air fleet has had with the United States in the past year, and as early as this past week. Last Monday and Tuesday Russian attack planes buzzed a navy warship in the Baltic Sea not once, not twice, but multiple times. The planes were reported as coming as close as some 30 feet, and twice passing below the ship's navigation bridge. While many Americans were appalled at Russia's daring to come so close to the United States' ship, this behavior by the Russians has become quite routine. Just this past October U.S. Navy Jets intercepted two Russian Tu-142 aircraft that were flying near the USS Ronald Reagan in the Pacific Ocean. Another tete a tete occurred last June when a Russian Su-24 jet was said to have flown within 1640 feet of a U.S. guided- missile destroyer sailing in the Black Sea. How did the United States respond? The United States did nothing and Russia knew the United States would do nothing and therefore these rendezvous' with Russia have become the norm. It's Russian playtime!
     Never would Russia have come near the United States' warships or planes back when Ronald Reagan was the President as Russia had respect for our President. Russia has zero respect for Barrack Obama, and Russia knows they can tinker and toy with America's ships and aircraft left and right and America will do NOTHING! Russia never would have even thought to flirt with America's military under Ronald Reagan as they knew America would have shot them down as well they should. It's called being a nation of strength and demanding respect. Russia is testing us and they know how the test will run. Russia knows Obama has told his military to do nothing, and therefore Russia will continue to play with the United States as often as they are so inclined.
     President Barrack Obama has been successful in bringing down the United States. Our country is no longer a country where other nations looked for us to lead and they would follow. Our country is no longer a country where it's allies could depend upon us. The United States is a joke. Russia has plans, they have big plans, and they know the United States will do nothing to stop them. Barrack Obama has put the United States in the most vulnerable position it's ever been in at a time when this world is at it's most dangerous. The world is going to hell and America has a President that seems to have a laissez faire attitude of which could well lead America to it's demise. As Iran flaunts warheads and marches down their streets Iran is most definitely preparing for war. ISIS has been allowed to flourish as they have been continuously warned by America that we were going to bomb them, North Korea continuously tests ballistic missiles and Russia is able to play with America's military with no repercussions.  All in all Obama has been a roaring success in making the United States anything but a super power. The United States is about as prominent as Portugal or Puerto Rico. The United States is a joke and if this country fails to elect a leader, a real leader who will stand up to it's enemies, the United States will fall. The United States must have and needs another Ronald Reagan. I believe that leader is Donald J. Trump, as he will not stand for any country no matter how big or small disrespecting out country. Mark my words if Donald J. Trump is elected we will never again be disrespected and there will be no Russian Playtime!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016
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