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Saturday, April 23, 2016

A True Story ; A Woman And "The Wall"!

      Her name is Ana Maria, she is a young woman, she is a legal immigrant from Nicaragua,and she stands with Donald J. Trump. She wants only Trump to be her President. Ana Maria is also in full support of Trump's plans to build a wall keeping illegal immigrants out of America. Ana Maria is the prototype of every person that the media states is against Trump. She is quite obviously a woman, she is an immigrant, and she is Hispanic. She is precisely an example of why we the people can not believe everything we are told by the media. Anna Maria's story is a painful one, but it's what's made her the woman she is today and a woman that stands by Trump.
        The year was 1983 when Ana Maria's life changed forever. She was a young innocent girl living without her mother in Nicaragua. Ana Maria lived with her Grandmother and hoped to one day be reunited with her mother in the United States. That day came, and that day came to be the beginning of the end of Ana Maria's innocence. That fateful day in 1983 will be forever ingrained in Ana Maria's brain. That day Anna Maria was taken by a man who told both her and her Grandmother that he would be taking her to be reunited with her mother in the United States. Ana Maria was never reunited with her mother by this man, but instead forced to be a sex slave until she escaped this man's wrath in 2007.
    Ana Maria as a young child was smuggled from Nicaragua through, first Honduras, then Guatemala, through El Salvador, then Mexico, and eventually into the United States. Young Ana Maria was forced to live on a farm in Mexico with several other young girls, and young women ranging in age from the age of 8 up into to their twenties. The young girls were not allowed to speak to the other girls, not able to pick up the phone to call their parents, nor allowed outside to speak with the neighbors. The girls were made to live a life of complete isolation, slavery, rape, and torture. These young women. and girls were forced to have sex with men on a daily basis. They were raped as few as 2 to 3 times, and as many as 13 times a day. If the girls did not do as they were told, the punishment was torture. Ana Maria was punished, and she was punished more than once. She and the others were forced to endure unspeakable acts. It was a living hell these girls were forced to live. Many might ask how the authorities could not know of the sex slavery taking place in Mexico. The answer is simple as some of those with authority were the paying customers. The young women and girls were living a life that seemed to be one of no hope.
    After almost a year Anna Maria would be brought to America. As the men in control of the home of sex slavery, and torture were greedy, and in desire of the almighty American Dollar and, American Dream they decided to come to America. Ana Maria and the others came to America illegally and quite easily. She and the other girls were forced to swim across the Rio Grande, and then walk through the Mexican-American border. The crossing into America was easy, as the the men in charge knew of the American Guards' schedule. They knew when the guards would be off duty, and it would be safe to cross over. After crossing through, Ana Maria and the others lived off Highway 10 in Texas on yet another "farm" without a neighbor in sight. Ana Maria lived in that home from the age of 13, up until she turned 26 years old, and she escaped.
     Ana Maria's life in Texas was one of more rape, torture, and pregnancy. Her pregnancy and being allowed to keep her child were somewhat of a surprise. As the men in charge had forced the women to have abortions in the case of pregnancy, Ana Maria's being allowed to have her baby was a mystery. Ana Maria had a baby girl, and that baby girl is the catalyst in Ana Maria's life. As the men in charge at the house used Ana Maria's baby girl to control Ana Maria. If Ana Maria refused to do what was asked, her baby daughter was taken away. Ana Maria knew she could not live her life as a sex slave any longer. She knew she had to get out. She had to get out, as she herself could not continue with a life consisting of rape, torture, and the bribery of her daughter. She also could not allow her baby girl to someday be used as the same. Ana Maria knew she had to escape if her daughter was ever to have a life, a life that she herself never had.
   On November 15th, 2007, Ana Maria escaped her life of sex slavery, torture and isolation. She escaped during a party with her 3 year old daughter in her suitcase.  She jumped over a fence and into a life that's become more than she ever dreamed. Her escape resulted in her being shot in the head by one of her captors. As fate would have it Ana Maria was found by two men on Highway 10, and taken to the Regional Hospital. Thinking poor Ana Maria was crazy, the hospital placed her in the mental ward until her story could be told and verified. After listening to Ana Maria's story Ana Maria was taken to meet with two FBI agents. With Ana Maria's help the FBI was able to find the men responsible for the sex slavery and torture. One of those men has been executed, the other remains in prison today.
        Ana Maria lived as a sex slave from 1983 until 2007. Anna Maria's path to the United States was not one that was legal, it was an illegal path. It was an illegal path that should never have been allowed to take place had America's border been secure.  That illegal path to the United States was made possible thanks to a an unsecured border between the United States, and Mexico. That unsecured border is crossed illegally every day. For some who cross, it is merely a way of escape for a better life. For others who cross, it is a gateway for drug trafficking, and sex slavery. Had America had it's border secured Ana Maria's life of sex slavery could have been ended the moment she, her captors, and the other women attempted to cross the border.  Ana Maria is a supporter of Donald J. Trump, and a supporter of building a wall as well. Ana Maria knows better than most, how easily the Mexican border is crossed, and how a wall is not just a need, but a necessity.
        Ana Maria's life today is a good one, and it is made possible by an America that does provide opportunity to immigrants that choose to come to America legally. After a lengthy process through America's system, Ana Maria became an American citizen. Today Ana Maria lives with her daughter in freedom, a freedom provided to her by America. Ana Maria is a successful woman that has built a business of her own of which she can be proud. Ana Maria is one of the lucky few, as many of the other young women brought to the United States illegally, are not nearly as lucky. Their fate is a life much like Ana Maria's or worse.
       Her name is Ana Maria, she is a young Hispanic woman, she is an immigrant, and she stands with Donald J. Trump. Ana Maria tells us as Americans that our media is not a media of truth, but of lies and deceit. The media would like Americans to believe all Hispanics, and women are against Trump. The media is grossly incorrect. Legal immigrants, and Hispanics, like Ana Maria are in support of both Democrats, and Republicans. It is not black and white. Not only are many Hispanics Republican, but they are also supportive of Donald J. Trump. They are campaigning every day for his nomination as the Presidential nominee for the Republican Party. They like Ana Maria, know Donald J. Trump will build a wall keeping illegals out, will make for a better tomorrow, and will make America great again. I am able to tell you this story as I have had the pleasure of meeting this amazing woman and her lovely daughter.
(c)Sean Bianca, GOPGIRLBLOG 2016
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