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Monday, April 4, 2016

Good News Ladies, Keep Killing With Glee!

     ISIS and other radical Islamist groups are considered barbaric for their practice of chopping people's heads off for their religion. Women worldwide kill their unborn children every second of the day. In fact since 1980, 1,410,332,020 abortions have been executed. No and's, if's, or but's about it, killing is killing, and yet many women seem to not give killing their unborn children a second thought. Personally I feel chopping a man's head off is equally barbaric to chopping up an unborn baby. Like the terrorist that chops a man's head off, the woman in my opinion is guilty of killing and should be punished.
    As luck would have it, America has a President that does little to nothing to punish terrorists that behead people, and America has legalized abortion. Both the terrorists and women may continue to kill with glee. Unfortunately this past week Donald Trump was asked a hypothetical question on women having abortions. Trump being his honest self, stated that women having abortions should be punished, as I agree they should. Trump not a career politician said what he thought, and the result was a media frenzy on how Trump had angered women across the country. While Trump could have been a professional politician and lied as so many politicians do, he said what he thought and received frivolous criticism. Trump later backtracked and said he would punish the Doctors performing the abortions, thus annoying physicians in addition to the women foaming at the mouth. All in all this past week's media frenzy over Trump's remarks was all for not, as his remarks were in response to a hypothetical question, and not in response to a factual question of any real importance to voters male or female.
       Relax ladies, abortion is legal. Women may kill as many unborn children as they so desire. Eight weeks, sixteen weeks, twenty two weeks or thirty-two, ladies may kill their unborn children with glee. If elected President, Mr. Trump is not going to punish women having abortions, as the law has been set. While women may not approve or like what Trump just said regarding abortions, it's a non issue. The real issue is who will make the best President at this time in our lives?
   While Trump is criticized for every little thing he says, or does, other candidates are not, and why? Why is the other candidates don't partake in numerous interviews. The other candidates are career politicians who know every time they accept an interview they are a punching bag for the press. Each time a politician does an interview, he or she puts themselves in a position to be asked numerous questions, they may not wish to answer. They also put themselves in a position to perhaps not say what the public wants to hear. Senator Ted Cruz, who is strongly Pro-Life has refused most interviews. To date I have yet to hear Cruz answer a single question regarding abortion. Donald Trump is being ridiculed for being truthful and thinking off the top of his head in his answer to a hypothetical question. In a perfect world, I too believe women should be punished for having abortions unless a woman is raped or is in danger of having her health compromised. Sorry ladies, but I have to agree with my great grandmother on abortions. She said, if a woman can take the time to lay down and "do it, she can dam well take the time to lay down and have it". To put it bluntly if a woman doesn't want a baby then a woman should either refrain from having sex, or use birth control, it's that simple. 
    The good news ladies, is you may continue killing your unborn children to your heart's content, and without being convicted and punished for a crime. The bad news is, this is probably the most important election of our time, and the wrong leader could well mean the end of this nation as we know it. If America elects the wrong leader, I guarantee that America will have a lot bigger problems than a President thinking women or Doctors should be punished for abortions. Thanks to President Barrack Hussein Obama, America is at it's most vulnerable. Obama has decreased our military to the smallest it's been since pre-WWII. While Obama has been advised to not decrease our military he has chosen not to listen. Obama has put America at risk and America needs a leader that it can depend upon and trust. While America may not like everything and anything Trump says, America will always know where Trump stands. Love him, or despise him, Donald J. Trump is America's best and only hope at keeping America safe, and making America great again.
(c)Sean Bianca 2016 GOPGIRLBLOG

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