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Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Republican's Part In The Impending Fall Of America...

         Tuesday's winner in the Wisconsin Primary was none other than the most hated Senator in Washington, Senator Ted Cruz. Tuesday was nothing short of a nightmare for Trump supporters. While many saw Ted's victory in Wisconsin coming, it was I admit a hard loss to swallow. It was a loss in which the Republican establishment worked hard to aid Senator Cruz in winning. That's correct as much as the cronies in the Republican establishment loathe "lying Ted", they loathe the Republican front runner even more. They detest Trump so much so, that they would rather have Ted as their nominee than the likes of Donald J. Trump, or would they?
         The answer is no. No the Republicans would not rather have "lying Ted", than Donald J. Trump. The fact is the Republican establishment will not have Senator Ted Cruz, nor Donald J. Trump as their nominee. Come hell or high water the establishment will not stand for either of the candidates to run as the Republican Presidential nominee, and they will stop at nothing to carry out their mission to destroy either of the candidate's chances for the nomination. While "lying Ted" thinks he in "in like Flynn", and on his way to the White House with the establishment's help, he is sadly mistaken. The establishment is merely "temporarily" behind the sleazy Senator as to destroy Trump's chances at acquiring the required 1237 delegates for the nomination. The establishment is essentially using Ted as their puppet to pave way for a Republican Brokered, or Contested Convention where they may then have who they desire as their nominee, or nominees.
      Who would the Republicans like as their Presidential nominee? Look for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, or former Republican Presidential loser Mitt Romney to come out of nowhere if a convention takes place to nominate the Presidential nominee. Political pundits claimed Speaker Paul Ryan was looking quite "Presidential" on his recent trip to Israel early this week. Speaker Paul Ryan is said to have traveled to Israel as to rebut President Barrack Obama's luke warm relationship with Israel. The Speaker's trip was to reinforce America's alliance with Israel, and show solidarity. Why the Speaker felt it was his place to do this is a bit of a conundrum, unless the Speaker has other plans. Those plans could well be to enter the race of the Presidency if a Republican brokered Convention were to take place.
       "Lying Ted" may be today gloating like the cat that swallowed the canary, but I see Ted's recent success to be brief at best. The Republicans will not have "lying Ted" as their nominee, their alliance with the Senator is merely a Republican strategy to keep Trump from being the Presidential nominee, as many feel Trump could beat Senator Clinton if she's not indicted and beats her opponent Bernie Sanders.While many Trump supporters are scratching their heads as to why the establishment wouldn't embrace a candidate that could beat Clinton, the answer is simple and frightening.
     The establishment would rather have Hillary Clinton as President than Donald J. Trump as they know they will have zero control with Trump. Control is what this country's government has become. Both Republicans and Democrats would rather have a candidate with whom they have control than a candidate that is best suited for this country. With America's greatness rapidly declining the Republicans are playing a dangerous game. America's middle class is all but obsolete, it's military is the smallest since pre WWII, our borders are a joke, our status in the world is at an all time low, our Police Officers are dis-respected and being killed, racism is back with a vengeance, our veterans receive less than our citizens free loading off hard working Americans, and our health care system better known as "Obama Care" is an abomination, other than that we're great. The Republicans are playing a dangerous game indeed. The election of Hillary Clinton or worse, could well mean the end of America as we know it. The fact is the greed of the Republicans to have a candidate that will do and say as they wish to benefit them monetarily, will no doubt bring a  result that will be catastrophic to the United States. The Republicans' contempt for Donald J. Trump could well mean the end of a great nation, but then it has been said that "all great nations fall"...
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016
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