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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bribery, Delegates, And Corruption In The USA!

   The day of Florida’s Primary I cast my vote for Mr. Donald J, Trump, and left proudly wearing my “I made Freedom Count, I voted” sticker on my chest. I now look back on that day with discontent. What was it all for? I left the polls that day thinking my vote counted and mattered. I mattered. My voice was heard. As of today I am being told my vote may have not mattered, and my voice may have not been heard. My voice may have not been heard as it appears our country which I thought to be a country in which its citizens elected its leader is not. No instead it appears America is no better than countries in which the citizens do not choose it’s leader. America at present appears to be no better than countries with dictators. America is not great, America is anything but great. To put it bluntly, America and it’s voting policies are just one great big disappointment, and farce.
Corruption, and bribery seems to be a consistent theme in the 2016 Presidential election,   According to reports Senator Cruz has been guilty of ‘wooing” the delegates, perhaps even illegally.. Upon hearing of the schmoozing Cruz had been partaking in, I wondered why Donald Trump had not done some schmoozing of his own. Quite easily Donald Trump could be more than capable of brown-nosing delegates. Trump recently boasted at a rally that he of all people could schmooze better than anyone, however Trump is better than that, and Trump knows the rules of bribery when it comes to delegates. As I watched Cruz walk away with 14 delegates in Wyoming I wondered why Donald Trump had not betrothed delegates with Mar-a-Lago memberships, golf vacations and more. As Trump said in a speech he gave in New York, who better than he to bribe delegates with lavish trips, gifts, galas and golf? Why Trump could woo better than anyone with his five-star luxury hotels and golf courses. It is said that lying Ted has bought the 14 delegates in Wyoming with free hotel rooms and fancy dinners. While bribing a delegate is illegal there is a very fine line between what is, and is not allowed in the wooing of delegates. Under regulations which were established in the 1980s, delegates are not allowed to accept money from corporations, federal contractors, labor unions, and foreign nationals.Unfortunately the bribery and or the schmoozing of delegates is a tricky subject. It’s a rule  that gets real dicey, as it’s a rule that can easily be broken. While a candidate is not allowed to bestow gifts, trips, and such upon delegates, individual donors are permitted to give a delegate, or delegates unlimited sums to support his or her efforts to get selected, to go to the convention, including money to defray the costs of travel and lodging. Knowing this , one then has a new understanding of the system, a system that is broken.
In last night’s primary held in New York, Trump picked up 90 of the 95 available delegates, proving that if the people have a voice in who will be the nominee for the Republican party, their choice is Donald Trump. As Senator Ted Cruz had insulted the entire state of New York early on in the race with his “New York values comment”, Cruz refrained from even attempting his usual “dirty campaign tactics”. That being said one has to wonder if Cruz had not been allowed to play the campaign game with lies and deceit, would he have even half of the 559 delegates he has obtained?
Our system of how Americans vote is one that is broken. When there is even a remote possibility that a party can have a candidate that the people want, yet can not have. As of today there is no way mathematically possible that Ted Cruz can win the nomination. While the numbers don’t lie, the numbers appear not to matter. While Trump has the majority, and may well acquire the required 1237 delegates in the primary election, Trump could still lose the nomination thanks to a broken and or unfair system. Under normal circumstances Trump supporters could be rest assured that he was on his way to the White House. However these are not normal circumstances. Unfortunately for Trump and his supporters, the Republican party is doing anything and everything to get rid of the candidate that has the majority of the votes.
As a Republican, and an American, I am in disgust. America is said to be the home of the “free”. We are not free, if we lose the right to have a candidate of our choosing to represent our political party. The required number of delegates is 1237, and all those in support of Mr. Trump need to do their part in making it happen. While a majority should be and has been enough to get the nomination, I fear it will not be for Trump. However if Trump does in fact obtain the 1237 delegates prior to the convention I would think it would be mighty difficult for the Republican cronies to stop him. If they do stop Trump with the required number of delegates, mark my words this country is going to go ballistic, as well it should. Our forefathers did not intend our country to be one of unrest, they had a vision of freedom and peace. Take away our choice in a leader, you take away our voice, our freedom and the peace we have so enjoyed. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG
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