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Monday, September 17, 2012


             Last week we remembered the attacks on 9/11/01 and this week we may look back on four more Americans being killed on 9/11/12 and our Embassies being attacked in some 20 plus countries. The White House has many rather gullible Americans believing that the protests and killings were due to an anti-Islamic video. Believe that and I'll sell you a swamp! The truth is, even our own Intelligence won't stand up in agreement with the White House is saying that some 15 minute anti-Islamic film was the cause for such hatred to America. No, the attack on our four Americans was most definitely well planned for 9/11 as a retaliation for the United States' drone strike in Pakistan which resulted in the killing of Mohammed Hassen Qued an al Quaida operative. The attack on our four Americans was too well executed to have been a coincidence or a spontaneous event. In fact as reported by "The Independent", it is revealed that American officials may well believe that the attack was not only planned but there may well have been a security breech. Chris Stevens had only been back in Libya a short while and the details of his visit to Benghazi where he and his staff died should have been confidential. It is further reported that the US Administration is facing somewhat of a crisis ( I'll say) in Libya as sensitive documents are now missing from the consulate in Benghazi and  what was supposed to have been the "safe house" in the city where the staff had gone into hiding. The missing documents from the consulate are said to have a list of names of Libyans who are working with Americans putting them at potential risk from extremist groups as well as other important oil contract documents.  While our government will have us believe that the attack was related to an anti-Islamic film it is said that our State Department had credible information 48 hours prior to mobs charging the consulate in Benghazi and our embassy in Cairo. Apparently our State Department had the information, but there were no warnings for our diplomats to go on high alert and go into "lock down". Why? Yes why? 
     As Americans are asking why our diplomats were not warned of possible attacks on 9/11, we should also ask why our President could not make time to visit with Netanyahu, but had time to campaign and meet with David Letterman. Over 100 lawmakers are now urging Obama to to meet with Mr. Ben Netanyahu when he comes to the United States in two weeks. Israel is one of our strongest allies  in the mid east and yet our President can't seem to make time. Seems to me that our President doesn't quite have his priorities straight. Or does he? Somehow Obama has fooled many into believing that he "cares" for the United States and yet his actions are quite the opposite. As Obama is blissfully campaigning and throwing the B.S. four Americans have been killed, 100's have been injured, more people have been killed, protests have taken place in some 21 countries,American flags are being destroyed, a black flag now stands at the front of our embassy in Tunisia and the United States has yet another credit downgrade of AA-. Add to that, that the day our four Americans were returned home in coffins from Libya that Obama later on attended a fund raiser which many found deplorable and see how caring and Presidential our President is. Gee, this is one week and we have some knumknuts that want to re-elect this bozo of a President? Seriously? Mickey Mouse could do a better job serving as our President. 
        When Obama took over as President, America was the most powerful nation in the world. Now due to his lack of foreign policy we are now seen as weak and retreating. In the Wall Street Journal Liz Cheney wrote the following, "in too many parts of the world America is no longer viewed as a reliable ally or an enemy to be feared...nor do our adversaries any longer fear us. Ask the Mobs in Cairo who attacked our embassy, or the Libyan mobs who killed our diplomats at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Ask the Iranians who made unhindered daily progress towards obtaining a nuclear weapon." Personally I'd say Obama has done one hell of a job destroying the United States! Fox reporter stated last week " America is now a super power without a pot to piss in". Nice job Obama! Four more years? I certainly hope not, and neither should the rest of America!
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